Best Board Games for Christian Families

Did someone say faith-inspired board games? While the concept may seem foreign, it has been one of the best remedies for families to ditch screen time and reignite their bond through game nights.

Best Board Games for Christian Families

Whether you have a youth group to attend or you need some new ideas for Sunday school icebreakers, some of the best board games for Christian families on this list will surely work wonders. After all, the primary motive is to put Christ at the forefront of everything as you strive to form closer bonds and memorable times.

7 Best Board Games for Christian Families

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best board games for Christian families to play together.

1. Wisdom of Solomon

Wisdom of Solomon will take you through years of history and help you impart wisdom to your kids in a fun yet strategic way. Based on the character of King Solomon, who ruled in the golden age over the Kingdom of Israel, it’s a perfect game for a family of 5.

So, what must you do to be crowned the winner? Well, it’s simple. Each member of the family must take on the role of a governor for Solomon, expanding his influence, building structures, and sending out people to gather resources.

2. Bibleopoly

Here’s a great thing about playing this bible version of monopoly. Except for a bunch of minor details such as city and property names, there isn’t much of a difference between this and other standard reward-based games. However, what makes it one of the best board games for Christian families is the competition factor.

Sure, we all like to bring everyone together and create bonds and whatnot, but the connection that stems from a healthy sense of competition and a good laugh along the way is completely unmatched.

Remember, it’s not always fun and games. You know you’re in trouble when someone lands on “GO MEDITATE” and runs out of three game turns. Playing along will help you get the stark reminder that good deeds can only do so much. Sometimes you have to let the faith cards intervene.

3. Bible Sequence

Don’t get carried away by the title and assume it’s only suitable for kids. This game of Bible sequence is as fun for an adult as it is for children. From learning about the Old and New Testament to matching relevant pictures together, this one is a good blend of fun and challenging.

Each card has a picture that represents a certain bible story along with a scripture reference and story title. Players or family members are required to match the card picture with the board picture and place the relevant chip there. If they get five chips in a row, Viola! The crown is theirs.

4. The Action Bible Guess-It Game

The best way to learn about the Bible is via the Bible itself. However, what if we were to tell you that there was an even better way to make your children’s journey easier? Mind you. Not everyone possesses the same learning style.

If your children find themselves the most alive on game nights, then it should be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to this one. With two or more players at a time, you can undergo various fun quizzes and guesses to expand your knowledge together.

5. The Acts Board Game

If yours is a family of teens and adults, here’s a great way to spend time together. In the game of acts, you actively take on the role of a disciple and make it your life’s goal to take over the entire Roman Empire and save thousands of souls throughout your journey.

From writing letters to building churches along the way, you can perform several mighty miracles in your own capacity. While this may sound bookish for your liking, don’t give it up too early. It gets better.

There’s an element of uniqueness in every game you play but remember; you don’t necessarily need to be fluent in your knowledge of the Bible to play and enjoy it.

6. Have Church!

This one isn’t your regular Bible game, and that’s probably why it has been able to retain the title of being one of the best board games for Christian families. This action-packed game is filled with hilarious church surveys and will surely leave you gasping for breath from laughing too much.

Consisting of a total of three rounds, the team with the most favor and cards in the end wins. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the motto “teamwork makes the dream work.”

7. Journey to Beulah

Not every game is meant to be family-oriented, but this one rightfully holds the title of being one. It’s suitable for families, friends, adults, teenagers, and children alike, making the catch even more valuable.

So, what’s the game all about? It incorporates an interesting quiz about the Bible and also some fun storytelling to make things educational and engaging at the same time. While it may sound a little too clichéd, if you want to see the Bible come to life, then this is the game for you.


Far too many of us lose our motivation to learn more about our roots, but when there’s something that reignites that hope, you must hold on to it. Last but not least, it makes a perfect alternative to online, mobile, video, and computer games.

Our Final Thoughts

Bringing your family together every once in a while can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when each member of the house possesses different likes and dislikes.

However, incorporating some of the best board games for Christian families stated in this list can do wonders to reignite that lost spark all over again. Remember, God loves nothing more than the act of families coming together, sharing, and spreading the love they hold inside for each other.