Best Audiobooks for Christian Kids

Imparting wisdom on your little ones is probably one of the greatest challenges to endure as a parent. Sure, you may have enrolled your child in the best possible educational institutes but when it comes to introducing them to their faith, getting the right equipment in place is of utmost importance.

Best Audiobooks for Christian Kids

What’s a better way to introduce your little ones to it if not through something that’s screen-free and adventure-filled at the same time? The best audiobooks for Christian kids are the ones that allow them to learn a fantastic lesson in a fun story.

Remember, what your children put their hearts and minds into will be the stepping stones of their personal development. Audiobooks have long been a source of education and entertainment, and as a parent, it’s imperative to know what to expose your child to. Hence, here’s a list of faith-filled audiobooks you can start from.

The 6 Best Audiobooks for Christian Kids

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best audiobooks for Christian kids.

1. Up in the Air

This six-episode long series is a great way to instill values of love, compassion, and, most importantly, of giving more than taking in your children. The best and the most noteworthy aspect of it is how suitable the series is for the entire family to hear.

Allowing your child to understand the importance of friendship early on in life can help plant the seeds of noble ideas at a tender age. Learning to form relationships, practice forgiveness and deal with tough life lessons is what forms the epitome of this brilliant audiobook.

2. The Action Bible

Kids are capable of more than what we realize. Bible literacy isn’t only limited to learning facts, commandments, etc., but also the essence of them. Let’s not forget that not every child possesses the same learning style.

So, if you find your little one having trouble taking in straightforward information, try to spice it up a little by providing them with the action-packed “Action Bible.”

Filled with exciting stories, this one will surely make major breakthroughs in helping your child love God’s word for what it is. God’s redemptive story is sprinkled throughout this audiobook, and there’s no reason your child shouldn’t get a taste of it!

3. The Easter Story

Kids love holidays, don’t they? What if we were to tell you that as much as they love them, they will also love hearing the story behind them? The Easter story is one of the best audiobooks for Christian kids as it goes the extra mile to engage your child’s auditory senses.

Where did the celebration come from, and how has it evolved into what it is today? There’s a lot more to the holiday than just eggs and Easter bunnies.

From the story of Jesus’s crucifixion to resurrection, this audio series will make sure to melt your little one’s heart away as they wrap their head around some of the most important events of their religion’s history.

4. When God Made You

Children have the hardest time determining their place and worth in the world. More often than not, they grow up manifesting the same struggles as adults. This is why setting reminders about how God was thinking of them even before their debut can do wonders in building their self-esteem.

This beautiful story is all about assurance of deep love and discovering one’s true aspirations, beliefs, and of course, helping your little one spread their wings and fly.

The charming, playful rhymes throughout the story are a great way to inspire young listeners to become aware of their special gifts and their place in God’s divine plan.

5. Goodnight Collection

The best way to get through to a child’s mind is by instilling positive thoughts right before they doze off. This special “Goodnight Collection” consists of three distinct yet beautiful stories about twinkling stars, sweet dreams, and God’s love as He watches over them.

From stories about baby Jesus and his various ventures to those revolving around Noah’s ark and the struggles of animals during a storm, this one will take your little one through a number of sticky situations, igniting their curiosity as well as helping them venture into dreamland. These restful bedtime stories are a must-have!

6. The Biggest Story ABC

From striking visuals in the board book to excellent narration in the audiobook, “The Biggest Story ABC” describes the story of the world, starting from Adam and going on to Zion. However, the catch is that it all eventually ties back to the Messiah. “Your children are too young for good theology,” said no one ever.

Moreover, there’s absolutely no better time than now to lay the foundation of the lifelong process of learning for them. Too often, children find it hard to adhere to functional norms and values as they start getting captivated by all the chaos and instability out there.


By allowing them to foster good thoughts from an early age, you can help them be healthy and useful members of the community. After all, that’s what the best audiobooks for Christian kids are meant to achieve, right?

Our Final Thoughts

Nurturing your little ones and encouraging them to walk down God’s path can be a daunting task. Given how there are more than enough resources around them to distract them from doing so, you can count your blessings for living in an era that also provides you with enough resources to bring them back on track.

Audiobooks are an absolutely incomparable asset in today’s chaotic world, especially the ones that bring your children closer to God, their roots, and their beautiful religion.

However, choosing the best audiobooks for Christian kids is as important as exposing Christian kids to them. With a range of options to choose from on Amazon, you will surely have your kids get the best of all worlds.