Best Christian Homeschool Curriculums for High School

Providing quality education for your children is crucial and pretty tough to find. As a parent, we’re sure you keep looking at different homeschooling programs but can’t bring yourself to enroll your child in any of them. Homeschooling is a touch, especially if you’re looking for a Christian program.

Best Christian Homeschool Curriculums for High School

The Pandemic has worsened the situation as homeschooling became the only option for parents to give to their children. High school is when kids are prepared to go to college, so the program they enroll in must be of value. We bet it must’ve been tough looking for a Christian homeschooling program that provided a quality curriculum.

However, luckily for you, we’ve created a list of the best Christian homeschool curriculum for high school.

Importance of Quality Education

Providing the best education for your child is every parent’s responsibility and dream. Every parent wants the best for their children, so enrolling them in a quality homeschool program is crucial since they’re not going to school physically. Education opens many gates for children when they grow up, so you must ensure your child gets enough of it.

High school, especially, is a sensitive phase for kids. They’re slowly coming into their own as they begin experimenting with different things. Their hormones develop, their personalities change, and they form opinions that determine their mindsets. Also, kids need excellent high school grades to help them get into a good college. So, we mean that a child’s education cannot be compromised.

How Does Education Help Children?

Some kids love studying as they strive for excellent grades, while others are carefree and don’t overthink about scoring well. The latter also question the purpose of education as they often say it’s not going to help them. They’re obviously childish because they don’t realize how much education expands their minds. It helps them develop stronger opinions.

Education also grooms children to the max. They’re taught to behave gracefully and conduct themselves in a socially acceptable way. If you think about it, what’s the one thing that separates the less privileged from the privileged? Education. It’s the only thing that creates a wall between the two groups. The more education a kid gets, the better their chances of building a secure future are.

Is Homeschooling Better for Kids?

If you’ve been homeschooling your kids lately, we’re sure you must stumble upon this question now and then. It’s a fair question to ask, and you’re not wrong to doubt whether your kid is getting a quality education through homeschooling. A good school indeed has significant benefits, one of them being social interaction with other kids their age.

However, due to COVID-19, trends were set somewhat differently, paving the way for homeschooling. Homeschooling has its perks, the main one being the individual and up-close attention a kid gets. Academically weaker kids benefit the most from homeschooling as they get a chance to get more attention. However, to ensure your kid is getting good course material, that too in a Christian program, you’ll have to dig deeper to find one.

Best Christian Homeschool Curriculums for High School

If your Christian values are important to you, you would want to communicate those to your kids. Finding a homeschool program that keeps Christian beliefs in mind when teaching kids is tough. However, you’ll be happy to know that we have a few homeschool curriculums that communicate the same Christian ideas as you.

BJU Press

BJU Press has been around for some time now, and they strive to provide the best course material to high school students. The best part about BJU is that their study material is exceptionally top-notch, and they also promote Christianity through their textbooks.

Their textbooks are full of Biblical overviews, helping them learn more about their religion. In addition, this curriculum offers parents two different options. They can teach their kids themselves by using a teacher’s manual, or their kids can get video classes by teachers.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press is another excellent homeschooling program that teaches high school kids religious values and beliefs. It’s super convenient to get your hands on as they’re mailed worldwide. Your kids will undoubtedly learn and expand their minds, considering the activities and challenges they will be provided with.

Memoria Press is a classical homeschool program that uses logic and applies Christian methods to the students. Overall, it’s a pretty significant homeschool curriculum, and your kids will benefit plenty from it while learning more about their religion.

Schoolhouse Teachers

This is one of the best Christian homeschooling programs as they offer various types of course material to serve children with different interests. Parents who have kids with unique interests will significantly benefit from this curriculum.

They charge you once for the entire coursework, which you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Schoolhouse Teachers have an incredible collection of courses, allowing kids with different interests to pursue what they want to. This gives kids an excellent opportunity to get educated in something they like.


If you want your kids to get the best education while sitting at home, Abeka is a program you should undoubtedly look into. Abeka is considered to follow a traditional homeschooling approach. A conventional system is when parents make their kids sit in front of them and ask them to work on their course material and study for a specific time.

This system makes kids feel like they’re in school, which will help them get acquainted with what they’re learning. Parents who think homeschooling is too much for them can relax as there’s minimal teaching required from their side. Kids can mostly learn from the videos Abeka provides.


Finally, last on the list is Sonlight. This homeschool program promotes the importance of reading literature and is heavily literature-based. Sonlight puts a lot of emphasis on reading, so it’s automatically paper-based.

This program doesn’t provide many hands-on activities as it focuses more on the reading part. However, parents can incorporate practical activities by watching a few video tutorials. Hence, your child will benefit significantly from Sonlight, enhancing their literature.