Best Christian Music: Top Tracks and Artists to Uplift Your Spirits

Christian music offers a broad spectrum of styles and sounds, but they all share a common thread: they are designed to inspire, worship, and convey messages of faith. This genre encompasses a range of music from traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs, gospel, Christian rock, hip-hop, and beyond. Each style serves the purpose of providing an auditory space for spiritual connection and reflection, making Christian music a deeply personal choice for listeners.

Best Christian Music: Top Tracks and Artists to Uplift Your Spirits

Identifying the “best” Christian music is as nuanced as the genre itself. Many listeners seek out songs that resonate with their beliefs and experiences. What impacts one person might not strike the same chord with another, but quality production, skilled musicianship, and heartfelt lyrics are key hallmarks of standout Christian music. These elements can elevate a song or album from being merely a part of one’s listening rotation to becoming a pivotal part of their spiritual journey.

When considering a purchase, it’s important to reflect on personal taste in music, lyrical themes, and the reputation of the artist or band. Given the intimate role music plays in worship and personal reflection, ensuring that the message aligns with one’s beliefs is crucial. Sound quality is also important, as it can greatly affect the listening experience, whether one is in a quiet space for personal devotion or in a larger venue such as a church or concert.

We dedicated our time to exploring and evaluating a diverse range of Christian music to recommend the best options that can enrich your spiritual life and suit your musical preferences.

Top Picks for Christian Music

We’ve carefully curated a list of enriching Christian music albums that we believe will uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith. Our selection encompasses a variety of genres and artists, ensuring there’s something for every listener seeking inspiration and worship through song.

Very Best of MercyMe

We think this album is a must-have for anyone looking to be uplifted by the profound impact of MercyMe’s music.


  • Immersive listening experience with the band’s all-time hits
  • Includes a special version of “I Can Only Imagine” for the movie fans
  • Rich blend of modern and classic Christian tunes


  • Limited to only MercyMe’s music, which might not suit all tastes
  • One disc—might leave you wanting more from the group’s extensive portfolio
  • Diehard fans may already own much of this content

Having had the privilege to envelop ourselves in the melodic storytelling of MercyMe’s greatest hits, we’re convinced it’s a journey through their most inspiring work. This collection, punctuated by the original “I Can Only Imagine” and including a special movie version, resonates with heartfelt sincerity. The album guides us through a series of emotional highs, with anthems of hope like “Flawless” and “Greater” that certainly leave an impression.

It’s easy to appreciate the curation of songs that have not only defined a genre but have provided solace and joy to so many. Engaging with this anthology feels like revisiting old friends, where each track carries its own story, woven with the band’s signature authenticity and spiritual richness. Whether it’s the reflective stillness in “Word of God Speak” or the resilience in “Bring the Rain,” each song showcases MercyMe’s ability to connect with our spiritual sensibilities.

We’ve found the depth of the songs on this album to be both comforting and invigorating, making it a laudable addition to any Christian music collection. Although it’s just one disc, the quality of each track compensates for the quantity, and has us hitting replay to relive the moments. Whether you’re a longstanding fan or someone looking to discover the essence of MercyMe, this album delivers an experience that’s as uplifting as it is profound.

Top Christian Hits

We think this two-CD set is a valuable collection for those who appreciate Christian classics and want to be uplifted by timeless music.


  • Wide selection of cherished hymns and CCM classics
  • Perfect for personal worship or group sing-alongs
  • Uplifting and spiritually enriching experience


  • Not performed by the original artists
  • Some cover versions may differ from expectations
  • A few reports of physical CD quality issues

Having listened to “The Best Christian Songs Ever” CD, the compilation created a harmonious atmosphere that’s ideal for reflection or communal gatherings. The vast array of songs included some of my all-time favorites, each bringing back wonderful memories and evoking a strong sense of faith and devotion. Playing this set can be a significantly moving experience, ideal for anyone seeking musical accompaniment to their spiritual journey.

However, I also noticed that these tracks are covers and not by the original artists. While this might not detract from the message of the songs, some listeners might prefer the authenticity of the original recordings. In any case, the essence of these well-loved hymns is preserved, allowing for meaningful worship.

A few unlucky customers have mentioned physical quality issues with the CDs. These seem to be isolated incidents, but it’s worth considering the possibility of needing an exchange. Despite this, the enriching content of the songs makes “The Best Christian Songs Ever” a compilation worth having in one’s Christian music collection.

Look Up Child

We think this album is a soul-refreshing collection that will uplift and inspire listeners with its raw and heartfelt sound.


  • Touching and powerful vocals
  • Authentic Louisiana music influences
  • Lyrically inspiring and thought-provoking


  • May not suit those who prefer traditional hymns
  • A limited variety of musical styles
  • Some might seek a more contemporary Christian pop sound

After immersing ourselves in Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child”, we couldn’t help but be impressed by her hauntingly beautiful voice. It carries a weight of emotion that reaches deep down, making every lyric resonate within us. The blend of her voice with the rugged and authentic sounds of Louisiana gives this album a distinctive edge that stands out in the sea of modern Christian music.

During our listen, the genuine feel of each song hinted at the richness of Lauren’s journey back to her roots. It’s apparent that she has poured her whole heart into this work. The authentic Zydeco, blues, and Cajun influences she grew up around in Lafayette drip from every note, creating a sonic landscape that feels both nostalgic and innovative.

Concluding the album leaves us with a resounding echo of its messages about faith, perseverance, and hope. Each track seems to narrate a segment of life’s trials and triumphs, assuring us that we’re not alone in our experiences. Despite any initial hesitations, we found “Look Up Child” to be a riveting reminder of the power of faith-filled music to comfort and connect.

WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe

We think you’ll find WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe to be an uplifting addition to your music collection, featuring a wide array of artists that have touched our lives and spirits.


  • Diverse selection of top Christian artists and songs
  • Two CDs packed with uplifting, spiritual tracks
  • Encourages a positive mindset through music


  • Limited replay value once the tracks become overfamiliar
  • Case prone to damage during shipping
  • The series concluded in 2019, so no more annual updates

WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe has been a frequent go-to for us when we’re in need of spiritual rejuvenation. There’s something deeply comforting about having the biggest hits of the year in Christian music all compiled in one place. The range of artists included means there’s a message and melody to fit every one of our moods.

One of the truly great things about this collection is the variety. Having the likes of TobyMac, Lauren Daigle, and MercyMe in one compilation has allowed us to experience so many uplifting moments, whether we’re at home or driving. Each song has the power to shift our outlook, to transform a challenging day into one filled with potential and hope.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a bit of a downside. After many replays, even the most powerful tracks can start to lose a bit of their initial impact. That’s the nature of any compilation though – its songs become like well-known friends, and sometimes you long for new ones. Plus, the fact that this WOW series ended in 2019 means that while we’ll always have these gems, there’s a feeling of longing for what could have been the 2020 edition, especially given how uplifting that music could have been during that year.

In summing up our experience with WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe, we’re grateful for the hours of enjoyment it’s provided us. The joy of belting out these songs during a solo car ride or sharing them with friends is hard to match. Despite the occasional broken case upon arrival and the inevitable desire for more when the last track ends, this collection remains a cherished part of our musical repertoire.

Top 25 Praise Songs

We believe this double album is a must-have for those seeking an uplifting worship experience with today’s top Christian songs.


  • Diverse collection of contemporary praise anthems
  • Easy to sing along with the well-executed arrangements
  • Enhances a personal or group worship setting


  • Some lesser-known tracks may not resonate with all listeners
  • Vocal performances vary, which may be a drawback for some
  • A few songs have slower tempos that might not suit all preferences

Maranatha! Music has gifted listeners with “Top 25 Praise Songs – Reckless Love,” a collection brimming with spiritual fervor. Upon listening, we were transported by the harmonious blend of voices, revelling in the songs that encourage one to connect with their faith through music.

It became quickly apparent why these tunes are favorites in congregations across the nation. We joyfully sang along, finding the arrangements pitched perfectly for communal worship or individual enjoyment, fostering an environment of praise.

The album proved most fitting during our times of reflection or when we simply craved a harmonious soundtrack to our day. Whether used as background music or for focused listening, this compilation struck a resonant chord with us, elevating our spirits and providing melodic inspiration.

Best Loved Bible Songs

We believe this delightful board book is a perfect introduction to Christian music for little ones, fostering joy and faith through song.


  • Clear and vibrant sound brings each song to life.
  • Visually beautiful, helping to engage children.
  • Simple functionality that encourages kids to use it independently.


  • Limited song variety may leave you wanting more.
  • Only instrumental, lacking the joy of children’s voices.
  • The book can run out of battery, which can be disappointing.

Upon opening “Best Loved Bible Songs,” you’re greeted with vivid, colorful illustrations that catch the eye. It’s an engaging start for any child eager to dive into the heartwarming world of religious melodies. As you flip through the pages, the sturdy board construction stands out – it’s clearly built to survive the enthusiastic handling by its young readers.

The sound quality deserves praise; it’s crisp and clear, making it possible to appreciate every note as you sing along. Little ones easily become captivated, pressing the buttons again and again to hear their favorite tunes. The autonomy given to young children as they operate the book themselves shouldn’t be understated; it’s a solid step toward building their confidence.

But it’s not just auditory learning that’s encouraged here. There’s also a keen sense of participation triggered as children follow along with the printed words. Even though one might miss the joyous sound of children’s voices, the instrumental tracks provide an opportunity for kids to make these melodies their own by singing out loud, filling the room with their own voice.

Remember, the book has its limitations. After some time, a new set of batteries might be required to keep the music alive — a small inconvenience in the grand scheme. And while the selection of songs is fitting for praise and joy, seasoned listeners might long for a great variety of classics.

In sum, our experience with “Best Loved Bible Songs” has been heartwarming, offering a blend of education and entertainment in an appealing package.

Our Top Christian Tunes

We think that ‘Best Christian Songs Ever, Vol. 2’ is a must-have for a spiritual uplift and daily inspiration.


  • Variety of songs that invite spiritual reflection and worship
  • The sound quality captures the essence of each track
  • Double-CD set offers an extended playlist for continual enjoyment


  • Some songs are not performed by the original artists
  • A few listeners found the audio production lacking depth
  • Limited reviews available, making broader opinion assessment difficult

After spending some time with ‘Best Christian Songs Ever, Vol. 2,’ I found it to be more than just a compilation – it’s a profound journey of faith and devotion encapsulated in a mix of melodies. Familiar tracks like “Do It Again” and “What a Beautiful Name” have moved us, and the sound quality brings out the soul-stirring potential of each hymn.

While the collection has broad appeal, I noticed that aficionados of the genre might prefer original artist renditions over the ones included. The nuanced depth of live recordings is somewhat missed here, with a couple of listeners mentioning a flat sound profile.

Moreover, with a relatively small number of reviews, we get a limited sense of what a wide audience thinks. However, personally having listened to these uplifting songs, the experience has overall been enriching, delivering an encompassing sense of peace and connection with the divine.

The two-disc offering makes sure you have a wealth of music for longer periods of meditation or praise. It’s a joy to have so much content in one package, particularly for those times when you need an auditory companion to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey.

SOZO Top Christian Hits Vol. 3

We think you’ll feel uplifted and refreshed after listening to this vibrant collection of modern Christian hits.


  • Diverse lineup of today’s top Christian artists
  • Offers an enjoyable mix of music styles
  • Family-friendly tracks that cater to all ages


  • Packaging may arrive damaged
  • Some listeners might find the tempo too uniform
  • Does not feature lesser-known Christian artists

When we first played “SOZO Playlists: Top Christian Hits Vol. 3,” the variety of artists immediately stood out. It was like having a personalized radio station at our fingertips, with each song delivering its unique message of faith and hope. The smooth transition from track to track made the listening experience seamless.

We noticed that whether we were on a long drive or just enjoying some downtime at home, this compilation kept our spirits high. “Be Alright” and “My Jesus” are just a couple of the songs that we found ourselves humming long after the music stopped. It’s the kind of album that anyone, regardless of age, can appreciate for its positive and encouraging vibes.

Now, it wasn’t all perfect—the CD case arrived with a crack, which was a bit of a downer. It seemed that the packaging could’ve been sturdier. Also, for those of us craving some variety in tempo, the album felt a bit monotone after a while. And if you’re looking to discover some fresh voices on the Christian music scene, this may not be the right pick, as it features well-established artists rather than up-and-comers. But as a whole, “Top Christian Hits Vol. 3” delivers what it promises: a reliable selection of spiritually uplifting songs that we enjoy over and over again.

Buying Guide

When we’re looking to add some inspiring Christian music to our collection, it’s essential to consider several factors to make sure we’re getting the best listening experience. The market is rich with a variety of styles and production qualities, so here’s what to look for:

Key Features

  • Audio Quality: We want our music to sound clear and professional, so high audio quality is a must. Check if the music is available in formats like FLAC or WAV for optimal sound.

  • Lyric Content: Lyrics should align with our faith and values, providing an uplifting and spiritually enriching experience.

  • Musical Style: Christian music comes in a vast array of genres. We should look for a style that resonates with us, whether it’s gospel, rock, pop, or worship.

Format Availability

Format Type Ideal For
Digital Convenience
Physical CD Collectors
Vinyl Audio Enthusiasts


  • Compatibility: Ensure that the music format we choose is compatible with our devices, whether it’s a CD player, vinyl record player, or digital devices.

  • Availability: We look for music that’s readily available through our preferred purchasing platforms or local stores.

Reviews and Samples

Listen to samples or read reviews from other listeners to gauge an album’s quality and whether it suits our taste. It’s an easy way to preview an album before committing to a purchase.

Remember to check if the music is produced by reliable sources to ensure both quality and that the content genuinely reflects Christian values.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions about Christian music to help guide you in exploring faith through song.

What are some notable worship songs that have touched people’s hearts?

“Hillsong Worship’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” and Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” are songs that resonate deeply with many believers. These tracks have been sung in churches around the globe and hold a special place in many worship services.

Can you recommend a playlist of the best Christian music?

Yes, we recommend searching for playlists on streaming services that include a mix of top tracks like “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury, “You Say” by Lauren Daigle, and “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams. These carefully curated playlists showcase a range of impactful Christian songs from various artists and genres.

Who are some of the top Christian music artists today?

Artists such as for KING & COUNTRY, MercyMe, and Elevation Worship are among the leading names in contemporary Christian music. Each of these artists brings a unique style and message, contributing to the rich tapestry of the genre.

Which Christian songs have had the highest sales of all time?

Songs like “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe and “Amazing Grace” have historically been commercial successes, with significant sales and streams. These songs have a timeless appeal, crossing over into various markets and resonating with a broad audience.

What are the current most popular Christian songs?

Tracks like “Known” by Tauren Wells, “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle, and “God Only Knows” by for KING & COUNTRY are currently popular. Their popularity is often reflected in radio airplay, streaming numbers, and the frequency with which they are covered by other artists.

Could you provide a list of upbeat Christian songs with a joyful tone?

Certainly! We love “Joy” by for KING & COUNTRY, “Happy Dance” by MercyMe, and “Feel It” by tobyMac. These songs are known for their positive messages and high energy, perfect for lifting the spirits and praising joyfully.