Most Popular Christian Songs

The Old Testament is witness to the significance of music in Christianity. It is used to call people towards God, lift their spirits, and soothe their souls. Moses’ songs, the Songs of Isaiah, and the Levite choir are some examples of music’s cardinal place in Christian theology.

Most Popular Christian Songs

The importance of music lies in its melody, a series of well-tuned notes satisfying to listen to. David’s “Psalms” is a collection of musical renditions praising God. The Psalms glorify the infinitude of God and His Kingdom. Britannica recounts that many of the psalms had “mizmor” written in the title. The Hebrew word means “a poem sung to remember the greatness of God.”

The 5 Most Popular Christian Songs

Today’s most popular Christian songs have a subtle tune best-suited for divine melodies. The music is influenced by both folk and rock music. Singers like Lauren Daigle and Chris Tomlin top the charts with their Christian music numbers. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Christian songs.

“You Say”

Lauren Daigle has won numerous Grammy Awards for her Christian songs. Her debut album How Can It Be topped Billboard Charts for the Best Christian Album. The song “You Say” is from her album Look Up Child. It became an instant hit as soon as it was released in 2018. The song speaks of the love that lifts the narrator from pits of insecurity and fear. It reinforces the idea of complete faith and absolute trust in God.

The song was on five different Billboard charts for 65 weeks, and it also has the honor of topping two Billboard charts for the first time in history.

Daigle’s song resonates with many on a personal level. A violin and a piano accompany her rich vocals. The variation in her voice makes the song effuse warmth and hope. It reminds listeners of a hopeful tomorrow and a new beginning with every new day.

“Chain Breaker”

The lead track of the album Chain Breaker by Zach Williams created waves when released in 2016. It went to become a popular Christian song. The song was nominated at the Grammys for the Top Christian Song. It belongs to the genre of Christian rock. Christian rock is a pleasant diversion from Christian music’s previous genres. It introduced upbeat music to the ideas of faith and religiosity.

Christian rock has become an established, well-received genre of Christian music of recent times. The music reflects the turmoil and confusion of today with an emphasis on God’s remembrance as the only resort for peace.

“Chain Breaker” asks people to leave their greatest worries for God to resolve. God knows all about your troubles, and he is the only “pain-taker”, “way-maker”, and “chain-breaker”. The song rings true for most Christians awaiting God’s mercy.


Kanye West was beyond magical in this one. This most popular Christian song of recent times is from Kanye West’s album Jesus is King. The album is one of the highest-grossing albums of 2019 and the highlight of Kanye West’s music career. Its song “Selah” is hailed as a Christian hip-hop classic. The song has a few Biblical verses and parts of Revelations 19:1, a song by the Sunday Service Choir.

“Selah” talks about the all-encompassing God’s mercy and ways it takes care of “wretches like the narrator”. The song has received much credit for its music that includes elements of hip-hop and gospel.

“Selah” is a contemporary Christian song that deals with core issues of faith and equality among God’s creation.

“Made to Worship”

“Made to Worship” belongs to Chris Tomlin’s album See the Morning. In 2006, the album was the year’s number one on Billboard’s Best Christian Albums. The song was also nominated as Worship Song of the Year and the Best Song of the Year at the GMA awards.

Tomlin’s song discusses reversion to God’s path. He expands on giving up on his distractions to thank God for his many blessings. Unlike many Christian songs, Tomlin used the address You and I to promote the theme of unity in the song.

“The Reason”

“The Reason” by Travis Cottrell is one of the most famous tracks of 2018. It’s a slow melody on the piano. The singer attributes each of his reasons to live to the mercy of Jesus. The song is different from the popular Christian rock and Christian hip-hop trends. Its pace is similar to that of a gospel song. The piano and the bass guitar are the two most used instruments in traditional gospel and Christian music.

The song’s simplicity and the clarity of Cottrell’s voice appeal to the listeners the most.

“Broken Things”

Broken Things by Matthew West is a popular song of 2017. It’s one of the first-written songs by the contemporary Christian singer. The music experiments with more forms than gospels and hymns.

The song is sung in a mid-vocal range with chord notes. Usually, Christian songs are sung for everybody to join in as a chorus. The pitch of such songs is highly controlled to allow more and more Christians to participate in singing.

West wrote the song from his personal experiences with faith. The song sits well with his audience due to the simplicity and accuracy with which West navigates his finding Jesus. The song assures the listener that you’re good enough to be God’s child and that he watches over all affairs of man.


The themes of hope and perseverance recur throughout the song.

Our Final Thoughts

The current religious song arena has a vast space for songs from different genres to make a difference. Gospels, hymns use a simpler collection of instruments than Christian hip-hop or Christian Rock. Modern sub-genres of gospel music like urban/contemporary gospel music are also becoming popular.

We feel “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams is a great song to connect with. It’s one of the most popular Christian songs of the present day. The song has a unique approach to religious renditions and contemporary Christian music.