Best Gifts for Christian Kids

Who said that kids had to wait for a Santa to arrive with a trunk full of gifts? If you’re an aunt, uncle, parent, or simply a friend to a child, you can also pull the role off. Of course, it can be quite a challenge to find something worthwhile, especially when it comes to children, but a little thought into a gift can go a long way in nourishing their minds, bodies, and souls.

Best Gifts for Christian Kids

Childhood is one of the most crucial aspects of growing up, and you don’t want to risk gifting a child something that doesn’t hold any value. The best gifts for Christian kids are the ones that allow them to learn a thing or two about life, love, and God, things that make a real difference in their lives instead of being in the trash a few days later. For one, you’re in luck because this is where you’ll come across a range of products to choose from.

The 5 Best Gifts for Christian Kids

Let’s take a look at the very best gifts for Christian kids.

1. Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

Wondering what to get a child between the delicate ages of 7 and 13? This Jonathan Park Audio Adventure Series was made to instill the beautiful stories of the Christian faith in your children. The wealth of knowledge, along with some of the most critical lessons taught in the most subtle of ways, will truly stay with them for a long time to come.

What more would you want than something to equip a child emotionally so they grow up with a stable foundation? Furthermore, you’ll also be allowing them to develop their listening skills on the side. A fun yet educational tool had never been this accessible!

2. Bibleopoly

Do you know a child who may have a knack for board games? Perhaps something or the other inspired by monopoly? With Bibleopoly, the little one will have a fair share of all the trading fun whilst learning a thing or two about biblical cities.

What a fun way to instill knowledge in them, isn’t it? From “in the beginning” to areas like community celebration, meditation, and sometimes the abyss, it’s a great way to let children learn the value of helping a fellow player to earn a cornerstone or make offerings and do community service to earn some bricks and build their own church.

It gets more interesting. The good deeds will sufficiently be rewarded, but they may want to be mindful of the occasional “Faith Cards,” too.

3. Little People Noah’s Ark Playset

There’s no better time than the delicate age of three or older for your kids to learn about their rich religious history. This is why Little People Noah’s Ark playset is one of the best gifts for Christian kids.

From learning about Noah, his famous ark, and God’s promise to enhancing their audio-visual senses through the little characters, this one is undoubtedly a complete package. Suitable for ages as early as 1 to as old as 5 years, yours or someone else’s toddler will surely love to pair the little animals up as they prep them to embark on Noah’s ark.

In the meantime, they will also learn the names of animals since the set includes a range of them. What a great way to introduce a child to a beautiful biblical story!

4. Color Me Bible: From Genesis to Revelation

Sometimes the best gifts may just be the simple ones. A regular coloring book may not seem as enticing an option for a gift as a toy playset, but this one takes it all up a notch. The “Color Me Bible” allows your children to spread colors through the different periods of biblical history.

From Genesis to Revelation, it is surely a creative way to introduce them to the world of Christianity. What’s more? It’s also accompanied by verses, making the typical black and white drawings seem much more interesting and exciting to stroll through.

Teaching your little ones about God and His tender care may seem like a daunting task if done without proper equipment, but this simple coloring book can make it all the more easier. After all, stimulating the creativity and imagination of your young ones is by far the most effective way to introduce them to their religion.

5. Action Bible Songs

Who doesn’t love to sing? And when it comes to kids, there’s no reason they shouldn’t. Speaking of the best gifts for Christian kids, why not give them something to develop and enhance their speaking as well auditory skills?

Children don’t only have a knack for listening to songs but also one for singing along to them. However, more than anything else, it’s the little achievements they love to share with you that matter the most. Imagine your child all excited about learning a new song, and what better than a song that, in its own subtle ways, reminds them of God?

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, investing in a meaningful gift for a child in your life can go a long way in establishing the core principles and values of what it means to be Christ’s beloved. No matter what the schools teach your little ones, it’s the subtle, indirect ways of learning that develop their understanding the most. Remember, Christmas is not the only occasion to exchange gifts.

Children love getting their hands on presents any time of the year, and gone are the days when storytelling was the only way to instill important values in your child. Today, you have a wealth of options to choose from, making the best gifts for Christian kids far more accessible. As you browse your way to find that perfect pick for a little one in your life, don’t forget to give this article a read!