Best Christian Easter Toys for Joyful Holiday Playtime

Easter is a time of joy and reflection for many Christian families, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a season filled with tradition, one of which is the giving of gifts to children. While many associate Easter with chocolate eggs and bunnies, Christian Easter toys can add a meaningful dimension to this holiday celebration. These toys not only provide fun and engagement but also offer a way to share and teach the stories and values at the heart of the Christian faith.

Best Christian Easter Toys for Joyful Holiday Playtime

In considering the best Christian Easter toys, it is essential to look for items that communicate the true essence of Easter in an age-appropriate and engaging manner for children. Toys such as resurrection eggs, which tell the story of Holy Week through hidden symbols, or stuffed animals that depict characters from Bible stories, can be both educational and comforting. The durability and safety of these toys are key, as they are often geared towards younger children. Non-toxic materials and robust construction ensure these gifts are both safe and long-lasting.

As we curated our selection of toys that represent the core of the holiday’s meaning, we accounted for the play value, educational content, and quality of each item. Our aim is to find toys that are not only engaging and durable but also aid in the spiritual education of children, helping them to grasp the significance of Easter in a way that resonates with their curious minds. We understand that these toys play a small part in a much larger family tradition, and we’ve taken care to select those that will be treasured for years to come.

Top Picks for Christian Easter Toys

As we celebrate the joyous season of Easter, we’re excited to share our selection of the best Christian Easter toys. We’ve found a variety of items that are perfect for gift-giving and helping youngsters learn more about the significance of this special holiday. From resurrection sets to faith-based board games, these toys not only bring fun but also instill a sense of the spiritual values at the heart of Easter. Join us in discovering playful ways to honor the resurrection of Jesus with these engaging toys.

Egglo Easter Stickers

We believe these stickers are a delightful way to share the Gospel and celebrate Easter, especially suitable for children and church events.



  • Small text on stickers might challenge younger kids
  • Single-use only; not reusable
  • May require supplemental teaching to explain verses

Egglo Eggs’ Bible verse stickers have made their way into our Easter celebrations and crafted a memorable experience for the kids. The messages, while succinct, carry profound meanings grounded in Christian tradition. They peel off effortlessly, making it a breeze to decorate and learn simultaneously.

The stickers turned our church’s Easter egg hunt into an educational affair as each egg had a piece of Scripture waiting to be discovered. Their size fit perfectly on the plastic eggs, and the children’s excitement was palpable as they found verses that spoke of love and redemption.

What impressed us was the dual nature of these stickers—they were not only fun but served as a warm introduction to faith for the young ones. While the text size could be a tad small for some children, it provided a fantastic opportunity for our older kids to assist the younger ones, fostering a sense of community. We may not be able to use them again, but the impact of these little sticky scrolls lingers far longer than their physical presence.

WATINC Felt Story Board

We think this board is a great choice for parents looking to teach their children about the resurrection story in an engaging and interactive way.


  • Encourages learning through play
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Durable and reusable elements


  • Limited to 28 pieces
  • Small size may not suit all preferences
  • Might require initial guidance for younger children

Having recently played with the WATINC Felt Story Board, we were charmed by how it effortlessly turns storytelling into a hands-on experience. The pieces are comfortable to handle, making it easy for little fingers to grasp and position the figures of Jesus, disciples, and other related items to recreate the resurrection story.

The board’s portability struck us as particularly useful. It’s simple to fold and pack, neatly transforming into a travel bag, making it a handy companion for trips. Whether it’s a car ride or a flight, children can continue learning and playing without interruption.

We were also impressed by its durability. Kids can be a bit rough, but the felt pieces handled the enthusiastic play without any visible wear. The storytelling aspect served as a lovely bonding activity, promoting not only learning but also encouraging creativity and expression in our children.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the board only comes with 28 pieces, which means there’s a finite number of ways to tell the story. We also found that younger kids needed a bit of initial help to understand how to use the board to its full potential.

Overall, the WATINC Felt Story Board has been a joy to use, adding depth to our Easter celebrations by combining fun and education in a memorable way.

Easter Story Egg

We absolutely recommend the Easter Story Egg as a meaningful way to share the joy of Easter with your children while honoring the season’s spiritual significance.


  • Engaging way to teach the Easter story
  • Sturdy, colorful, and appealing design
  • Creates a memorable family tradition


  • Some may find it a tad pricey
  • The wooden eggs may be challenging for younger kids to open
  • The set is only relevant during the Easter season

Discovering the Easter Story Egg has been a delightful experience for us. Each hand-painted wooden egg reveals a part of the Holy Week’s events, making storytelling interactive and captivating. Seeing the curiosity and excitement on children’s faces as they open each egg is heartwarming, and it sparks meaningful discussions about the true meaning of Easter.

The accompanying book with its rhyming verses is a hit too. It contributes to the bedtime reading routine in a way that’s both engaging and educational. There’s something special about following along with the story as we lead up to Easter Sunday. It seems to bring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the festival’s significance to young minds.

This product isn’t just a toy but rather a cherished keepsake that we look forward to bringing out every year. It’s become a central part of our Easter traditions, and we’ve seen firsthand how it helps children grasp the celebration’s underlying message of love, sacrifice, and hope. It’s reassuring to have a high-quality, thoughtful gift option like this that aligns with our values and enhances our festive celebrations.

Wettarn Easter Egg Set

We found that this toy set is perfect for adding a spiritual dimension to Easter for the little ones, with its engaging and religious-themed contents.


  • Abundant variety perfect for large gatherings
  • Educational aspect reinforces Christian values
  • Physical quality ensures durability for extended use


  • Stickers and bracelets may be less appealing for older children
  • Quantities might overwhelm smaller gatherings
  • Consistent design could benefit from more variation

I recently had the opportunity to use the Wettarn Easter Egg Set at our church’s Easter event, and it was an absolute hit with the kids. The 36 vibrantly colored eggs were more than enough for our egg hunt, and they served as wonderful reminders of the holiday’s religious significance. The joy on the children’s faces as they discovered the “Jesus Loves You” stickers was a highlight of the day.

The silicone bracelets in the set bore powerful messages of strength, and they were not just fun for the kids but also sparked meaningful conversations among them. Plus, the fact that the bracelets were one size fits all made it easy for each child to receive one. The variety in sticker designs added a nice touch, too, and it seemed like every child found a favorite.

Cleaning up after the event, we noticed how durable the plastic eggs were. They snapped back together easily for reuse, which means we’re all set for next year’s celebration. Although designed for a younger crowd, these Easter eggs with a purpose provided a tactile way to engage kids with the story of Easter outside of the usual Sunday school setting.

The set’s abundance may not be suitable for smaller family celebrations, leaving some with leftover eggs. While the stickers and bracelets are a thoughtful touch, older children might not find them as compelling as the younger ones did. A greater diversity in the Easter bracelet colors and sticker designs would enhance the appeal even more. Overall, these minor points aside, we found the Wettarn Easter Egg Set to be a worthwhile purchase for any Easter celebration looking to emphasize the Christian faith.

Resurrection Eggs

We think this educational toy is a fabulous way to merge the excitement of Easter egg hunting with the profound story of Jesus’ resurrection.


  • Offers a unique, faith-based teaching experience
  • Fun and interactive for various age groups
  • Includes bilingual materials for a wider audience


  • Some may find the plastic eggs less durable than expected
  • The price may be higher compared to traditional Easter eggs
  • Limited replay value once the story is well-known

After hosting an Easter egg hunt with the Resurrection Eggs, I was impressed by how captivated the kids were. Inside each brightly colored egg, they found a symbol that sparked conversations about Jesus’ journey. As we read from the bilingual booklet, I noticed that both English and Spanish speaking children were equally engaged, which made the experience inclusive and educational for everyone.

The Resurrection Eggs proved to be more than just a toy; they were a storytelling adventure. Access to The Jesus Film Project videos was a bonus that extended our learning beyond the booklet. Watching the children make connections between the symbols and the Easter story was a heartwarming experience I’ll cherish.

Despite the higher price point, I found the value in how the Resurrection Eggs set facilitated a meaningful dialogue about Easter. It’s worth noting, however, that after repeating the story several times, the children became less interested in reopening the eggs, which is something to consider for those looking for toys with a longer play life.

Overall, the Resurrection Eggs by FamilyLife are a compelling tool for any family or educational setting looking to enrich their Easter traditions with the message of hope and faith.

Tiny Mills He Lives Stampers

Our little ones loved using Tiny Mills He Lives Stampers, and we think they’re a wholesome addition to any Easter celebration.


  • A fantastic range of designs celebrating the resurrection
  • Pre-inked stamps make for a no-fuss crafting experience
  • Ideal for educational activities during Easter festivities


  • The stamp ink quality varies at times
  • Not as long-lasting as other crafts
  • Limited to paper crafts, offering less variety

We’ve found these Tiny Mills stampers incredibly useful for teaching and entertaining kids during religious events. Their size fits perfectly in little hands, and the cheerful designs have been a hit for our Easter crafts.

The stampers come ready to use, right out of the box, which made our preparation for Sunday School activities a breeze. It was delightful to see the excitement on the kids’ faces as they stamped away without needing us to supervise constantly.

However, it’s worth noting that during our use, some stampers seemed to have lighter ink than others, which meant the prints weren’t always as bold as we’d like. Even though the stampers are quite sturdy, their longevity doesn’t match up to other reusable crafts, but they’re still a wonderful addition for a single event.

Karenhi Nativity Puppets

We think these finger puppets make Easter learning fun and engaging, especially if you’re seeking to involve kids in religious storytelling.


  • Encourages interactive storytime
  • Safe, child-friendly materials
  • Perfectly sized for kids and adults


  • Limited audience appeal
  • Color variation may be an issue
  • Only 8 different styles available

Those little hands in Sunday School can now bring the Easter story to life with the Karenhi Nativity Puppets. We’ve noticed kids showing immense excitement as they slip on these colorful characters and retell biblical stories. Their durable felt construction withstands the enthusiastic play of preschoolers who are not always known for being gentle.

When we used them at a recent Easter party, the Karenhi Puppets proved themselves as more than toys; they were conversation starters. Adults and children alike found them adorable, leading to a much more engaging discussion about the true meaning of Easter. They became a bridge, connecting the tales from the New Testament to the young audience in an accessible way.

However, while the children were quite taken with these finger puppets, some adults in our group mentioned wanting a greater variety of characters for more elaborate storytelling. Despite this desire for diversity, we found the current selection suitable for basic Bible stories. It’s also worth noting that while the color and design of these puppets tend to be vibrant, variations can occur, which might slightly disappoint some sticklers for consistency.

Bible Verse Stickers

We think these vibrant Bible Verse Stickers from FANCY LAND are a wonderful way to share faith and encourage positivity among kids.


  • Each roll contains a generous amount of stickers with various inspirational verses.
  • They’re versatile decorations for Sunday school, religious parties, or craft projects.
  • The stickers peel off easily and adhere well to most surfaces like paper and cardboard.


  • The stickers are single-use, so they can’t be repositioned or reused.
  • They may not adhere as well to clothing or certain other materials.
  • As they come on a roll, some may prefer individual sheets for easier storage and access.

These Bible Verse Stickers came in handy for our church’s Easter event, where we noticed the kids absolutely loved them. Their eyes lit up as they read the assorted verses and enthusiastically stuck them to their crafts and cards. We found the designs adorable and well-made, with each one distinct and colorful.

During our Sunday school, we utilized the stickers to decorate the classroom and found it to be a great visual aid that sparked conversation and interest among the students. They were so easy to use; just peel and stick, no fuss at all. It was a breeze to enliven our space with these little tokens of faith.

One slight hiccup, the stickers didn’t hold as well when we tried sticking them to fabric, but to be honest, they weren’t designed for that. They stuck firmly to paper and cardstock, which worked out perfectly for our needs. Despite this small drawback, the joy they brought made them very much worth it, and we’re already planning on restocking for our next event.

Buying Guide

When we’re on the hunt for the perfect Christian Easter toys for our little ones, there are a few key aspects we should consider to ensure we choose the best product. Let’s explore these together!

Age Appropriateness

First and foremost, we need to make sure the toy is suitable for the child’s age group. It should offer the right balance of challenge and entertainment without being too complex or too simple.

Age Group Considerations
Toddlers Safety (no small parts), Durability
Pre-school Interactive elements, Simplicity
School-age Educational value, Engagement level

Educational Value

It’s also important for us to look for toys that teach a valuable lesson or reinforce the story of Easter in a way that’s memorable and impactful.

Themes to Look For:

  • Resurrection of Jesus
  • New life/Springtime
  • Kindness and giving
  • Forgiveness

Safety and Quality

We should never compromise on safety and quality. Look for non-toxic materials and sturdy construction that can handle the enthusiastic play of children.

Safety Checks What We Should Look For
Materials Non-toxic, BPA-free plastics
Construction Smooth edges, well-constructed

Longevity and Reusability

Easter comes once a year, but the best toys are those that withstand the test of time. Select toys that can be reused and appreciated, even as children grow.

Durability Features:

  • Strong materials
  • Timeless design
  • Ability to entertain over multiple stages of development

We should equip ourselves with these criteria when selecting the ideal Christian Easter toys, ensuring a meaningful and joyous celebration for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover some of the most common inquiries about Christian Easter toys and gifts. We aim to help you find the perfect item for your loved ones that reflects the joyous spirit of Easter.

What are some age-appropriate Christian Easter toys for toddlers?

For toddlers, we recommend soft plush toys that represent characters from the Easter story, like lambs or doves. Additionally, interactive board books that narrate the story of Easter are both educational and age-appropriate.

Can you suggest some Easter toys that are suitable for adults with a Christian theme?

For adults, consider gifts such as decorative crosses, scripture-inscribed journals, or even puzzles featuring religious artwork. These offer a reflective and meaningful celebration of the Easter season.

What are the best Christian-themed Easter gifts for kids?

For kids, popular gifts include Bible-themed coloring books, resurrection eggs that tell the Easter story, or Christian action figures. These toys can both entertain and teach important Biblical lessons.

What are some meaningful Christian gifts to give for Easter?

Gifts like personalized Bibles, cross necklaces, or items with inspirational verses can add a personal touch and serve as a lasting reminder of faith.

What kind of religious Easter baskets are most popular for children?

Religious Easter baskets often contain items like children’s Bibles, faith-based storybooks, and worship music CDs, alongside traditional Easter treats. They are a wonderful way to blend fun with faith lessons.

What types of Christian Easter books are good for babies?

Board books with simple retellings of the resurrection or books with touch-and-feel elements that depict Biblical scenes are perfect for babies. They introduce the foundations of the faith in a way that is engaging for little ones.