Best Christian Songs for Funerals

It might be difficult to find the perfect words to explain your feelings after losing a family member. Playing a Christian mourning song for the relatives of the deceased may be a pleasant way of honoring a loved one while also trying to bring people together at such a critical moment. Christian funeral songs have a unique way of combining compassion, thoughts, and devotion to support those who are mourning.

Best Christian Songs for Funerals

There are a plethora of funeral songs to pick from. Try to imagine what your loved one would enjoy; any music that moves you or gives you the impression of them would suffice. Christian music combined with funeral songs can be a lovely touch to any remembrance ceremony during a funeral.

We hope the preceding compositions comfort and strengthen your faith while you mourn your loss and prepare for the memorial service during this terrible time.

The 5 Best Christian Songs for Funerals

Our top picks for the best Christian songs for funerals include:

Messiah / You’re Beautiful By Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham is a contemporary Christian singer who made his debut in 2002 when he was thirteen. Since then, he has been one of the most leading singers in the world. Wickham’s new album, “Cannons,” includes a contemporary hymn entitled “You’re Beautiful.” For its significance, this is one of the most commonly performed songs during Christian funerals.

The song has four stanzas, the first two of which acknowledge Lord in the brightness of day and His power in the night sky. Phil describes the tale of Christ’s resurrection in the last stanzas, expressing the truth of His pain and misery, crucifixion, burial, reincarnation, and awakening in verse three, and painting a beautiful image of the hope that awaits us in verse 4, that after a death we will be united with Jesus Christ.

I Can Only Imagine By Mercy Me

I Can Only Imagine, Mercy Me’s international hit has impacted thousands of individuals around the globe. However, until the launch of the successful film of the same name, few people knew the reality about the sorrow, salvation, and redemption that inspired it. After watching how Lord drastically converted his dad’s life from an aggressive person to a religious man, Bart Millard, award-winning music star and lead vocalist of Mercy Me, was motivated to record the song.

The singer imagines what it will be like to encounter Christ for the first time after death in the hymn. He believes it will be a phenomenal day, even if he can just envision it.

I’ll See You Again By Westlife

Westlife performed this song about the death of a loved one in 2009. The song is about the devastating feelings to get when you lose your loved one and know that you can’t see or talk to them again. Westlife portrays a beautiful picture of how you will meet your deceased loved ones in the afterlife. The song’s third stanza tells the listeners that the deceased may not be in front of them, but they are still among us and watching over us. The singer explains that Christians believe humanity will experience a spiritual state after death.

Three Wooden Crosses: The Inspirational Hits of Randy Travis

Three Wooden Crosses is a country song about four passengers on a minibus that are involved in an accident. Randy Travis sings about the importance each of them had in society when 3 of them passed away in the accident. The fourth, a stripper who survives, continues to promote the gospel and trains her child to be a missionary.

Also, depression after losing someone saps your vitality and makes it hard to do basic chores. This song reminds you that Jesus is with you and protecting you from the evils of the world. You only have to believe in Him, and he will guide you by being right by your side.

Cornerstone By Hillsong

Hillsong’s song Cornerstone is one of the best Christian songs for funerals as it gives hope to Christians about the afterlife by giving the reference of Jesus Christ’s journey. The song explains that despite our difficulties and sufferings, we continue to place our faith in Lord above everything. The major cornerstone is Christ, the source of our redemption, trust, and morality. Christians can’t be salvaged by any other foundation, framework, or identity. Salvation is only attainable because of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Hillsong further portrays in the last stanza that Christians will enter Heaven only because Jesus Christ is with them. According to the Book of John, Jesus Christ understands what we go through in life; in this verse, he clearly says that only by having faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ we will find salvation.

Oceans: Where Feet May Fall – Daywind Soundtracks By Hillsong United

This title track by the Australian Christian band Hillsong United portrays the account of Saint Peter being summoned by Christ to walk on water, as told in the Book of Matthew Chapter fourteen, Verse twenty-two. The follower did so, but he abruptly lost trust and began to sink, prompting him to cry out to Jesus for help.

Oceans” is a song about seeking God in times of hardship and despair that is heartbreaking and uplifting. It’s a beautiful Christian memorial service hymn that families of the deceased could find comforting and inspiring.

Our Final Thought

That concludes our brief overview of some of the most popular Christian songs for funerals. Selecting a song for a memorial service can be difficult as the meaning and the lyrics should be appropriate.

Funeral songs are composed to pay tribute to the bereaved while also providing consolation to those who are mourning. Devotional songs for memorial services were once limited to hymns sung largely at church services. Nowadays, there is a considerably wider range of music available. Indeed, there are many pleasant musical selections that are based on religious principles but are not exclusively “religious” tunes. These include everything from classic gospel or psalms by singers like Elvis Presley to modern compositions by Mercy Me.

These songs are intended to assist you in helping you in coping with the death of a loved one. Simultaneously, we wish you peace and comfort for the rest of your life.

That being said, all of our picks have been played on many funerals, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with whichever one you end up choosing. And if you can find the time, we recommend you listen to all of the songs at least once.