The 5 Best Christian Movies for Kids

It can be hard to find the best Christian movies for kids that are not only appropriate but also engaging. The most popular criteria for choosing a film are whether or not the child will find it interesting and if it is age-appropriate. Some parents do not want anything too depressing or scary, while others look for more action-packed content.

The 5 Best Christian Movies for Kids

Christian movies are a great way to teach your kids the word of God. As a parent, you would want to make sure that you can provide them with fun, exciting, and meaningful films that inspire them and help them learn more about their faith in Jesus. It is not easy to find high-quality Christian movies for kids these days since they are being produced en masse by anyone with a camera or cell phone.

Best Christian Movies for Kids

However, there are still some good examples that you can watch with your kids. This guide will tell you about some of the best Christian movies that your kids can watch and enjoy.

1. Someone to Watch Over Me

There are many Christian movies for kids, but Adventures in Odyssey: Someone to Watch Over Me is a great example. A common problem among Christian movies for kids is that they are too preachy or boring. Adventures in Odyssey has gotten around that by focusing on story and relationships.

The show follows the adventures of two children who live in a town called Odyssey. It features characters that have become beloved by fans over time. The show has a wholesome feel, with no violence or suggestive themes.

The movie provides an all-around entertainer for children and the family. Since it portrays success through Christianity, everyone will find a lesson that suits their outlook on life, no matter their age group or background.

2. The Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan masterfully weaves a highly entertaining allegory to teach the incredible importance of putting God first in our lives with his one of the best Christian movies for kids. This timeless classic is as powerful today as when it was first published over 340 years ago.

The Pilgrim’s Progress is a 2019 movie that focuses on a young man named “Pilgrim” and his journey of redemption while he finds himself in a dangerous world full of temptations, perils, and evil who embarks on a journey to find a Celestial city headed by an honest and noble king.

John Bunyan’s life and classic Christian allegory—a gripping, coming-of-age adventure story of an ordinary man devoted to finding his soul is captured in this 11th-century style medieval production.

Based on John Bunyan’s classic 17th-century text, The Pilgrim’s Progress has inspired readers worldwide with its profound insights into universal values and issues characteristic of humanity then and now. This film begins as all battle-oriented films do, then takes the viewer to a Celestial City world.

3. A Box of Faith

This film is one of the best Christian movies for kids. Savanah McMahon stars as Dior and Julie Van Lith as a determined foster care agent in this award-winning movie. Told through the eyes of an abandoned 16-year-old girl, the powerful A Box of Faith empowers the youth to rise above their circumstances, making a difference in their world today.

Your child will enjoy tales of magic and innocence. A young orphan girl travails through life and is given a faith box that is said to be magical. The box indeed has special powers as it teaches her how to trust in God and helps her give up the bitterness her childish mind had caused her suffering. Your child will witness how God is faithful throughout.

The character in this charming tale exhibits that a dignified Christian lifestyle—with chastity, charity, and humility—transcends worldly accolades.

4. God With Us

More than a story about Jesus, this movie reveals the Father’s heart for humanity. With warm pastoral live-action scenes and powerful allegorical elements, God With Us presents a crucial message of the fatherly love behind the person of Jesus Christ.

God With Us meets the highest production standards with an original soundtrack in multiple language formats, including English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and unlimited subtitle support that allows viewers to read or hear the film in almost any way they choose.

5. Finding Grace

If you want to make sure your money is going to a movie with Christian values and a filmmaker with an eye for producing well-crafted, family-friendly movies—Finding Grace will not disappoint. The film is based on a young girl named Alaska Rose, trying to stay out of trouble and make headway with her life. It’s not just another message-heavy movie, making it worth every cent.

The incredibly moving Finding Grace is written and directed by Warren Fast. It stars Erin Gray, Paris Warner and Jasen Wade. It’s a breakthrough Christian film for children and will stir compassion in your heart.

Finding Grace was first released in 2020, but this uplifting film still captivates audiences of all ages. The movie follows a young woman struggling with self-confidence who turns to Jesus for guidance.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding the best Christian movies for kids can be a challenge, but we’ve done the legwork for you. Children’s movies are fun and engaging. They can also be a powerful tool in teaching kids about the world around them. Christian movies for kids, especially, offer parents a chance to use the power of film to teach their children about the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God’s love for us all. We hope this list of best Christian movies for kids has inspired you to watch some classic films with your family.