Best Christian Colleges for Engineering

Many students express a desire to enroll in quality engineering colleges every year. Most engineering colleges offer undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in different fields of engineering. Christian colleges for engineering vary from secular colleges based on their emphasis on morality and acquiring Christian values. Moreover, faith-based colleges have a stronger sense of belonging than secular institutions.

Best Christian Colleges for Engineering

Many on-campus events in Christian colleges are also different from other colleges. To make the selection easier for you, we’ve listed some of the best Christian Colleges for Engineering. Make sure you go with the college that offers programs you’re most interested in.

Geneva College, Pennsylvania

Genera College is a faith-based college in Pennsylvania. Its department of Engineering¬†aims to develop skillful individuals who’ll view their careers as a service to God and would fulfill their professional duties likewise. The department has a couple of concentration programs in Biomedical, electrical and civil engineering.

Apart from academics, the college expects its students to be active members of Christian churches. They are also encouraged to participate in Christian fundraisers and other leadership events. Students’ club activities incorporate aspects of Christ’s life that inspire people to strive for the larger good.


  • Rigorous extra-curricular engagement
  • Well-Equipped Department of Engineering
  • Robust community engagement opportunities


  • The college’s environment could be a bit strict for some

Westmont College, California

Westmont College identifies as a premier Christian liberal arts institution in the US. The Department of Engineering offers a range of courses in physics, mathematics, and computer studies. The foundational objectives of the department include critical problem-solving skills and a sense of moral discretion.

As a Christian college for engineering, Westmont holds a concrete Christian liberal arts education cardinal. At Westmont, students are taught the Christian virtues of teamwork and thoughtfulness, which will always help students excel at all endeavors in their lives.

For character building, the college emphasizes student participation in on-campus extra-curricular events. The college has around 40 student-led clubs and organizations. All events insist on incorporating themes from the Christian faith. Clubs like Catholics and Friends and Vespers Worship Nights provide a platform for students to gather every Sunday to worship God.


  • Promotes a Christian Liberal Arts Education
  • Offers Quality Education
  • Beautiful Campus


  • Is Expensive

Wheaton College, Illinois

Wheaton is one of the leading Christian colleges in the US. It was founded in 1860 in Wheaton, Illinois. The College has a reputation for offering degrees in more than 40 disciplines. It takes great pride in its heritage and provides multiple opportunities for inter-faith dialogue.

The college offers Engineering as an undergraduate major. Its five-year engineering program is uniquely designed to encompass liberal Christian education and a strong foundation in engineering. The program offers two engineering degrees in five years. A Wheaton Liberal Arts degree will be supported by a core engineering degree from an engineering university in the country.

Both the degrees are on-campus, full-time programs. Your degree at Wheaton will be a three-year program with a liberal Christian education. After completion, you’ll be placed for two years at an ABET-accredited engineering university. The Engineering program at Wheaton is thoroughly equipped to facilitate technologically-advanced systems in Engineering.

The undergraduate degree in Engineering Sciences offers various tracks of progression and great scope for practicing Christians.

The college’s student-support resources promote diversity and inclusion for students from different communities. Wheaton has several noncredited programs, many of which are aimed at community service and group learning. The College offers a vibrant, technologically-equipped learning environment for all its students.


  • Impressive Engineering program
  • Attention to student inclusivity


  • All Engineering programs are on-campus

Calvin University, Michigan

Calvin University is one of the top-rated universities in Michigan. Its ideals are focused on the Christian conventions. The University believes in providing holistic education to students that presses on morality and faith in God as the highest good.

Calvin University offers a range of programs in Engineering. The programs include:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical& Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Calvin University has an essential set of disciplines called the “Calvin Core”. The core works towards assimilating students at the University with God’s creation. The Core endeavors to instill the following virtues:

  • Contemplating over the Scriptures
  • To believe in the reconciliatory power of the gospels to promote harmony among human beings
  • To take care of the Earth as a precious gift from the Creator
  • To work for the betterment of God’s children


  • Well-integrated in the Christian religion
  • Attention to student’s off-campus activities


  • Education is expensive

Our Final Thoughts

Faith-based engineering colleges have scope for quality education and personality building. The best Christian colleges for engineering function in the service of humanity with the acquired skill set. They have a concept of religious re-enforcement met through on-campus and off-campus student engagement programs.

We’d recommend Calvin University as the best Christian College for engineering. Its Engineering program works along with an education of Christian liberal values. With education, the college also values community service and character building.