Why Do Christians Continue to Sin?

Do you often find yourself repenting to God about a sin you’ve committed but end up sinning again? Don’t worry; it’s not only you but all of us. We often commit sins that make us feel guilty to the core, leading us straight to the confession room. However, we’re easily sucked into the world of sinning repeatedly.

Why Do Christians Continue to Sin?

One might say it’s human; it is, but where do our sins lead us? The thing is, sinning is easy; it’s attractive. However, we don’t think about what might happen in our after-lives. God is indeed great and the most forgiving, but that doesn’t mean we’ll continue to take advantage of it.

Why Do Christians Continue to Sin?

Christians may have an excellent path to walk on, but we’re still human. This is no excuse to keep jumping into sinning, but that’s the main reason. Humans easily give in to their temptations and desires, no matter their religion. Yes, the devil significantly influences our evil deeds, but it’s our choice to fight him. The more we learn to resist the devil, the stronger our faith in God will become.

We may be religious, but we’ll still be attracted to something we shouldn’t. You should know that temptation works differently, so sinning works differently. Everybody has a different temptation that determines the extent of their sin. The truth is, it’s much easier to jump over to the sinning side than to maintain your sincerity and faithfulness.

People who sin repeatedly repent to God, which is a sign they still have their faith; hence, the guilt. It’s excellent that you ask for forgiveness, but continuing to sin will make your position relatively weak in God’s eyes. God will constantly test you by surrounding you with worldly desires; whether you choose to cave or not will determine how much of a believer you are.

Your faith will be tested multiple times by God as that’s how He determines His true believers from hypocrites. We are constantly manipulated by the devil and our own subconscious, which makes sinning look attractive. We tell ourselves that we’ll ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, but how long will this cycle last? Think about it!

The Consequences of Sinning

Sinning undoubtedly has dire consequences that negatively affect your after-life. We don’t want to stress you out by scaring you about the after-life, but maybe you should think about it if you’ve been sinning lately. We don’t judge as everyone in this world sins substantially. However, we want to make you more aware of what can happen to you if you continue to sin.

Firstly, God is the knower of everything. Some people try fake-repenting, but unfortunately, that will never work as God always knows their true intentions. He created everyone out of the dust; how can He not know everything about His subjects? If you aren’t sincerely guilty about your sin, your repentance won’t count, as God knows what goes on inside one’s heart.

God will make a specific place in hell for those who don’t stop or at least reduce sinning, depending on the extent of their sin. None of us knows what the hell is made of, but rumor has it; it’s terrible. Please think of the worst that can happen to you, then multiple it ten thousand times. The after-life never ends, so do you want to get a ticket to hell?

The more you keep sinning, the more terribly you will be treated in hell. So, it’s better to repent for your sins and eventually stop committing them. You know what you have to do if you want to be with your loved ones in heaven; hint: stop sinning. Start letting God guide you and see the positive changes for yourself.

How to Stop Sinning

God will undoubtedly read your intention and help you with your journey if you genuinely wish to stop sinning from the bottom of your heart. Below are a few ways you can use to stop sinning and walk on God’s path.

Read the Bible

This is the easiest way to stop sinning. The Bible has all the information you need to know about what happens to sinners and what rewards His faithful servants get. The more you educate yourself regarding what God has asked us to do, the more you’ll stay away from sin. The Bible undoubtedly opens one’s eyes and puts things in perspective.

Go to Church

Frequently going to the church is the equivalent of reading the Bible. If you can’t read the Bible, going to the church will help you have a change of heart. Being in a Holy sanctuary always positively influences one’s heart and mind. You can talk to the priests there, engage in conversations with fellow church-goers, and learn more about what God has ordered us to do.

Start Praying

You will never be disappointed after praying, as prayer holds great power. Praying is like speaking directly to God and asking him for answers. God loves it when His subjects seek Him to learn more about themselves. He helps such people, especially if they sincerely wish to leave sinning behind and develop an intimate connection with Him.

Surround Yourself with Religious People

If you haven’t been too religious in the past but want to be, the best way is to surround yourself with religious people. Such people will always leave a significantly positive impact on you.

Being in such a company will also make you more aware of your religion and the rewards and punishments for good deeds and bad. In other words, replace your existing (sinning) company with a more religious and sincere-hearted one.

Our Final Thoughts

Sinning isn’t the worst thing you can do. It’s the lack of guilt and repetitive sinning that can seal your fate, whether you’re going to heaven or hell. If you’ve sinned previously and want to become a much better Christian, please reach out to God. He is the most forgiving and doesn’t let His subjects suffer in guilt and pain.