Best Songs for Christian Kids

Parents often worry about shaping their children’s hearts to love God in a post-Christian, highly secular, and over-meditated culture. They are fully aware that spending a few hours in a church every Sunday won’t be as effective as the dozens of hours their children will spend in secular activities. If you’re a parent, wishing to surround your children with Christian truth throughout the day, use music as a tactic!

Best Songs for Christian Kids

Sung worship is commonly the best part for children during a church service. A meaningful Christian song will enable them to feel a real connection with God and affirm who He is in their lives. You can play Christian songs for kids throughout their day-to-day lives, i.e., during playtime, bath time, lunchtime, craft time, etc. It’s a great option for captivating their belief system while they’re buckled up in car seats as you drop them at school.

Songs help children to understand scriptures, engraving the theological truth in their minds. Here are the ten best Christian songs your kids are going to love:

1. Onward, Christian Soldier

This song is a 19th century English hymn, composed by Arthur Sullivan. Its theme refers to the New Testament that depicts how Christians are soldiers for Christ. The hymn is 2 minutes and 41 seconds long and will instill in your children a sense of duty to serve for the sake of Christianity. It provides a feeling of hope and saves the world from immeasurable degradation.

2. Rise and Shine (Arky, Arky)

Also known as ArkyArky, this song is about the story of Noah and how the Lord instructed him to create an ark and gather a pair of all animals. It’s about glory to the Lord and the journey that took place for forty days and nights after Noah left in the ark. Rise and Shine (Arky, Arky) is a great way to tell religious stories to your children and make them learn about Lord and his favors!

3. Father Abraham

Father Abraham consists of a few verses repeated throughout the song. It talks about how we all are sons of Abraham and that everyone should praise the Lord for His blessings. Each verse ends with an action for the kids. For example, chin up, turn out, and sit down! With Father Abraham, your kids will enjoy a healthy activity while learning about their forefathers.

4. Jesus Bids Us Shine

This children’s hymn was written by Susan Bogert Warner and was first published in The Little Corporal in 1868. It talks about how Jesus brings light into our dark lives, and how he’s a ray of hope for all. It’s about Jesus looking from heaven to see us shine! The meaningful lyrics of this song are bound to make your children feel their love for Jesus Christ.

5. Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes

This gospel song resonates with the tune of the nursery rhyme, “If you’re Happy and You Know It!” It’s all about making children aware of what they see and do, for Jesus Christ is watching them from above! By listening to this song, your children will feel a sense of responsibility for their actions while also learning about Jesus’ love for them. Play this song at bedtime, and your children will sleep peacefully, knowing Jesus is watching them with tender love!

6. Jesus Loves Little Ones

Jesus loves little ones is all about helping children understand how much Jesus loves all children regardless of their race, color, and status. It’s an effective way to diminish discrimination among children, and let them know how Jesus saves them through and through!

7. Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man

Otherwise known as Zacchaeus, this children’s song has several traditional variations. It’s a popular Bible song featured in various Christian Children’s music. It recounts the story as mentioned in Luke 19:1. “Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man” depicts Zacchaeus’attempt to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus, only to be told off by a passing savior. Several hand movements accompany the song. For example, cupping hands over the mouth and clapping. Your children will surely love this song and act along with the lyrics!

8. I’m in the Lord’s Army

As Christians, we’re all enlisted in the Lord’s Army. We are to fight for His kingdom against those who’re ready to attack him and his people. This song talks about fighting against sins with all our might! It teaches children to be vigilant toward their enemy’s schemes.

For our spiritual battle, we may not shoot the artillery or ride in the cavalry, but we can use prayers and the sword of the Spirit to fight against the devil!

9. Happy All the Time

This is another action song that shows how children are truly happy when Jesus cleanses their hearts from sins. It’s a great way for kids to enjoy and learn simultaneously.

10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

This African-American spiritual song is one of the best Christian hymns. It originated early in the musical and oral African-American tradition and was written after 1865 by an unknown artist. The song describes the death theme to remind children of the glory that awaits them in the hereafter. It will help your children acknowledge that all their suffering would end when they’ll go to their final resting place.

Our Final Thoughts

Singing and listening to Christian songs help children improve their faith. Hearing His words will allow them to understand the meaning of serving in the way of the Lord. We hope our selection of songs will help your kids learn a lot about Christianity.