Best Christian News

Proverbs 12:22 — “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy”

Best Christian News

News reporting is one of the oldest traditions of the world. It involves all kinds of challenging fieldwork to gather facts and relevant discoveries related to the topics. As the people go around the globe reporting important information about the things that are worth saying to the public, similarly, some networks are dedicated to religion and its preaching of it by writing the latest pieces of information for the members of religious communities.

There are news networks that report about the latest happenings in the world related to Christianity. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Christian news based on their public opinion, transparency, quality of work, and level of outreach so that you may find the proper outlet for you!

Christian Headlines is an online news platform which is owned by the Salem web network. It is a website that is dedicated to bringing you the news about the current affairs in the United States and around the world which are related to Christianity. The website is run by a group of professional bloggers and content writers that are focused on providing you with a productive and inspiring piece from the perspective of a Christian writer. Amanda Casanova who has been with the network since 2014, Michael Foust a writer who has written for many renowned news platforms for the past 20 years, and Milton Quintanilla, co-host of a podcast and a blog writer, are the main contributors of this site.

Christian Broadcasting Network

Unlike, the CBN news is a larger media and production group that is covering all types of news categories in relation to Christianity. The network was founded by Pat Robertson in 1960. The organization has many television and radio broadcasting stations all over the states and even there are divisions such as CBN Asia, CBN Africa, and many more in which the broadcasting stations are customized according to the languages spoken in these areas. One of the longest-running TV shows “The 700 club” is produced by CBN and Pat Robertson co-hosted it until before retiring in 2021. The show is translated into Spanish and is called “The 700 Club Hoy”. Christian World News and CBN NewsWatch give you the daily half-hour news piece about the conservative Christian perspective.

The Christian Post

Christian Post’s motto, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

The Christian Post is an online newspaper which is based in Washington DC and was established in March of 2004. The paper aims to give its readers an unbiased and non-denominational perspective about current events related to Christianity. Its current editor in chief is Richard Land who in addition to this is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Christian post has an online statement of faith available for everyone which declares its faith in trinity and importance it upholds for the rightful news.

Christianity Today

It is a news magazine which is focused on Christian culture, traditions, and values. Since its connection to evangelical school of thought it is known as mainstream evangelical magazine. The first issue dates back into October 1956 when Billy Graham inaugurated this media outlet. Apart from the magazine it has expanded itself to a nonprofit which has a high engagement rate across the globe. It has always promoted the ways of gospel to live a successful life. It has an outreach of about 4.5 million church leaders to whom they provide practical solutions and help them with the administration. It has set itself as an organization for which you can work as well. Joining the team would equip you with an experience of working in a fast-paced church ministry and even have a chance at healthier work relationships.

Christian News Journal

The online journal established in 2014 has been awarded by Evangelical Press Association three times the award of excellence. It has also received recognition as the number one Christian news source online in North America. The faith-based news source has a set of biblical views for which it stands such as the bible is the word of God, the faith in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, redemption is the only way to save grace, every man is a sinner and only believing in Christ can save him. True to these views the website focuses on the news and articles shedding light on current socio-political and economic issues, entertainment, and religious persecution.

Relevant Magazine

The paperback bimonthly magazine had its first issue in March and April 2003. Since, then it has been adamant in delivering the facts and promoting Christianity. It started of as a multimedia company in 2001 and has a group of 20-30 Christians who administer the growth of the company. The magazine has given a faith centered perspective to the news. It covers all the basics of news reporting that is relevant to a reader’s life such as culture, faith, relationships , currents affairs and careers too. The magazine has always believed in telling the reader about God and how one should seek Him in life, this was done by raising discussions and breaking typical stereotypes. This fresh perspective on providing religious news in an innovative way has made Relevant on this list of best Christian news.

Our Final Thoughts

These best Christian news networks or organizations work for the betterment and spreading of the Christianity, and this helps them portray the truthful image of a religion in a positive light. People who work here enable themselves to live a fulfilling life by having a satisfying career, and to use an outlet that holds the agenda of propagating the values of Christ. We hope this list provides you with valuable insight and helps you choose your favorite news outlet.