Best Christian Camps for Families

Finding a Christian summer camp can make all the difference in your children’s life. You can get your kid back on track even if your child is exposed to values that contradict the teachings of the Bible. The purpose of a Christian Bible camp should be to allow children to honor and adore the Creator while participating in outdoor activities and teaching them Christian principles. Bible camps are a terrific place for kids to connect with their classmates, be guided and impacted by godly counselors, experience and conquer new activities, and be transformed by the Word of God.

Best Christian Camps for Families

Best Christian Camps for Families

The following are the best Christian camps for families:

1. Kanakuk Kamp

The Kanakuk Kamp is located in Lampe. Fun and adventure are at the heart of this summer camp, but it is also a place to learn about Christian leadership and character development. It is Kanakuk Kamp’s goal to establish a strong foundation to implement the quote from Psalm 139:13, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” God comes first, then others.

2. FCA Camp

Athletes, coaches, and their families can benefit from FCA camps. These camps offer various programs aimed at inspiring each camper to make a difference for Christ in the world. Coaches, Campus, Camps, and Community are the “4 C’s” of sports-related ministry, and they are the emphasis of FCA’s efforts.

3. Camp Olympia

Camp Olympia is located in Trinity, Texas. This is a private overnight summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-16. Camp Olympia is committed to the holistic development of every camper. They have the largest permanent year-round management and support staff in the United States, different personalized programming, excellent counselor to kid ratios, and a password-protected internet experience for parents to monitor the experience of their young campers.

4. Camp Ozark

Mt. Ida, Arkansas, is home to Camp Ozark. You’ll be surrounded by a spring-fed crystal blue lake, more than 120 activities, a wide variety of session options, and over 60 years of camp-life expertise at this camp. Moreover, it is the best location for a summer camp, and you and your family are sure to have the time of your life here.

5. Rock N Water

Rock N Water is located in Lotus, California. If you have young kids, you will be immediately swayed by the camp’s moniker, “Rock N Water.” This camp offers various camp activities as part of year-round California studies field excursions and leadership retreats.

6. T Bar M Camp

Another feather in Texas’ cap is T Bar M Camp. There are T Bar M Camps in New Braunfels and Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. These camps are all about adventure with a purpose. It’s more important than ever to believe in the healing power of playing. Play sports, be in nature and show others Christ’s unconditional love daily.

7. Camp Kulaqua

Camp Kulaqua is located in High Springs, Florida. This camp is more than just a place to go camping; it’s a way of life. It offers summer camps for children ages 7 to 17, family camps, senior retreats, and outdoor education programs throughout the year. During the children’s camp, each age group receives a specialized program tailored to their interests. Activities, lodging, counseling and supervision, meals, DVDs, and a lot of fun are included in the seven-day sessions.

8. Camp Magruder

Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is home to Camp Magruder. Campers of different ages and backgrounds can participate in various activities at this camp. Each child’s week at camp includes various aquatic, hiking, and beach activities. This camp offers an important lesson on life-changing topics.

9. Impact 2818

Indiana is home to seven Impact 2818 sites. Impact 2818’s mission is to provide campers in all seven of its locations across the state with the tools they need to live their Christian faith in their daily activities. Churches can extend their ministries by providing a customized camp option. Start with the basics – food, housing, and activities.

10. Sonlight Camp

Sonlight Camp is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This camp’s fundamental beliefs include whole child development, free play, and exploring faith together. Counselors and crew members can take advantage of various educational opportunities, including junior camps, discovery camps, adventure camps, resident camps for high school students, backpack trips, and more.

11. Christian Bible Camp

If your children are going to camp this summer, make sure you send them to a Christian Bible camp. This camp will instill Christian values and morals in them. You can begin your search for a Christian Bible Camp for your young campers with the list of summer camps available on the internet.

12. Living Waters Bible Camp

Living Waters Bible Camp is located in Westby, Wisconsin. This camp is available all year long. It is a Christian camp that showcases the splendors of God’s creation. Living Waters Bible Camp is dedicated to the salvation of all people through Jesus Christ and to the completion of each individual in Christ.

Living Water Bible Camp provides an environment where individuals of all ages can hear God’s Word and develop a personal connection with Jesus Christ in an effort to serve God. They believe God has used the camp experience for many years to draw people and families closer to Himself by allowing them to get closer to His creation and take a vacation from the hectic life. These Christian summer camps have been providing a safe, Christian environment for children and their families since 1970.

13. Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is located in Etna, California. As a Christian camp and conference centre, this camp serves the entire family year-round. You’ll be stunned by what you discover. As many as 60,000 people visit Mount Hermon on an annual basis.

14. Camp Victory

Located in the southeast corner of Minnesota, Camp Victory is a nondenominational Christian camp and retreat centre. You can have the time of your life at the foot of the Zumbro River on 200 acres of rolling hills and forest. Camp Victory provides a serene, natural setting for retreats, a summer camp for kids, and summer day camp alternatives.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on 14 Best Christian Camps for Families. You and your family can have a wonderful time in these summer camps while learning the word of God. Happy camping!