Best Christian Artists for Kids

Music is one of the most effective methods to get your kids interested in the Bible. When you’ve got a kid in a car seat and have nothing else to do but entertain them, this is a terrific technique to keep them occupied for the duration of the journey.

Best Christian Artists for Kids

Memorable and catchy music is like a sticky substance for kids. Children can better understand scripture when it is accompanied by music. In fact, music has the ability to make religious truths beautiful and embed them in our thoughts.

There are many possibilities for parents who want to provide their children with wonderful Christian music. The biggest one being that songs can help in the retention of Scripture, bringing you to an important question: who are the best Christian artists for kids?

The 17 Best Christian Artists for Kids

The following list features some of the top Christian music artists:

“Quality Christian Music for Kids” is a new 50-song Spotify and Apple Music playlist that includes a few songs from each of these artists, as well as a few more music your kids might appreciate.

1. Austin Stone Worship: Kids

A children’s CD by Austin Stone Worship, Only Jesus, was published in 2016. It’s peppy, anthemic, infectious, and awe-inspiring, just like their enthusiastic worship style. For each song, you’ll find a wealth of additional information and resources online, including theological context, chord charts, dance videos, and worship guides.

2. Awesome Cutlery

Capt. Awesomeness and “Cutlery Boy” are an English partnership that creates wacky, sometimes nerd-like, and always British music for children. This Is Awesome Cutlery (2016) and All Together Now (2019) are amusing and explain the truth about scripture.

3. Colin Buchanan

With albums like Fam Bam Bible Jam! (2018), Catechismo Kids (2019), and God is Great (2002), Colin Buchanan is one of the most prolific artists in the world of children’s Christian music today.

4. The Corner Room

This summer, Birmingham, Alabama’s The Corner Room produced Remember and Proclaim: Scripture Songs for Little Ones, an outstanding collection of Scripture-based music. We believe it’s currently considered to be the best album in the genre.

5. Ellie Holcomb

Sing: Creation Songs (and Who Sang the First Song?) and Sing: Remembering Songs (and Don’t Forget to Remember) were released by Nashville singer-songwriter Elle Holcomb in 2018 and 2020, respectively. These two songs are considered to be thought-provoking in the truest sense.

6. Shai Linne

2018 saw the debut of an excellent children’s CD by Shai Linne, entitled Jesus Kids, which features melodic and rich songs and straight-up catechetical interludes. Shai’s CD, God Made Me and You: Celebrating God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity, was featured in an interview with TGC.

7. Getty Music

Many “Getty Kids Hymnal” albums have been produced by Keith and Kristyn Getty. These albums feature kid-friendly adaptations of traditional hymns. A compilation of lullabies called Evensong, released in August, appeals to all kinds of families.

8. New City Catechism

The Gospel Coalition’s New City Catechism questions and answers have been put to music word by word. Spotify playlists and YouTube lyric videos are available for the entire catechism. It’s most certainly a wonderful approach to teach your children important theological principles!

9. Sovereign Grace Music

Listen Up! (2017), inspired by parables and imaginatively titled The Ology is a musical accompaniment to Marty Machowski’s book, and Walking with the Wise, based on Proverbs, are just a few of Sovereign Grace Music’s impressive production of children’s CDs.

10. Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels from Franklin, Tennessee, has published a beautiful CD of lullabies such as Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved. On rainy days, parents will like the calm and peaceful atmosphere it generates in their homes, even if some children find it too mellow for their liking.

11. Rain for Roots

Rain for Roots, a Nashville-based folk band, is one of the most suitable alternatives for kids. If you’re looking for an excellent family-friendly worship band, go no further than this one. Big Stories for Little Ones (2012), The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This (2014), an album based on Jesus’s parables, and Waiting Songs (2016), are excellent additions to your child’s playlist.

12. Rend Co. Kids

Sparkle. Pop. Rampage, a worship album by Rend Collective from Northern Ireland, was published last year and is a hit with both kids and adults. Make sure to check their music videos for inspiration.

13. Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship has been known to put Scripture to song word-for-word for more than a decade. I Believe, the band’s 14th album, garnered attention from across the globe.

The whole family can participate in prayer and praise of the Lord. Listening to this album will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your child. If you’re looking for a fun way to teach kids about the Bible, this is the way to go. Children get a greater knowledge of context by learning how the stories are connected, as the songs communicate the stories and themes. Visit their YouTube account for amazing audios and videos.

14. Slugs & Bugs


Slugs & Bugs, by Randall Goodgame, combines unforgettable hilarity with melodious catechesis. He has a “Sing the Bible” series of records, books, and a television show for kids.

15. Little Parade

You will become a huge fan of this group of young musicians. When they came out with some children’s records titled “Our God,” recording verses that express the attributes of God, many people were overjoyed. Their songs can capture the attention of little kids, wanting them to learn more and more about the Bible.

16. CCBC Kids Music

Children of all ages can learn Bible verses in a fun and engaging way using these catchy tunes.

17. Orange Kids Music

This is a happy piece of music. When you hear something good, you would want to get up and dance and sing along. This album depicts a happy tune that will make you want to dance your heart out. It also depicts the importance of scripture, making it an amazing addition to your kids’ music collection. Two birds, one stone, eh?

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on Best Christian Artists for Kids. Incorporate these artists into your playlist and let your child learn the scripture in a fun way!