Best Christian Colleges for Business

If you’re about to start college, you might face a difficult decision: whether to go to a Christian or a non-Christian college. Both colleges will offer you an excellent education, no doubt. But you have to decide if you want to learn more about Christianity.

Best Christian Colleges for Business

Christian colleges promote Christian values and help young individuals understand the importance of Christianity. So, you’ll have to choose wisely as your potential college will influence you and your future more than you think. You’ll have to dig deeper within yourself to decide if a Christian college is fit for you or not.

We’ve made a list of reasons why going to a Christian college will be beneficial, along with a list of some of the best Christian colleges. Hopefully, it will make your decision easier.

Reasons to Go to a Christian College

Going to a Christian college has numerous benefits. A significant advantage is that you will turn into a better Christian. Apart from that, you’ll meet like-minded people who will be a part of the same Christian community. Here are all the reasons why going to a Christian college is wise.

Grow your Faith

Christian colleges aim to maximize their students’ faith by incorporating Christian beliefs and values into their lessons. This helps students develop a stronger connection with God, making them more faithful.

Christian colleges have an infrastructure that supports Christian values; you’ll see many Church services on campus. In addition, you’ll find Bibles in your dorm rooms and will be reminded about morning prayers. So, if you’re looking to grow your faith, a Christian college is for you.

Learn with Your Values Intact

You might find it challenging to keep your faith-based values intact at a secular college. This is mainly because secular colleges don’t promote religion as much as Christian colleges. Also, it’s tricky to maintain your faith if you’re not surrounded by people who share it.

However, Christian colleges incorporate faith-based values into their classrooms, allowing students to hold on to their values as much as they want while getting a quality education.

Join a Community of Believers

Being surrounded by the same people who share your views and beliefs will help you grow. Some of the people you come across at your college might become your best friends for life. It’s always easier to blend within a group that has mutual interests.

Being around like-minded people will also allow you to learn from them and uplift each other whenever you get a chance. Getting support from similar people can significantly contribute to your mental and emotional growth.

Programs with Christian Values

The concept of colleges having programs to boost students’ extracurricular activities is pretty well-known. Christian colleges also have programs, with the difference being that they keep their religious values in mind.

Their idea of boosting one’s extracurriculars is by making them stronger spiritually. Christian colleges have programs where you can do a summer internship at a local church or volunteer at a nursing home. Christian colleges teach you the value of the things that matter.

Get Acquainted with Religious Services

When you’re in your 20s, it’s natural to fall into temptation. You might dabble with things God disagrees with. However, one way to let go of such toxic habits is by surrounding yourself in a religious environment.

When you encounter religious services, group Bible studies, or participating in a worship group, your mind will automatically let go of Ungodly deeds. This is a significant reason many people choose to go to a Christian college; it gives them perspective.

Top Christian Colleges for Business

Now that you know how beneficial it can be to go to a Christian college, you must make up your mind regarding going to one. If you’re genuinely interested in attending a Christian college to pursue business studies, you’ll have to research the best one. In the meantime, please go through this list of some of the best Christian colleges for business.

Asuza Pacific University

This university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business and several other online programs. Business studies is a vast domain, so if you’re interested in pursuing something else that’s business-related, you can do so at Asuza Pacific University.

Other degrees include management information systems, accounting, international business, etc. Asuza Pacific University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, so it’s an excellent option to consider.

Whitworth University

Whitworth University is another excellent option to consider as it’s accredited by the Northwestern Association of Schools and Colleges, and it has many different business programs you can pursue.

Whether your interest lies in international business or business economics, you will undoubtedly learn plenty and be prepared to kickstart your professional journey in the practical world. Currently, this university is ranked 3rd by US World & News Report and is expected to get more enrollments.

Anderson University

Anderson University is located in a small and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This university exposes its students to practical business situations in the classroom, helping them expand their minds.

Anderson University offers numerous business programs, including entrepreneurship studies, business management, international business, and commerce. If you’re looking to get the best business education at a Christian college, this university is for you.

Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University has quite the credits to its name as it was ranked 199th among the best online schools for a master’s degree. Students at this university can choose between numerous business programs.

Every program at this university is designed to shoot its students straight to the top. From real-life business scenarios to detailed assignments to competent faculty, Baptist University offers an excellent package to its students.

George Fox University

Attending a Christian college will serve you pretty well as you’ll be learning practical knowledge keeping your Christian values intact. A university that offers a perfect balance between real-world knowledge and religious matters is George Fox University.

It has an excellent atmosphere where students engross in practical learning situations while expanding their faith. You’ll be glad to know that this university holds chapel services for its students and the public. Also, you should know that as a student, you’ll be required to complete fifteen chapel credits every semester.