Best Christian Curriculum: Top Picks for Faith-Based Education

A Christian curriculum provides a holistic educational experience centered around faith-based principles, integrating the intellectual and spiritual development of students. Parents and educators searching for a Christian curriculum are often looking for materials that not only align with their religious values but also offer comprehensive coverage of secular subjects. The best Christian curricula are designed to foster a deep understanding and application of Christian teachings alongside academic excellence.

Best Christian Curriculum: Top Picks for Faith-Based Education

While selecting a Christian curriculum, it’s paramount to consider its doctrinal alignment with one’s beliefs, as well as the curriculum’s breadth in subject matters—ranging from science and mathematics to literature and the arts. Additional resources, like teacher guides and supplementary materials, can greatly enhance the teaching process. Additionally, it’s important to look for flexibility in the curriculum to tailor learning experiences to individual needs and various educational settings, whether in traditional classrooms, homeschooling, or remote learning scenarios.

One critical aspect buyers should assess is the curriculum’s adaptability to different grade levels and learning paces, ensuring that it can grow with the student. The quality and depth of the curriculum’s content, its ease of use for both educators and students, and the support available for implementation are also vital factors to consider.

We understand the importance of nurturing both the mind and the spirit through education. With careful evaluation of the options available, we aim to identify curricula that not only reinforce a Christian worldview but also promote academic rigor. As we embark on this journey, our goal remains to support parents and educators in making informed decisions that will enrich the educational experience of their learners.

Top Christian Curriculum Choices

As we explore the wide range of Christian educational materials available, we have carefully curated a selection that we believe stands out for their quality, comprehensive coverage of biblical principles, and their adaptability to various learning styles. Whether you’re teaching at home, in a church setting, or in a Christian school, these resources are designed to support you in providing a faith-centered education. Without further ado, here’s our lineup of exceptional Christian curriculum options that cater to a variety of age groups and educational goals.

Building Christian Character

We believe this curriculum offers a hands-on approach to character building with biblical principles, ideal for young learners.


  • Engages children with relatable stories and thought-provoking activities.
  • Flexible enough for both self-paced and guided learning.
  • Encourages family discussions and practical applications of Christian values.


  • Some stories might be too graphic for younger children.
  • Based on personal interpretations which might not align with all denominations.
  • Requires parental guidance to clarify and discuss certain topics.

Having just worked through a lesson in “Building Christian Character,” I appreciate the straightforward layout, which made jumping into teaching a breeze. The topics stimulated meaningful conversations, underscoring the importance of values in a way that my child could grasp.

Each page brought new insights, presenting opportunities for our kids to ponder real-life scenarios through a Christian lens. What stood out were the activities that fused learning with play, making the experience enjoyable and memorable.

We wrapped up our session with brainstorming practical ways to apply what we’d learned. The kids enjoyed the chance to express their understandings creatively. Despite a few challenging topics, the book’s guidance was instrumental in navigating these moments, fostering a safe and enlightening learning environment.

The Bible Made Easy for Kids

We think it’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking to make Bible stories accessible and engaging for children.



  • Mostly black and white pages
  • Requires a separate Bible for referenced parts
  • Illustrations not appealing to every age group

Teaching Bible stories to youngsters can sometimes be quite challenging. Their short attention spans and the complexity of traditional scripture can be impediments. From my experience, ‘The Bible Made Easy for Kids’ offers a digestible format that captures their intrigue. The illustrations are impactful, focusing their attention and fostering a deeper continuation into the stories.

I’ve noticed that when we use this in our family readings, the kids are more involved. They ask questions and are excited to learn more, showing that the book lives up to its name. It breaks down the stories into manageable pieces, prompting curiosity while being a great companion to detailed scripture studies.

The book is also an asset in group settings like Sunday School classes. Children resonate with the visualization of stories. It’s not every day that you stumble across a tool that can engage a diverse range of ages, but this one does, albeit with less appeal to older kids who might prefer more mature imagery. The pros, majorly outweigh the few drawbacks. If you’re looking for a way to spark a love for the Bible in young hearts, this could be your go-to resource.

Grade 9 Lifepac Complete Set

We believe this comprehensive package is a robust solution for homeschooling parents aiming to deliver quality Christian-based education.


  • Integrates biblical principles seamlessly with academic lessons
  • Encourages independent learning and critical thinking
  • Includes helpful teacher guides for each subject


  • May be challenging for some students to switch from computer-based to text-based learning
  • The grading system can be a bit confusing
  • Some lessons may need supplementary materials for deeper understanding

Upon opening the Grade 9 Lifepac Complete Set, our initial impression was of its considerable breadth. The subjects covered in this curriculum are thorough, offering a well-rounded educational experience grounded in a Christian worldview. The language arts component was challenging yet engaging, prompting students to delve deep into literature and improve their writing skills. Math lessons built upon foundational knowledge with increasing complexity, reinforcing essential skills.

As we worked our way through the science and social studies modules, the integration of Christian values in these subjects stood out. The curriculum does not shy away from melding faith with learning, which we found to be thought-provoking and refreshing. Teacher guides were a significant help; they provided clear direction and support, facilitating a smooth teaching process.

However, transition from computer-based programs to the text-focused Lifepac could be a hurdle for some learners, as it requires more reading and self-discipline. Additionally, we found some ambiguities in the grading instructions, yet these were minor hiccups in an otherwise user-friendly package.

The Lifepac series does expect a certain level of additional research and supplementation for comprehensive education, which could be seen as an opportunity to tailor the learning experience to your child’s interests and needs. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by how the Grade 9 Lifepac Complete Set helps nurture self-motivated learners and we’re confident it could be a brilliant addition to any homeschooling regimen.

Top 50 Instant Lessons

We think this curriculum is a solid purchase for anyone needing engaging and structured Bible lessons for kids.


  • Rich in activities and crafts that enhance learning
  • Offers straightforward lessons without oversimplifying scripture
  • Designed with an age-appropriate and interactive approach


  • May require adaptation for older children
  • No digital format available for easy printing of materials
  • Some lessons might need supplemental resources for larger groups

Ensuring that children remain engaged while learning about the Bible can be quite a challenge. Luckily, ‘Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for Elementary with Object Lessons’ really comes to the rescue. With this handy guide in hand, I’ve watched kids’ faces light up as we dive into stories and apply the accompanying activities. The structured approach means we spend less time planning and more time imparting valuable lessons.

Our teaching team, like many others, juggles a host of responsibilities and we’ve found this book incredibly user-friendly. The lessons are straightforward enough for our rotation of volunteer teachers to use without needing extensive preparation. Moreover, it’s refreshing to see a curriculum that doesn’t shy away from encouraging kids to open the actual Bible. The result is a more impactful and authentic learning experience.

While the curriculum is designed for children aged 5 to 8, we’ve occasionally tweaked the content to suit our slightly older group. This adaptability is a testament to its solid foundation. However, it’s worth mentioning that larger classes might need extra resources, as the book’s crafts and activities are best suited for smaller groups. Despite this, the core material—the lessons and object lessons—remain invaluable resources in teaching and reinforcing biblical principles.

Handwriting & Bible Memory Fun

We think this curriculum is a splendid choice for combining scripture memorization with penmanship practice in a creative and engaging way.


  • Encourages scripture memorization with hands-on activities
  • Bolsters handwriting skills through repetitive practice
  • Includes illustration space for artistic expression


  • Limited to only 56 pages, which may be quickly outgrown
  • May not cover a wide variety of biblical topics
  • Designed specifically for a younger age group

After incorporating this copybook into our routine, we immediately noticed how effective it was at making Bible study time fun and interactive. The layout, designed specifically for kids ages 5-8, offers a seamless blend of scripture memorization and handwriting exercises. Each session, children are excited to dive into the day’s verse, scribing it carefully, and breathing life into the words with their own illustrations—a testament to the curriculum’s ability to captivate young minds.

We valued the multifaceted approach in each lesson; not only did it reinforce the kids’ writing skills, but it also planted seeds of biblical knowledge. The verses selected were straightforward and age-appropriate, providing a great starting point for spiritual conversations. Despite the brevity of the book, the quality of engagement it provided left a lasting impression on us.

An unexpected delight was observing our children’s enthusiasm as they sang verses while drawing. This multi-sensory method reinforced their learning while nurturing a love for the Bible in a fun, memorable way. Though our time with the 56-page copybook felt short-lived as our children quickly mastered the given verses, the joyful memories and foundational skills they’ve acquired are undoubtedly enduring.

School Zone Bible Workbook

This educational Bible workbook offers young learners a delightful way to blend scripture learning with fun activities.


  • Engaging puzzles keep children’s attention
  • Biblical content woven into activities
  • Suitable for different skill levels


  • The paper quality could be improved
  • May be too simple for older or more advanced children
  • Limited number of pages

As you open the School Zone Bible Workbook, the brightly colored pages immediately catch your eye, setting the stage for an inspiring learning session. It’s impressive how well the makers have crafted each activity to promote engagement and learning.

We were pleased to observe the children enjoying their activity time, especially as they connected with well-known Bible stories. The balance between enjoyment and scripture-based education makes this workbook a hit for youngsters.

Our thorough engagement with the workbook has shown us how it excels in simplifying scripture stories without losing their essence. The puzzles are diverse, ensuring kids of various ages and skill levels can find something just right for them. However, take heed if you’re looking for more heavyweight material, as the fewer pages and simpler content may not suffice for more advanced learners.

Memory Verses for Kids

We find this book a fantastic resource for helping kids memorize important Bible verses with fun activities.


  • Incorporates creative methods for scripture memorization
  • Engaging for a broad age range of children
  • Affordably priced for the value it provides


  • Some users reported issues with the pen bleeding through the pages
  • Physically smaller in size than expected
  • Occasional feedback that the paper quality could be improved

We’ve incorporated “Memory Verses for Kids” into our family’s weekly routine and it’s been a delight. The creative approaches this book employs—we’re talking coloring pages, puzzles, and more—really resonate with the kids. They’re not just learning; they’re having a blast, and they don’t even realize they’re memorizing scripture along the way.

My 10-year-old is particularly enamored with the book. It’s challenging enough to keep him interested but not so tough that he gets frustrated. That’s an important balance to strike, and this book does it well.

Now, let’s talk about physical aspects. We noticed it’s a tad tinier than our initial expectations. While compactness has its perks, particularly in terms of portability, some of us were looking forward to a larger book. However, considering the content, this is a minor trade-off.

The engrossing features should not overshadow a small concern with the paper quality. It seems the gel pen might bleed through the pages. It’s a hiccup we think could be improved, but take note—the activities remain unaffected, and that’s what counts.

All in all, if you’re in search of a spirited way to instill biblical verses in your young ones, “Memory Verses for Kids” checks most of the boxes. We have truly relished using this book with our children and are confident it can serve as a valuable tool in making scripture an enjoyable part of any child’s learning routine.

Cursive Handwriting & Bible Verse Copybook

We think this workbook is a delightful blend of spiritual learning and penmanship practice that kids will truly enjoy.


  • Integrates scripture with writing practice
  • Offers ample space for cursive practice
  • Encourages comprehension and reflection on verses


  • Limited only to cursive handwriting practice
  • May not be challenging enough for advanced learners
  • Some parents may prefer a book with more diverse activities

I’ve been on the lookout for a workbook that could serve a dual purpose: improving my child’s cursive writing and reinforcing our Christian values. This Cursive Handwriting & Bible Verse Copybook has surprisingly fit the bill. The size of the book feels just right for my kid’s hands, and the print quality is top-notch, ensuring that the focus stays on learning.

The experience of using this Bible verse copybook has been quite refreshing. It has been a joy to watch our little ones trace the letters and gradually master the art of cursive writing. What makes it special is how the verses stir their curiosity, often leading us to in-depth discussions about the meanings behind the scriptures.

Yet, it’s not just about writing. The book prompts the kids to draw and use a dictionary, which we found to be a smart way of deepening their engagement with the content. Each session with this workbook leaves us feeling like we’ve accomplished something meaningful — a tangible improvement in our children’s handwriting and a deeper connection with the Word.

In our sessions, we did notice that for kids who are already proficient in cursive, the activities might not be as challenging. While they enjoyed the process, I could tell they were ready for the next level sooner than expected. Additionally, as wonderful as cursive writing is, having a variety of writing activities could benefit a wider range of learning stages.

In conclusion, this copybook is a valuable educational tool. For families seeking to reinforce faith and develop writing skills simultaneously, there’s hardly a better choice that we’ve come across. The kids look forward to each lesson, and that’s a testament to the effectiveness of this unique curriculum.

Buying Guide

When we’re on the hunt for the best Christian curriculum, it’s important we consider several key features. We want to ensure our selection aligns with our educational goals and values.

Assessing Content Quality

First, we’ll look at the content quality of the curriculum. We need to check if the material is accurate, age-appropriate, and provides a thorough exploration of Christian values and scripture.

Criteria Details to Consider
Accuracy Factual Biblical content
Relevance Age-appropriate material
Depth Comprehensive lessons

Curriculum Structure

We also examine the structure of the curriculum. It should be well-organized so that it’s easy for us to use and facilitates smooth learning sequences.

Criteria What We’re Seeking
Organization Clear layout and milestones
Flexibility Adaptable to our needs
Assessment Tools for measuring progress

Supplementary Resources

Lastly, the availability of supplementary resources enhances the learning experience significantly. This can include anything from multimedia content to interactive activities.

Criteria Why It’s Beneficial
Multimedia Engages diverse learning styles
Activities Reinforces learned concepts
Support Assistance when needed

We’ll carefully consider all the aforementioned aspects, ensuring that we provide an enriching, thoughtful, and comprehensive Christian education.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries about Christian homeschool curriculum, from the best online programs to resources suitable for high school students and children with ADHD.

What are the top-rated Christian homeschool programs available online?

We’ve found that programs like Sonlight, Monarch, and Alpha Omega Publications are highly rated by Christian homeschooling families. They offer a mix of online and physical resources.

How can I find a comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum that covers all subjects?

To ensure a well-rounded education, My Father’s World and Heart of Dakota provide curriculums that encompass all the core subjects with a Christian worldview integrated throughout the lesson plans.

What are the options for affordable Christian homeschool curriculum packages?

Some economical choices we suggest are Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool, which is donation-based, and Ambleside Online, which utilizes free public domain literature.

Are there high-quality free Christian homeschool curriculums?

Yes, there are. Ambleside Online and Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool are two high-quality options that are available for free and offer a complete set of curriculum materials for multiple grade levels.

Which Christian homeschool curriculums are recommended for high school students?

For high school students, we recommend exploring BJU Press Homeschool, Abeka, and Apologia. These curriculums offer rigorous academic coursework with a Christian perspective suitable for upper levels.

What are some of the best Christian homeschool solutions for children with ADHD?

Look into programs like Time4Learning or Sonlight, which offer flexible pacing and multimedia resources to help keep children with ADHD engaged and learning effectively within a Christian context.