married couple devotional

Strengthen Your Marriage and Faith with These Devotional Activities for Couples: Expert Tips from a Youth Pastor

Welcome to our discussion on devotional time for married couples. As a youth pastor at a Christian church, I’ve seen firsthand the powerful impact that shared devotionals can have on couples’ relationships and spiritual growth.

married couple devotional

In this article, I’ll be sharing the importance of devotional time for married couples, different types of devotionals and activities to try with your spouse, tips for setting up a consistent devotional routine, and strategies for overcoming challenges in maintaining a shared devotional practice.

Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for years, implementing a regular devotional practice with your spouse can bring you closer together and deepen your connection with God. So keep reading to learn more about this valuable aspect of marriage and spirituality.

The Importance of Devotional Time for Married Couples

Devotional time is an essential practice for any married couple who wants to strengthen their relationship and deepen their faith. It provides a space for couples to connect with each other and with God, which can be transformative in both personal and spiritual growth.

In devotional time, couples set aside intentional moments to pray together, read the Bible, discuss scripture passages or share experiences from their daily lives that have challenged them. These practices help foster deeper connections between partners as they share intimate thoughts and feelings.

Devotionals also provide opportunities for strengthening communication skills. By actively listening to each other’s perspectives on the word of God or sharing insights about how it applies in different areas of life can help develop empathy towards one another’s beliefs.

Furthermore, devotions serve as a reminder that the marriage covenant is not just between two individuals but also involves God Himself who has called them together in unity through His love. This realization strengthens bonds within marriages because it encourages both partners to submit themselves wholly unto Christ while pursuing His will above all else.

Ultimately devotionals are an important tool that helps married couples remain focused on what truly matters: loving God first before anything else- including one another!

Different types of devotional and activities for couples

As a youth pastor at a Christian church, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of devotionals and activities for couples in strengthening their relationship with each other and with God. There are countless resources available to help couples deepen their faith and connection, including books, websites, podcasts, and retreats.

One popular option is the “Love Dare” devotional book by Stephen Kendrick. This 40-day challenge encourages couples to put love into action through daily tasks designed to improve communication, understanding, forgiveness, patience and more. The book includes scripture verses as well as practical tips for putting these principles into practice.

Another great resource is the “Marriage Today” podcast hosted by Jimmy Evans. Each episode covers different topics related to marriage such as conflict resolution or improving intimacy in relationships from a biblical perspective.

For those looking for an interactive experience outside of traditional devotionals or podcasts there are also many Christian retreats around the world that focus on building stronger marriages through Bible study sessions led by experienced pastors or counselors

Ultimately there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to devotionals and activities for couples but finding what works best can be life-changing both individually within your own faith journey but also together in your marriage journey

How do I set up a consistent devotional routine?

Setting up a consistent devotional routine as a married couple can be challenging, but it is essential for building a strong foundation in your faith and relationship. Here are some tips on how to establish an effective devotional routine.

Firstly, find the right time and place. Consistency is key when it comes to devotionals, so choose a time that works best for both of you and stick to it. Create an atmosphere that promotes focus and relaxation by choosing a quiet place free from distractions.

Secondly, choose the right materials. There are plenty of resources available such as devotionals books or bible study apps designed specifically for couples.

Thirdly, set goals together with measurable outcomes so you can track progress together throughout the week or month.

Fourthly communicate regularly about your spiritual growth journey with each other by discussing what has been learned during your daily devotionals before applying them in everyday life situations

Lastly remember that setting up an effective devotional routine requires discipline but once established will yield fruitful results in strengthening not only one’s spiritual life but also their marital relationship

Overcoming Challenges in Maintaining a Shared Devotional Practice


Maintaining a shared devotional practice can be challenging for any couple, but it is especially difficult for married couples. However, with the right mindset and tools, overcoming these challenges is possible.

Firstly, it’s important to recognize that each person has their own unique spiritual journey. Respect and understanding of this fact will go a long way in maintaining a fruitful partnership in faith. Secondly, setting realistic expectations and goals together will help you stay on track despite life’s inevitable disruptions. Scheduling regular devotional time as part of your routine can also make it easier to stick to your commitment.

Thirdly, keeping things fresh by exploring different devotionals or methods can prevent boredom or stagnation from setting in. Reading books together or attending Bible study groups are great ways to gain new perspectives on scripture and learn from other believers’ experiences.

Lastly, communication is key! Talk openly about your spiritual struggles and victories with one another without judgment or criticism. Share what God has been teaching you individually during your personal time with Him so that you may encourage each other along the way.

In summary: To maintain a successful shared devotional practice as a married couple requires mutual respect for individual spiritual journeys; realistic goal-setting; exploring new methods regularly; open communication without judgement.
Remember — the most important thing isn’t perfection but rather consistent effort towards growing closer to God together as husband-and-wife partners!

The Impact of Shared Devotionals on Marriage and Spiritual Growth

For many Christian couples, shared devotionals are an important aspect of their spiritual growth and the health of their marriage. These daily or weekly practices can help strengthen the bond between partners as they explore and deepen their faith together.

The impact that shared devotionals can have on a couple’s relationship is significant. By taking intentional time to read scripture, pray, and discuss spiritual matters with one another, couples are able to connect on a deeper level than they may otherwise be able to in day-to-day life. This shared experience also helps build trust and intimacy within the marriage.

In addition to strengthening marriages, regular devotionals also play an important role in personal spiritual growth. As individuals engage with scripture more frequently through these practices, they gain a deeper understanding of God’s word and develop a stronger connection with Him.

But it’s not just about reading passages from the Bible – shared devotionals provide opportunities for discussion and reflection as well. Couples can discuss how certain passages apply to their lives or share insights they’ve gained through prayer or meditation during devotional time.

Overall, incorporating regular devotional practice into your marriage has numerous benefits both for your relationship with your partner as well as your own personal faith journey. Whether you’re just starting out in Christianity or have been practicing for years, there is always room for growth – so why not embark on this journey together?


Creating and maintaining a devotional practice for married couples can help to create strong bonds of intimacy and understanding, as well as serve as an essential tool for spiritual growth. Building on this foundation requires consistency and dedication, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult – simply choose the devotional activities that work best for you. If you’d like to learn more about Christian devotionals from a trusted source, please join our church congregation today!