What is the Resurrection in Christianity?

Christ’s resurrection is a central doctrine within the Christian faith. The doctrine is based on the very belief that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day of his crucifixion and therefore conquered death. This means that all believers will share Jesus’ victory over death, the devil, and sin by conquering death.

What is the Resurrection in Christianity?

The celebration of Christ’s resurrection is carried out on Easter. The church also celebrates the Festival of the Resurrection through a major feast. The belief in the resurrection is the main heart of the Christian message and the very core of the Gospel. Without this belief, the entire message of this religion falls apart.

A Central Concept

As listed above, Jesus’ death and resurrection is a major Christian concept. However, when going into the depth of what is the resurrection in Christianity, Christian theological concepts debate which resurrection is factual.

It is a spiritual resurrection with the Spirit entering heaven or a bodily resurrection when the human body is restored. Some Christians believe that Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to heaven were spiritual, while most think that it was of the material body.

The Gospel lists certain accounts of how many indications led to this theory. The first indication is the tomb of Jesus which was in the garden of Arimathea. Arimathea was a secret disciple of Jesus. It is recorded that several female disciples visited the tomb of Jesus.

Strangely enough, they found that the tomb’s stone sealing had been removed, and the tomb was empty from within. After this event, various disciples also sighted Jesus in Jerusalem and Galilee.

Different accounts are mentioned in the Gospel when Jesus was sighted on various occasions and locations. This raised the question of if Jesus had really died?

Spiritual resurrection is interpreted from Corinthians 15:50, where it says the kingdom of God cannot be inherited by flesh and blood. Various Christians believe this means that only the soul will live on.

Hence resurrection will be spiritual rather than physical. God will certainly resurrect and judge whether the resurrection is spiritual or physical.

Other Concepts Associated with Resurrection

Christians recognize that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a central concept within the Christian faith. Paul, the apostle, also said that resurrection is recognized as an original claim in the faith as it sheds light on the truth of all human beings being resurrected one day.

For Christians, Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates the intention and power of God to resurrect all humans one day. Jesus’ rising from the dead demonstrates God’s power to give all humans eternal life. It is also believed that resurrection does not have to be linked to how good humans are or their status with Jesus Christ.

All humans shall go through resurrection, both those who will be with Jesus and those who will be separated from Jesus. Many Christians often believe resurrection to be spiritual rather than physical.

But, biblical writers have affirmed the bodily resurrection of the dead. Jesus assured his people that God has the power to do anything that he likes, including raising people from the dead.

Christians believe when everyone goes through the resurrection on the final day, God will judge everyone individually. After they have gone through judgment, they will enter heaven or hell. Therefore, dying isn’t something to fear for those who live a good and moral life.

The resurrection also gives the concept of accountability for human deeds. It means that once a person dies, that person does not simply finish off. That individual will be raised back to life again and be accountable for all their deeds. This motivates a person to do good and refrain from bad or evil deeds that can be troublesome in the other life.

The Core of the Christian Message

The Gospel usually focuses on the Cross. The concept of resurrection is often assumed or mentioned briefly. However, resurrection is a core concept within the faith of Christianity. The Jesus’ resurrection is emphasized much more than the Cross or Jesus’ death.

After Jesus was arrested and died, his decuples were afraid, helpless, and afraid. The concept of the resurrection of Jesus led his followers to share his message with others. This led Christianity to become one of the largest religious movements.

If Jesus’ disciples had not had the confidence in Jesus’ resurrection, they would not have risked everything for the sake of their faith. Believing in Jesus’ resurrection gives Christians motivation and joy, knowing that Jesus is with them.

As the tomb where Jesus was supposed to be buried after the crucifixion was empty, It was understood that Jesus was on the throne. This gives Christians a message of victory and motivation, knowing that Jesus is with them in times of hardship.

As Jesus conquered death, the concept of resurrection also gives Christians hope that they too will rise like Jesus. They will be able to meet Jesus and rejoin their loved ones. This concept strengthens the Christian faith and changes their way to approach death.

The concept of resurrection also unites Christian with the Spirit who gave life and raised Jesus from the dead. Also, due to the resurrection, Christians are assured that Jesus will return and judge and rule the world. The belief that Jesus will return is a source of great joy to Christians.

However, those who do not follow Jesus’ message should be aware that they have to answer him upon his return.


Upon reflection on what is the resurrection in Christianity, Christians ascertain that the belief in the resurrection is a core Christian concept. It’s a strong belief that encourages individuals to do good in life.

It sheds light on the futility of this world and the concept of accountability. It makes one realize that they are responsible for their actions and will be answerable for their sins. This belief also tells him that Jesus will return and will meet everyone in this world.

This concept is based on the Christian belief that how Jesus defeated death and proofs life after death. Moreover, the example of Jesus’ resurrection also demonstrates God’s omnipotent and omnibenevolent nature.