Best Christian Books for College Students

When you are applying for college, you naturally opt for a school that will help you grow academically and socially. One that will groom you for the challenges you will face when you graduate and get a job. However, most students, when they enter the campus culture, lose sight of their faith. Your college years are the decisive years of your life and are crucial for your spiritual development. There will be times when you call your faith in question. You’ll confront people of different religious backgrounds. In fact, a study reveals many people have walked away from their faith, when confronted with these challenges.

The 5 Best Christian Books for College Students

Best Christian Books for College Students

Consciously taking steps to maintain and pursue your faith is the key to protecting your values and beliefs. Carve out some time to dig through Christian books. Here are some of the best Christian books for college students to strengthen their faith in Jesus and live a productive life.

1. Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American dream

Author: David Platt

A devoted Christian and a gifted preacher, David Platt has taken on the mission to shake the liberal and capitalistic foundations of the American dream.

In this powerful and compelling book, David claims how suburban churches have manipulated the teachings and values of the true Gospel—a devout Christian would leave his family, money, security, and success for his Lord Jesus.

The book will encourage you to take a hard look at your faith. It helps you gauge whether you are doing enough as a Christian or whether God has more in store for you.

Rather than sugarcoating it, David refutes the arguments supporting the American dream by putting it against the teachings of the Gospel. He then ends the book by urging the importance of one-year Missionary trips.

2. Alaskan Refuge

Author: Alana Terry

If you like stories with strong female leads, action, and the suspense that keep you at the edge of your seat, then Alaskan Refuge should be your cup of tea.

Alaskan Refuge is a Christian suspense novel that will inspire your soul. Dive headfirst into the action-packed trilogy of three women and their stories of abuse, pain, loneliness, and hopelessness.

The first novel in the series ‘Termination Dust’ is about Kimmie’s determination to race against the odds and save her autistic brother from the clutches of their abusive stepfather.

In ‘Frost Heaves’, Jade will walk back into the flames she survived to rescue her daughter from an abusive cult.

The last novel ‘Identity Theft’ narrates the story of Lacy. Due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time, she is forced to face the demons from her past.

Experience their harsh landscapes, faith under fire, and how they tackle adversaries and come out as strong, faithful women.

3. Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

Author: Alex Harris and Brett Harris

‘Do Hard Things’ is an extraordinary book, which will prove to be life-changing for you. It encourages you to serve Jesus with humility and discipline. The book will help young adults map out their lives for long-term fulfillment and eternal impact. It will persuade you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge the cultural norm.

Society has a low bar for teenagers. They are valued less in society due to the popular notion of being irresponsible. In this book, Alex and Harry challenge this argument, by retelling the stories of young adults all around the globe, accomplishing big and small things in the way of God.

They further claim that teenage life is a launching pad for being future leaders. The anecdotes and real-life stories will make you realize your own potential as a teenager. The authors put forward the notion that God has plans for you and He will help you accomplish them.

4. Devotional for Teen Girls: A Year of Inspiration and reflection

Author: Heather Anne Grubs


The book will give teenage girls the spiritual guidance they need to make the right choices about friendships, family, school, romance, and life goals. Entering the teenage world can be an overwhelming experience for you. You are no longer a child nor an adult; you are undergoing marvelous transformation, and you tend to be more concerned about other people’s opinions about you.

The book reminds every teenage girl that God is by her side. The book deals with the issues that other renditions shy away from.

In this insightful commentary, the author touches on topics like managing insecurities and expectations and how to stand firm when your faith is under fire. The relevant Bible scriptures and the space to write down your thoughts will help you become the good Christian woman that the Lord desires you to become.

5. Don’t Waste Your Life

Author: John Piper

The biggest tragedy of your life will be to live it without passion and end up wasting it. Many people are surface believers. They go to church on Sundays and practice faith like a hobby. Instead, they find hope and meaning in the American Dream.

It’s easier to get caught up in the glorious temptation of life. If you want your life to have meaning in the eyes of God, then this book will remind you of that. Piper places each Christian principle in a real-life perspective for readers to understand the values of being a Christian in today’s world.

Aiming at young graduates who are at their crucial stage of decision-making, the book provides lessons on all stages of life. The author’s personal life experiences and the challenges he faced as a Reformist Christian will rekindle your faith and the purpose of your life.

Our Final Thoughts

The transition from high school to college can be challenging for people of faith. Your choice of college will play a crucial part in building your faith and your education. The strain of performing well in college academics can make it difficult for Christians to balance their faith and social life. Many students, in order to protect their faith, opt for colleges that promote faith integration on their campus, even if it means compromising their standard of education.

We understand the problem. As challenging as it may be, it is important to incorporate these best Christians books in your college routine. These books adhere to different problems and will answer your questions. They will help you eliminate anxiety from your life when making critical decisions. They will help rekindle your faith in God and will give your life a meaningful purpose.