Best Christian Movies: Top Picks for Faith-Based Film Fans in 2024

Christian movies provide viewers with spiritual narratives that often aim to inspire, teach, and resonate with audiences on a personal level. Within the diverse landscape of film genres, Christian movies occupy a unique space, often exploring themes of faith, redemption, and the human experience through the lens of Christianity. This genre includes a range of films from biblical epics to contemporary dramas, each telling a story that reflects Christian values and messages.

Best Christian Movies: Top Picks for Faith-Based Film Fans in 2024

However, it’s not just the message that makes a Christian movie stand out; the quality of the film’s storytelling, acting, and production value are just as important. Therefore, when choosing the best Christian movies, one should consider not only the spiritual or moral impact but also the cinematic experience. A compelling Christian film should have a well-structured plot, credible performances, and high production quality to engage both religious and non-religious audiences.

When selecting a Christian movie, it’s critical to consider the audience it is intended for, as themes and content can vary widely—from children’s animated features to adult dramas with complex moral dilemmas. Some may prefer historically accurate depictions of biblical events, while others might seek modern stories with relatable characters facing contemporary issues. It’s essential for a film to align with viewers’ expectations and their desire for a meaningful and uplifting experience.

To help discerning viewers choose, we’ve conducted thorough research and evaluations on a variety of Christian films. Our aim is to highlight those that are not only impactful in their message but also deliver a strong narrative and high-quality production. With that in mind, let’s move on to discuss some of the best Christian movies available, ones that have truly set themselves apart in the eyes of audiences and critics alike.

Top Christian Movies to Lift Your Spirits

We’ve gathered a collection of inspiring Christian movies that offer powerful messages of faith, hope, and love. Each film has been selected for its ability to uplift and encourage viewers through compelling storytelling and strong moral themes. Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch alone, with family, or with your church group, our list aims to provide options that resonate with everyone’s spiritual journey.

Let There Be Light

We believe this film is a great choice for those seeking an inspirational story about faith and redemption.


  • Evocative performance by Kevin Sorbo
  • Thought-provoking narrative on spirituality
  • Features a noteworthy cast including Dionne Warwick


  • Contains mature themes not suitable for all ages
  • Might not appeal to those looking for fast-paced action
  • Dialogues may seem preachy to some viewers

After spending the evening with “Let There Be Light,” we were touched by its heartfelt portrayal of a man’s journey to finding faith. Director and lead actor Kevin Sorbo delivers an emotional performance that deeply resonates with the themes of hope and transformation.

The storyline captivates with its realistic depiction of personal struggle and the power of family bonds. Sorbo, alongside his real-life wife, Sam, creates a convincing on-screen chemistry that pulls the audience into the narrative.

While the movie steps back from high-octane sequences to focus on character development, some viewers might find the pacing a bit slow. However, those anticipating a sincere exploration of spirituality and personal growth will appreciate the composition of this film. It’s a reflective piece that invites us to consider the deeper aspects of life and purpose.

Break Every Chain

We believe “Break Every Chain” is a compelling pick for those seeking a faith-centered film that tackles real-world struggles.


  • The film’s lead performance is sincere and moving.
  • Incorporates themes of redemption and hope that resonate well.
  • Supporting performances, including that of Dean Cain, add depth to the narrative.


  • Includes content that may be too intense for younger viewers, such as violence.
  • The use of foul language might not align with all viewers’ expectations for a Christian film.
  • Depictions of alcohol use are present, which may require discernment for some audiences.

The sincere portrayal of struggling with personal demons in “Break Every Chain” made for a stirring viewing experience. Watching the protagonist’s journey towards redemption through faith was nothing short of inspiring. This film had us reflecting on the power of perseverance and the human ability to overcome adversity with divine help.

We found the production value commendable, and the pacing kept us engaged throughout. Scenes where the lead character, deftly played by Ignacyo Matynia, confronts his past brought a genuine emotional depth that is often sought but rarely found in films today.

Our recent watch left us contemplating the delicate balance between portraying harsh realities and maintaining the faith-based integrity of Christian films. “Break Every Chain” does not shy away from tough subjects, engaging us in a discussion about the complexities of life and faith in the modern world. Despite some of the heavier themes, the message of hope shines through clearly, making it a thought-provoking choice for adult viewers.

Our Friend

If you’re seeking a film that explores profound human connections with impactful performances, ‘Our Friend’ is a moving choice.


  • Strong, emotional performances by the cast
  • Portrays depth in friendship and hardships
  • Offers nuanced storytelling that feels authentic


  • Contains mature themes that might not be suitable for all audiences
  • May be emotionally heavy for some viewers
  • Includes content like alcohol and language that require viewer discretion

Recently, we had the opportunity to watch ‘Our Friend,’ a poignant film that captures the complexities of life and friendship. Starring Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson, and Casey Affleck, the film delivers a powerful narrative on how friendships can anchor us during the most tumultuous times.

The performances by the cast really resonate, as they bring raw emotion and depth to their roles. It’s rare to find a film that portrays the intricacies and the sheer power of support between friends the way ‘Our Friend’ does.

While watching, we noticed that the film strikes a delicate balance, tackling serious themes with grace and providing an experience that feels incredibly real. It’s this authenticity that makes the film stay with you long after the credits roll.

That being said, the film’s mature content isn’t for everyone. There’s a clear need for viewer discretion due to the portrayal of alcohol use, language, and sexual content. Additionally, for those sensitive to heavy emotional narratives, the film’s intense portrayal of difficult life situations can be a lot to handle. However, it’s important to note that these elements are handled thoughtfully within the story’s context.

‘Our Friend’ is a film that we feel is well worth the watch for its heartfelt portrayal of human resilience and the impact one person can have in another’s life. The authenticity and powerful performances of the film provide a cinematic experience that is both thought-provoking and deeply touching.

Before All Others

We think you’ll find “Before All Others” a heartwarming addition to your Christian movie collection for its touching narrative and strong moral values.


  • Uplifting message about faith and family
  • Engaging performances that resonate with believers
  • Family-friendly viewing experience


  • May be too simplistic for viewers seeking depth
  • Limited character development
  • A predictable storyline

“Before All Others” rekindled our appreciation for movies with a clear, positive message. The film showcases the journey of a young woman who, after falling ill, is cared for by her grandmother—a moving portrayal that reminds us of the importance of family and faith. The chemistry between the actors authentically conveys their characters’ struggles and spiritual growth.

We were pleased by the film’s straightforward narrative that makes it easy to follow and appreciate, even for younger viewers. Its simple dialogue is complemented by two selectable levels of dialogue boost, ensuring that the message is delivered clearly. The family-centric story provides a safe, feel-good experience without the worry of inappropriate content.

While the plot delivers a familiar message, some might find the plotline less surprising and the characters’ arcs somewhat lacking in complexity. The film generally keeps to traditional storytelling, which might not suit everyone’s tastes.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a wholesome, faith-affirming film that reinforces Christian values, “Before All Others” may well be a charming choice for your next movie night.


We found “Tulsa” to be an impactful drama that delivers a potent mix of faith and redemption.


  • Evokes a strong emotional response with a heartwarming storyline
  • The cast, especially Scott Pryor and Livi Birch, deliver solid performances
  • Offers important life lessons through its narrative


  • Includes mature themes like substance and alcohol use which might not suit all audiences
  • Some viewers might find the portrayal of violence a bit challenging
  • The film features language that may be considered inappropriate for younger viewers

“Tulsa” is a film that we recently watched, and its story of hope stuck with us. It stars Scott Pryor and Livi Birch, alongside John Schneider, delivering a compelling narrative that explores the complexity of relationships and the power of faith. The performances by the cast elevated the entire experience; their portrayal of the characters was authentic and touching.

Upon watching, it wasn’t hard to become engrossed in the storyline. The film doesn’t shy away from difficult topics such as addiction, making it a thought-provoking piece. This approach adds depth to the movie, although it might limit its audience considering the mature content.

The production by Deep C Digital has its share of heavy moments, but they are balanced with moments of lightness and humor. This careful blend stitches the scenes together into a cohesive journey that ultimately leaves a mark. Despite some rough edges in terms of language and content advisories, “Tulsa” delivers a message of forgiveness and the possibility of second chances.

After spending some time with “Tulsa,” we appreciate its intent to inspire and provoke contemplation on life’s trials and tribulations. It’s a film that sets out to uplift and illuminate the path to healing through faith, and it largely succeeds in this mission. If you’re in search of a movie that offers more than just entertainment—a film that makes you reflect on deeper themes—”Tulsa” might just be your next watch.

Faith’s Journey

We found “A Box of Faith” to be an inspiring story that beautifully illustrates the power of belief under trying circumstances.


  • Leads deliver heartfelt performances that capture the soul of the narrative.
  • Thought-provoking story elements, catering to family-friendly viewing.
  • Supports English subtitles, making it accessible for the hearing impaired.


  • Might not appeal to those looking for high-budget production values.
  • Pacing can feel slow in certain segments of the film.
  • A limited cast may not provide the depth that some viewers seek.

Immediately upon watching “A Box of Faith,” we were struck by the earnest performances of Savanah McMahon and Julie Van Lith. Their portrayal of their characters’ struggles and growth really resonates with anyone familiar with the journey of faith. As viewers, we felt connected to their hardships and triumphs in a way that only good storytelling can achieve.

The film’s strong moral and uplifting messages shine throughout, offering a beacon of hope even when the plot ventures into darker themes. While some Christian movies shy away from harsh realities, “Faith’s Journey” embraces them, yet always steers back to a message of hope and deliverance—which we found incredibly reassuring.

We did notice the production values aren’t quite what you’d find in blockbuster films; however, this fact didn’t diminish our enjoyment. Our experience was one of immersion in story and character rather than effects and spectacle. Granted, some sections of the film did unfold more slowly, but the overall pacing allowed us to fully absorb and reflect on the narrative’s thematic elements.

In sum, “A Box of Faith” is a compelling watch that offers much in the way of hope and spiritual nourishment. For anyone looking to reaffirm their faith through cinema, or perhaps introduce family-friendly Christian themes into their movie night, we wholeheartedly suggest giving this film a view.

Greater: Inspiring Sports Drama

We think “Greater” is a must-watch for those who love sports films with a powerful message of faith and perseverance.


  • Stirring performance by Neal McDonough
  • Offers both gripping football action and deep emotional engagement
  • Delivers a wholesome message that resonates with Christian values


  • Includes some themes of violence and alcohol that might not be suitable for all audiences
  • The pacing can feel slow to those accustomed to fast-paced sports dramas
  • Some viewers may find the explicit language and mature content at odds with its Christian message

“Greater” tells the heartwarming true story of Brandon Burlsworth, arguably the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Neal McDonough’s portrayal of Burlsworth is brilliant, capturing the essence of a man driven by faith and resilience. We were deeply moved watching his determination to succeed against all odds.

The film elegantly balances intense football sequences with poignant moments off the field. It’s refreshing to watch a sports film that doesn’t shy away from exploring the internal struggles of its protagonist. The narrative inspires without being preachy, which we found particularly compelling.

However, we must address that “Greater” includes certain elements that might not align with everyone’s expectations of a Christian movie. The presence of violence, alcohol use, and strong language suggests a level of maturity in the content. So, it’s best viewed by a more mature audience who can fully appreciate the complexities of Brandon’s journey and the authenticity of the portrayal.

Despite these considerations, “Greater” is profoundly impactful. As the credits rolled, we were left reflecting on our own challenges and the importance of never giving up. The film invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery, making it a meaningful addition to any collection of Christian cinema.

Come Away Home

We think you should consider “Come Away Home” for its heartwarming storytelling and family-friendly content, perfect for a cozy movie night.


  • Engaging tale that highlights family values
  • Memorable performances from a talented cast
  • Suitable for viewers of all ages


  • May lack the high-octane action some audiences prefer
  • Limited appeal for those not interested in family dramas
  • Subtitles necessary for hard-of-hearing viewers

Having just enjoyed “Come Away Home,” we couldn’t help but appreciate the movie’s ability to weave a touching narrative centered around family connections and personal growth. Its portrayal of intergenerational relationships and the bridging of gaps is both poignant and relatable.

The cast, featuring the likes of Paul Dooley and Jordan-Claire Green, delivered performances that added depth and authenticity to the story. Their interactions gave the film an engaging dynamic that kept us invested in the characters’ journeys throughout.

A significant advantage of this film is its broad appeal that transcends age groups. It offers a gentle respite from the often-too-edgy content out there, making it a safe pick for family movie nights. However, those who thrive on action-packed sequences might find its measured pace lacking the adrenaline they’re accustomed to.

Though its storytelling might resonate more with fans of sentimental genres, “Come Away Home” stands out for its ability to comfort and entertain its audience through simple, yet effective storytelling. If ever you’re in the mood for a film that feels like a heartfelt embrace, this one could be just what you’re looking for.

Buying Guide

Identifying Your Preferences

We should first consider the genres and themes we enjoy, as this can greatly influence our satisfaction with a Christian movie. Do we appreciate historical biblical stories, modern-day faith-based dramas, or Christian family-friendly comedies? Knowing our preference will help ease the selection process.

Assessing Content Quality

It’s important to look at the storytelling quality, acting, and production values of the films. We may prefer movies with strong narratives and well-developed characters. Always check the ratings and reviews for insight into the movie’s impact on its audience.

Family Appropriateness

When selecting a Christian movie, we must consider the age-appropriateness of the content if watching with family. Most Christian movies are suitable for all ages, but we should review the themes and messages to ensure they align with our family values.

Consideration Description
Themes Choose themes that resonate with our beliefs and interests.
Quality Look for movies with good production and storytelling.
Family Suitability Select content that is appropriate for all family members.

Viewing Platform

With the rise of streaming services, we must also consider where the movie is available. Are we looking for a DVD, or do we prefer the convenience of digital platforms? We should choose according to the viewing platforms accessible to us.


While many Christian movies are affordable, we must still factor in our budget, especially if we’re considering purchasing a physical copy or a digital download. We should allocate an amount we’re comfortable with spending on our movie selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some common questions about Christian movies, covering classic hits, family-friendly options, true stories, streaming advice, films on persecution, and offerings on Netflix.

What Christian movies are considered the greatest of all time?

We often hear about “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson and “Ben-Hur” starring Charlton Heston when discussing the greatest Christian movies of all time. Their powerful storytelling and historical significance have left lasting impacts on audiences worldwide.

Which Christian movies for kids are highly recommended?

For family-friendly viewing, “VeggieTales” and “The Chronicles of Narnia” series stand out. These series combine entertainment with valuable life lessons based on Christian values.

Can you list some Christian movies based on true, inspirational stories?

“Unbroken” and “I Can Only Imagine” are excellent films that portray true, inspirational Christian stories. They showcase the power of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Where is the best place to stream new Christian movies?

Pure Flix and Crossflix are dedicated streaming platforms for Christian movies. They offer a wide range of new and classic films that cater to the whole family.

What are some impactful films about Christian persecution?

“Silence” directed by Martin Scorsese and “The Voice of the Martyrs” provide powerful narratives about Christian persecution. These films highlight the struggles and faith of Christians facing trials.

Which movies on Netflix are great examples of Christian cinema?

“God’s Not Dead” and “The Shack” are popular choices on Netflix that resonate with Christian themes. They offer thought-provoking stories that encourage spiritual reflection.