Best Christian Devotionals for Kids

As children begin to grow, they’re a complete pack of curiosity. In trying to make sense of their surrounding world and people, they ask questions. You may likely have heard them ask you, “Who is God?” in utter wonderment. A few more years and they begin to ask more sense-making serious questions like,“If God is invisible, how do I know if He’s listening to my prayers?”

Best Christian Devotionals for Kids

These are only a few questions. But you can mold this curiosity and shape it into something meaningful. Please give them a book of devotions to jumpstart their journey to spirituality. Christian devotions make an important part of the faith. If your kid is already a reader, it’s even easier to get them to read and enjoy quality quiet time.

The 5 Best Christian Devotions Books for Kids

If you’re looking for the best devotional books for your kids and young ones, we’ve compiled and reviewed some best books of devotion for you. Read on.

1. If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids by Kathryn Slattery

This is hands down the best book of devotions for your ultra-curious kid. As an established author, Kathryn Slattery has taken on some hard questions that kids ask their parents about Jesus, God, Christianity, and Bible. This book is a perfect read for kids of ages 7 to 10, and you can accompany them while they peruse through the pages marveling at this well-rounded answer book.

What sets this book apart is that parents can use it to start conversations around faith. Homeschool devotion time and Sunday school class can also use this book. It includes detailed descriptions, takeaways, and verses from the Holy Scripture for kids. Nurture your little ones’ minds with daily devotions and prayers as they continue their journey to get closer with God.

2. The One Year Children’s Bible (One Year Books) by Rhona Davies

This book is a perfect gift for children aged 6 to 10 years. If you’re looking for one book of devotions that your kid can carry around with them throughout the year, it’s this. This do-able and one-year book has daily devotions for kids to engage with the Holy Bible. As a practicing Christian, you want your kid to be in touch with the faith and prayers. This book is ideal because it’s easy to read and illustrates colorful images to keep the kids intrigued.

Rhona Davies has exceeded expectations with this engaging book to guide children transitioning through Bible stories to the real Bible. The carefully chosen stories from God’s creation, a revelation to John, and God’s love make this book an encyclopedia for children.

3. How God Grows a Courageous Girl: A Devotional (Courageous Girls) by Carey Scott

Your little girl is growing, and you want to tell her how God is guiding her soul throughout her life? Here’s a book with 180 devotions. Carey Scott is a celebrated and certified speaker, author,and Biblical Life Coach. She’s honest about her spiritual journey, and this book reflects her honesty in this book of guidance for little girls.

Carey, through her active ministry directed at women and girls, the author has devised this easy-to-read scripture complemented by a select few prayers from the Scripture. This book is a beautiful blend of inspiration, courage, godly guidance, and encouragement for girls who’ll eventually transition into womanhood.

Gift this book to your little girl and watch her spend one-on-one time with God every day. This book will grow their relationship with God while they understand topics important to them.

4. Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by Levi Lusko, Tama Fortner & Catherine Pearson

Roar Like A Lion explores the issues kids face these days. Co-authored by a lead pastor and founder of Fresh live Church, ECPA award-winning writer with 40+ books to her title, and Swiss Illustrator who believes illustrations speak to people where words fail, respectively.

Peer pressure, unexpected loss or change, and general wonderment about life, God, spirituality, and religion – this book has shed light on all of it. This book of encouragement is a 90-day devotional covering topics like facing fears, being courageous, tackling challenges, dealing with disappointments, and learning how God fits into each story.

While Levi has brought to practice her pastoral skills, Tama has offered a refreshing view to make the book amusing, and finally, Catherine has made this book of devotionals an amicable experience through her illustrations. Allow your kids to adopt a practical approach to life without losing touch with their faith through this book.

Leave it to Roar Like A Lion to guide your kids and strengthen their faith in the Almighty during the turmoil and turbulence of life.

5. How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science (Indescribable Kids) by Louie Giglio and Nicola Anderson

This bestselling 100 devotions book has resonated with over 200,000 parents, kids, and teachers. Show your kid the beautiful connection between God and the natural world with this book. Indescribable more than 100 devotions about science, God, and amazing facts can pique the interest of your little ones.

Fun illustrations, simple activities, and beautiful photography makes this book 10x more awe-inspiring. This book covers earth and weather, time and space, animals, the human body, and plants, among more. Encourage your kid to embark on a quest to self-discovery by understanding how incredible God’s world is and how great the God who created it is.

Our Final Thoughts

Deepen your little one’s appreciation of nature and God. Fuel their curiosity and add to their knowledge of the world with these best picks of Christian devotions. We believe each book has something meaningful to offer to guide your kid through their path to faith and Christianity.

Each of the devotional books in this review is written by highly-celebrated and accredited authors in their field. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these books with your kids.