How to Be a Better Christian

It’s only natural that you want to improve as a Christian and deepen your faith. We often lose sight of our religious obligations and commitments in the midst of our everyday lives, which are crowded with duties, deadlines, and responsibilities.

How to Be a Better Christian

There’s never a bad time to consider how you may improve as a Christian, be it today, tomorrow, or the day after.

How to Be a Better Christian in 7 Steps

So, if you want to get a headstart on your resolutions and learn how to be a better Christian, here are a few recommendations for you.

1. Basic Obligations

Fasting and prayer are two important Christian disciplines. They assist a person in being closer to God. Prayer keeps you focused on God’s things and keeps you safe from evil. The Bible, in many places, tells you to pray so that you do not fall prey to temptation. One of the first stages in becoming a better Christian is to resist the temptation to sin by fleeing from what tempts you.

You will become more sensitive and be able to comprehend the command of God better if you combine prayer and fasting. Fasting allows us to focus on God rather than food or other distractions that would otherwise divert our attention away from Him. When you fast and pray, you teach yourself to avoid distractions. As a result, you will grow in your faith and become a better Christian.

2. Always Stay Down to Earth and Praise God

Lead your life in the way God wants you to do. It should be evident not only from your prayers and worship but from your daily actions and routine as well that you’re grateful for everything God has given you.

Never be arrogant. Always remember, whatever God has given you, he can take back as well. Stay humble and lead a life of modesty. Don’t think of any other person as inferior to you, or consider yourself superior on any basis whatsoever. Leave the judgment to God.

3. Repentance

God is ready to forgive your sins and purify you if you confess your transgressions.

You obtain God’s pardon and the opportunity to do better the next time you repent. You feel detached from your sins and instead, choose to obey God’s Word when you repent.

As a result of leaving your sinful lives and wanting to live as per God’s ways, you’ll become a better Christian. Repentance allows you to stay in touch with God and enjoy ongoing contact with Him. God also empowers people to avoid repeating the same sins. He is compassionate and merciful, and he is always willing to assist you in becoming better Christians overall.

4. Involve Friends

One of the best aspects of Christianity is how it allows people from all across the world to worship together as a global community. You might need some assistance if you want to become a more active part of that community. Fortunately, Christians are always willing to lend a hand and assist other Christians in their quest for deeper worship. Consider forming a group for Bible study with some buddies to help you stay dedicated to your practice and to help one another.

This will not only provide you with more motivation to learn on your own, but it will also provide you with another source of information, as your friend’s perspective of something may differ greatly from yours.

5. Starting Slowly and Steadily

It can be challenging to strive to improve as a Christian and a person, but it is nearly impossible to attain all of your objectives with a single switch. So, begin with a little project and work your way up. Consider starting with 10 to 15 minutes of prayer each day during the first few weeks, then gradually increasing your time when you’re more comfortable with it and begin to notice its wonderful effects.

The most essential thing is to stick with it. It’s not beneficial if you set apart 15 minutes to pray but end up using your phone for several minutes from those specified 15. Leave your phone away, if necessary, set a timer, and spend that brief amount of time reading the Bible or other Christian books. After you’re done, you’ll feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to apply what you’ve learned to the remainder of your day.

6. Don’t Give Up on Yourself

God is very aware of your flaws; after all, Heis the one who created you.No one in the universe is counting on you to stick to your specific goals perfectly. That implies you don’t have to be a little too hard on yourself if you have a day or two off. Don’t let a minor blunder deter you from getting back to work. A minor lapse in dedication to your newly set objectives can sometimes be utilized to motivate you to remain with it in the longer term. Consider how much happier and satisfied you were whilst you were living out your Christian faith on a regular basis compared to when you sinned.

7. Forgiveness

As discussed above, forgiving yourself for mistakes is important. Don’t latch on to something and dwell on that mistake for long. Deal with it, get over it, and don’t let it hinder your progress.

Forgive others as well. Holding grudges in your heart will only burden you and become heavier as you keep it bottled up. Learn to forgive and move on. It’s okay to create boundaries and not trust a person fully, but you can’t let them hold you down mentally, so forgive and let go.

Our Final Thoughts

As mentioned, it’s never an easy decision to start on a journey of becoming a better Christian, especially in modern times where there are hundreds of daily obstacles which can potentially hinder your progress. We hope this article on how to be a better Christian helps you in your quest of striving to become a better Christian and a better person in the process.