Best Christian Devotionals for Couples: Strengthening Your Spiritual Bond Together

Christian devotionals serve as a spiritual tool for individuals seeking to strengthen their faith and their relationship with God. When it comes to couples, these devotionals become a shared journey, fostering not only a deeper connection with their faith but with each other as well. Engaging in daily or weekly devotional readings can become a cherished routine that helps partners navigate life’s challenges together through a faith-based perspective.

Best Christian Devotionals for Couples: Strengthening Your Spiritual Bond Together

Choosing the right devotional for couples requires considering several factors. The content should be relevant and relatable, encouraging discussions that lead to a better understanding of each other and of God’s word. Compatibility with the couple’s beliefs and practices is essential, as is the ease of use, so that they are inspired to consistently incorporate it into their routine. The devotional’s format, whether daily or weekly, and any additional features such as prayer prompts or discussion questions can greatly enhance the couple’s experience.

When searching for the best Christian devotionals for couples, we consider not just the quality of the content but the experience it aims to provide. A devotional should inspire growth, reflection, and open, heartfelt communication. It should be a tool that helps couples build a resilient and grounded relationship in faith. With these principles in mind, we’ve spent considerable time evaluating various devotionals to determine which ones truly resonate with and support the needs of Christian couples in their spiritual walk together.

Strengthen Your Bond with Faith

Investing time in our spiritual lives as a couple can bring us closer and anchor our relationship in shared values. Our curated selection of Christian devotionals is designed to foster understanding, communication, and spiritual growth. Each book offers a unique approach to guide and enrich our journey together in faith.

A Little God Time for Couples Devotional

We found that this devotional is a thoughtful way to foster closeness and spiritual growth between partners.


  • Encourages meaningful conversations
  • Compact design makes it easy to use anywhere
  • Questions and prayers included are thought-provoking


  • Some topics may feel too fundamental for advanced readers
  • Occasionally the devotions may not directly relate to the scripture provided
  • Only a hardcover version is available, limiting format options

Often, we find ourselves seeking a shared activity that not only brings us closer together but also closer to our faith. ‘A Little God Time for Couples’ opens the door to nurturing both relationship and spirituality with ease. The devotionals are designed to be brief, which works perfectly into our busy lives, ensuring that we can consistently dedicate time to each other and God every day.

The content strikes a fine balance, offering insights that serve as great conversation starters. Each reading includes questions that provoke us to go deeper into understanding ourselves and our partner in the light of our faith. From personal experience, we can say it has sparked some truly enriching discussions.

We’ve also found that this book fits snugly onto our nightstand or into a travel bag, so there’s no excuse to miss our daily devotion, no matter where we are. It’s become a cherished ritual at the end of the day, giving us a space to unwind and reflect together.

Maintaining a relationship and deepening faith is a journey, and ‘A Little God Time for Couples’ has been a valuable companion along our path. It’s rewarding to see our relationship flourish as we explore each day’s message. Despite the occasional mismatch between scripture and devotion, the overall impact remains positive. If you’re looking to grow closer to your partner and strengthen your joint faith practice, this book is a meaningful and accessible choice.

The One Year Love Language Devotional

We’ve found this devotional to be a genuine asset in nurturing our relationship through daily, God-centered reflections.


  • A fresh conversation starter each day
  • Enhances understanding of each other and God’s word
  • Practical advice that fosters growth and intimacy


  • Requires daily commitment to get the most out of it
  • Some topics may be repetitive for long-married couples
  • Might not align perfectly with all theological beliefs

Our mornings have taken on a new rhythm since we started using this devotional. The short, daily readings are perfect for busier days, ensuring we stay spiritually connected even when time is tight. Each entry includes a Bible verse, a thoughtful reflection, and a prayer, and we’ve found these to not only prompt meaningful conversation but also to bring a sense of peaceful reflection to the start of our day.

Delving into this book has been enlightening. We’ve learned more about our individual love languages and how we can serve each other better. It’s like the author knows just what topics will spark the most insightful discussions for us. We’ve faced many of the challenges mentioned in the book, and the provided wisdom has been instrumental in guiding us through them.

In the evenings, it’s become a cherished routine. We reflect on the day’s devotional during dinner, discussing how we observed the lessons in our daily lives. It’s such a practical way to keep our marriage focused on a shared faith and purpose. Although some messages have been familiar to us, they serve as valuable reminders, and there’s always a new nugget of truth we discover together.

We earnestly believe that any couple, whether newlyweds or those with many years together, can gain something precious from this devotional. It invites us to slow down, connect, and deepen our relationship with each other and with God—one day at a time.

Together With Christ

In nurturing our relationship, we found “Together With Christ” to be an insightful guide for couples looking to deepen both their faith and connection.


  • Encourages meaningful conversations
  • Strikes a balance between spiritual and relational topics
  • Accessible for couples at any stage of their relationship


  • Some chapters could delve deeper into scriptural analysis
  • May not suit those looking for an in-depth Bible study
  • A few more direct references to God would be beneficial

In our experience, engaging with “Together With Christ” was a refreshing way to incorporate spiritual growth into our daily routine. Each devotion, concise and relatable, paved the way for profound discussions about topics we wouldn’t typically broach. It’s like having a heartfelt conversation with a friend who truly understands the intricacies of a Christian relationship.

We noticed a tangible shift in our dynamics. Working through the devotions sharpened our communication and brought us onto the same page on matters of faith and love. Even on busier days, the brevity of the chapters made it feasible to invest in our relationship and spiritual health without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall, this devotional serves as a wonderful tool that has livened up our Sunday mornings and beyond. While we also yearned at times for a more thorough exploration of biblical texts, the blend of spirituality and practical relationship advice has undeniably strengthened our bond.

Moments Together for Devotion

Couples seeking to enrich their relationship with God and each other will find this devotional to be a valuable tool in their daily lives.


  • Encourages meaningful conversations
  • Enhances daily prayer practices as a couple
  • Offers insights applicable to everyday life


  • Assumes the presence of children in the family
  • Some topics may not relate to all couples
  • Daily entries might feel too brief for deeper study

Our mornings have been transformed since we started using “Moments Together for Devotion“. Beginning the day in unison, focused on scripture, has been grounding for us. The devotions provoke conversations that build trust and foster intimacy. It’s like we’ve invited a wise friend into our home who gently guides our discussions, lending a spiritual perspective.

We especially appreciate how these devotions interweave everyday challenges with biblical wisdom. It’s a balancing act of spiritual depth and practical guidance, something that many other devotionals we’ve tried lacked. The right blend makes each session feel relevant, even prompting some aha moments that we carry through the rest of our day.

Certainly, “Moments Together for Devotion” might presume all its readers are parents, which can cause a small disconnect. Also, seasoned couples may find some devotions to skim the surface, thirsting for a deeper dive. But, as with any devotional, it’s a launchpad for further exploration—what matters is the conversation it starts between us, not just the words on the page.

Moments with God for Couples

We found this devotional to be an enriching tool for strengthening our relationship with each other and with God.


  • Fosters deeper spiritual connection
  • Relatable and poignant topics
  • Encourage open dialogue


  • Only available in English
  • A paperback mix-up in delivery
  • Limited to 100 devotions

When we opened “Moments with God for Couples,” the commitment to quality was immediately apparent. The devotionals offered a perfect blend of depth and practicality that fit right into our morning routine. Each page seemed to draw us closer not only to each other but also to God, exactly what we’d been hoping for in a devotional.

The conversations between us sparked by each day’s material have been heartfelt and genuine. Sharing our reflections on the devotionals has become something we eagerly look forward to. The authors, David and Lori Hatcher, have a gift for storytelling that resonates deeply, making the principles they discuss come alive in our daily life.

While we were overall delighted with the book, we did encounter a mix-up. Expecting a hardcover, we received a paperback version, which led to some initial disappointment. However, once we dove into the content, the cover was the last thing on our minds. It’s also worth noting that having just 100 devotions means eventually we’ll be on the lookout for another book to continue our joint spiritual journey.

In conclusion, “Moments with God for Couples” is a wonderful resource, and it can truly serve to enrich a couple’s spiritual walk together.

Pray More, Fight Less

Our marriage has felt more connected and understanding since we started using this devotional.


  • Offers practical communication exercises
  • Based on Christian principles, catering to spiritual growth
  • Authored by a therapist, ensuring expert advice


  • May not suit non-Christian beliefs
  • Content depth might be too basic for some couples
  • Limited to weekly use for those desiring daily devotions

Having just spent another week with “Pray More, Fight Less,” we’ve noticed how the structured devotions encourage meaningful conversations. The blend of scriptures, reflections, and prayers creates a sturdy bridge toward better understanding between partners.

The guidance provided by Karin Earle is insightful, combining her expertise as a therapist with faith-based counsel. It’s clear she understands the dynamics of marital communication. The exercises we’ve encountered are not only thought-provoking but also genuinely enjoyable, making us look forward to our weekly devotionals.

One aspect we found especially beneficial was how the book prompted us to implement healthier relationship values. It’s one thing to read about theoretical concepts, but quite another to practice them in a way that resonates with both of us. However, couples with a robust foundation may seek deeper challenges than those presented.

Lastly, for us, the weekly format fits perfectly into our busy schedule, but if you’re yearning for daily nourishment, this might leave you desiring more frequent engagement. Despite these considerations, “Pray More, Fight Less” has been a valuable addition to our relationship tools, fostering a deeper bond through faith and love.

#Staymarried Devotional

If you’re searching for a way to deepen your marital connection and faith, this devotional offers concise and meaningful weekly sessions that have vastly improved our understanding and bond.


  • Engages us in valuable, thought-provoking discussion
  • Weekly devotionals are concise, perfect for tight schedules
  • Fostered a stronger, more spiritual connection between us


  • Geared more towards newlyweds than longtime couples
  • Some topics might not resonate with every couple
  • A few chapters may seem repetitive over time

We’ve been using the “#Staymarried Devotional” for several weeks now, and it has injected new energy into our spiritual and emotional bond. What stands out is the book’s ability to catalyze deep and meaningful conversations, making us feel connected on a whole new level.

Each session is brief enough to fit into our busy lives but powerful enough to provoke introspection and dialogue. The devotionals have provided us with fresh insights into our relationship and helped us understand how to nurture it moving forward.

As we’ve progressed through the book, we’ve noticed a few topics seem tailored more to those in the early stages of marriage. While this may limit its relatability to seasoned couples, the majority of the content remains beneficial and heartening, inviting continued growth no matter the stage of our journey together.

Husband After God

We think this devotional is essential for any husband eager to improve his spiritual connection with his wife and God.



  • Specifically targets husbands
  • May not cover all marital topics
  • 200 pages might be brief for some

This devotional entered our lives as a thoughtful guide, aimed at deepening the relationship between spouses and with God. Each page resonated with us, offering kernels of wisdom that were both actionable and profound. It wasn’t merely about reading; it was a journey we embarked on together, paving the way for meaningful dialogue and reflection.

The daily readings were conveniently short, making it easy to weave into our busy mornings or evenings. Despite the brevity, the impact was significant. It prompted discussions about topics we sometimes overlooked, clarifying our understanding of what a God-centered marriage looks like.

We were touched by its targeted advice towards husbands. However, we noted it wasn’t as comprehensive as some might hope. While our conversations flourished, we occasionally found ourselves seeking additional resources to cover a wider array of marital subjects. Furthermore, the book’s length was just right for us, but for those seeking a more extended devotional experience, this might feel like a teaser.

Buying Guide

Evaluate Your Spiritual Needs

We should first consider our spiritual goals and what we expect to gain from a devotional. Are we looking to deepen our faith, communicate better, or perhaps grow together in a specific area of our spiritual lives?

  • Reflect on areas for growth
  • Discuss expectations together

Content Relevance

It’s essential for the devotional content to resonate with us as a couple. We need to look for themes that align with our relationship stage and challenges we might be facing.

  • Check for relevant themes
  • Ensure it’s appropriate for our relationship stage

Frequency and Commitment

We have to be mindful of our daily routine and choose a devotional that fits our schedule. Whether it’s a daily or weekly commitment, it should be manageable for both of us.

  • Decide on daily or weekly reading
  • Commit to a regular time together

Engagement and Interaction

Devotionals that encourage interaction can be more effective in fostering our connection. We should look for features that engage us in conversation and joint activities.

  • Look for discussion questions
  • Find devotionals with joint activities
Feature Why It Matters
Spiritual Goals Aligns with our needs
Content Relevance Matches our life stage
Frequency Fits our routine
Engagement Promotes interaction

In choosing a devotional, we are setting a course for our spiritual journey together. By considering these key elements, we ensure the devotional we pick is a good fit for our relationship, supporting us to grow closer not just to each other, but also in our faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common queries couples have when looking for Christian devotionals to strengthen their relationship with each other and God.

What are some recommended devotionals for dating Christian couples?

“We Love Because He First Loved Us” by Les and Leslie Parrott and “Devotions for Dating Couples” by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams are great options that enable dating couples to explore their faith together.

How can couples incorporate devotionals into their daily routine?

We suggest setting a specific time each day, like during breakfast or right before bed, to read and reflect together. This consistency helps build a shared spiritual discipline.

What are some good free devotional resources available for couples online?

Websites such as and offer a range of free devotional materials suitable for couples. Additionally, YouVersion Bible App provides various devotional plans for couples at no cost.

Which daily Bible devotionals are best suited for married Christian couples?

The Love Dare Day by Day” by Alex and Stephen Kendrick and “Night Light: A Devotional for Couples” by James and Shirley Dobson are highly regarded devotionals that cater to the unique needs of married partners.

How can a couple begin a Bible study together to grow in faith?

We encourage couples to pick a book of the Bible to read through together, discuss what they’ve read, and how it can be applied to their relationship. It’s often helpful to start with the New Testament, particularly the Gospels.

Are there any devotional apps or Bible app plans recommended for couples seeking spiritual growth?

Yes, apps like YouVersion Bible App and OurPrayer offer devotional plans specifically designed for couples. These include reading plans, daily devotions, and prayer prompts to guide couples on their spiritual journey together.