Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Nowadays, most people often don’t have time to nourish their souls as they are busy with school, colleges, or jobs. Even though podcasts have been there for nearly a decade, they remain the most popular platform since we can listen while riding the bus or doing dishes.

Best Podcasts for Christian Women

Podcasts are becoming an essential learning tool that can change your life and strengthen your connection with the Lord. If you have started on a spiritual path, you need to have enough motivation to continue. If you want to deepen your connection with God, are just starting your journey as a believer, or want to revisit your faith, we have recommendations for the best podcasts for Christian women to get started.

Selecting a Christian podcast to listen to is also an important aspect of a Christian woman’s belief and journey to get one step closer to God.

The 5 Best Podcasts For Christian Women

We have rounded up our suggestions for the best podcasts for Christian women to nourish their faith:

The Healthy Christian Women Podcast

This podcast aims to inspire, empower, and motivate Christian women to achieve their best lives in mind, body, and spirit. A size zero or numbers on the weigh machine don’t reflect our true wellbeing. God’s grand plan for our life encompasses the whole of our existence. Dr. Melody, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Motivational Speaker, and Health and Life Consultant, explains the Word of God and imparts meaningful and applicable insight for living a healthy lifestyle.

Start with her free Detox Guide to aid with medical issues to get things started right. Melody leads you through a seven-day process of cleaning the clutter in your thoughts, body, and soul so you can get back on track to living the happiest life God has in store for you. This podcast assists Christian women in becoming better custodians of the resources God has given them. And live more passionate, God-centered, fruit-bearing lives as a result.

She’s Called & Confident: Christian Women in Business + Ministry, Life, Business, & Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to quit going through the motions of life and wasting your time and energy on things that don’t make you happy? You have a burning urge inside of you that grows stronger the longer you try to suppress it. You know it’s time to take action for your aspirations and calling, but there are some questions stuck in your head that are trying to stop you. Is this Lord’s plan, or is it simply my imagination? Is this something I’m capable of doing? What if I put myself forward, and it doesn’t work out?

She’s Called& Confident is a podcast hosted by Yolanda King. The latter aims to help Christian women build their kingdom of confidence and peace based on the Word of God and Jesus Christ’s teachings. The host takes you on a journey filled with inspiring stories and techniques to help you grow the career of your dreams while living your best life.

The Christian Pregnancy Podcast

Are you sick of worrying about how you’ll handle childbirth as a first-time mother? Are you tired of being dissatisfied with your pregnancy and questioning why you aren’t having as much fun as you wished? Do you hope you could enjoy God’s love and contentment every day during your pregnancy’s difficult trimester? Then, The Christian Pregnancy Podcast is best for your situation.

This podcast aims to encourage Christian women to find Lord’s tranquility as they embark on their parenting journey and to help them connect with Him more deeply. If you’re determined to thrive during your maternity journey, come in and join us as we journey into parenthood together, with Savior at the wheel.

The Crappy Christian Podcast

The Crappy Christian Podcast aims to bring attention to issues that the Church generally overlooks. Conversations with survivors who have escaped the fire and returned with water buckets for those still trapped in that situation. This podcast, hosted by Katie Hedrick, covers it all from emotional stability to sexuality to relationship breakdown to the everyday situations of Christian women, with the help of the Bible and Scriptures.

The Fierce Marriage Podcast

Most Christian women suffer from depression and anxiety when they are unclear about their marital relationship. The Fierce Marriage is one of the top pick podcasts for Christians dealing with marital issues.

When Ryan and Selena Frederick moved to Switzerland to pursue Selena’s goal of training horses, they were honeymooners. Ryan was on the verge of death due to a growing hereditary Coronary heart condition, which neither of them realized at the time. Eventually, it became evident that he would require significant surgery, which might save his life or lead to his death on the hospital bed. The young couple was bracing themselves for the worst, but Ryan survived. However, the near-disaster transformed their perspective on everything that was to come. They would live and love ferociously, battling for one another and a Christ-centered partnership at every turn.

Fierce Marriage is their podcast, but it’s also a call for spouses to put God first in their marriage, evaluate anything they do, and see the relationship as a connection worth striving for. Ryan and Selena give hope and realistic assistance for common marital concerns, such as communication challenges, sexual repression, financial instability, domestic strain, screen-time alienation, and false expectations based on the word of god. This podcast is recommended for Christian men and women who are trying to find clarity in their relationship.

Our Final Thoughts

That concludes the list with a brief overview of some of the most popular and best Christian books for women. Choosing a podcast that fascinates you as a Christian woman is always a good idea. However, the best Christian podcast for you will always be determined by your spiritual needs.

If you are just getting started with Christian podcasts, then starting with “The Knowing Faith Podcast” is a great idea. Jen Wilkin, the host, has a creative way of bringing the Bible to life as she explains Biblical passages and encourages Christian women to apply it to their everyday experiences.

If you need something to assist you in the journey of finding yourself as a Christian woman, then listen to”Set Apart Girl.”Its mission is to encourage women to live more Christ-centered lives. Leslie, the host, accomplishes this by educating women on living with dedication and goals. She teaches women about companionship, partnerships, true beauty, and various other topics that might make them healthy and happy.

From Scriptures to prayers to vivid and descriptive accounts of the most popular biblical texts from the Holy Book, and the Gospels, this list sums up our recommendations for the best podcasts for Christian women. Other than reading Bible, and going to Church, the importance of listening to Christian podcasts to learn about the Christian faith and interpret the Bible to live a better life cannot be overstated.

These podcasts are intended to assist you in developing and growing your spirituality. Simultaneously, we wish you peace and comfort for the rest of your life.


It’s important to always return to the Bible, which is the foundation for Christian faith, understanding, and theology. We also recommend listening to all of the podcasts at least once if you have the time.