6 Popular Rock Stars Who Are Christians

Whatever generation they belong to, rockstars are always prone to debaucherous lifestyles. As a fan of rock and metal music, you might have heard many stories and rumors about more than a few famous rockstars that have fallen prey to questionable lifestyles. That is why fans always associate their image with satanic rituals and drug addictions. The clickbaity stories on news and media do not help the situation. That is why it will be shocking for you to learn about popular rockstars who are Christians.

Popular Rock Stars Who Are Christians

6 Popular Rock Stars Who Are Christians

There are plenty of successful rockstars who are balancing their career and faith both on stage and in their personal lives. From legends like Johnny Cash to Alice Cooper, these musicians have their own stories about their religious awakening and faith.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz, four times Grammy award winner, is a devout Christian. His spirituality transcends his personal life and his famous musical numbers. Born in a mixed religious family, Kravitz had his first encounter with Jesus and Christianity in his childhood.

A fellow choir member in his school introduced him to Christ and His scriptures. And this profound encounter solidified Kravitz’s belief in the presence of God truly everywhere. It gave him an incredible opportunity to make a name in this cut-throat industry. In his album Baptism, which he produced himself, he unabashedly proclaims his faith in God.

Even though he dated several high-profile women in Hollywood, he chose to remain celibate for years.

Brian “Head” Welch

“Korn” and “Love and Death” guitarist Brian “Head” Welch declared himself as a born-again Christian in 2005. He subsequently left the band Korn and got baptized as a Christian. He eventually rejoined the band in 2013 and has been vocal about his faith ever since. Both Welch and the band have grown exponentially since then.

When he first became a Christian, Welch was a drug addict, and his life was spiraling. His powerful encounter with God saved him. However, in a podcast interview, Welch revealed he became addicted and overzealous with his faith, just like drugs. He was obsessively preaching it to his followers and went too far with it. He used religion as escapism.

The interview uproared a controversy among his Christian fans and communities, with rumors that he renounced his faith. Welch responded with a YouTube video that he had not renounced his faith; rather, he had taken down a notch.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper has been outspoken about his religion for quite some time. A 70-year shock rock legend, famously known for his gory antiques on stages converted to Christianity during the prime of his career.

Alice was born into a religious family, but he lost his way to alcohol and drugs when he stepped into the world of rock. As his career was flourishing, his personal life was negatively affected by alcohol addictions and drugs, to the point his wife filed for divorce.

After becoming sober in his 80s, he reverted to Christianity. “The School’s Out” singer calls himself a born-again Christian and proudly proclaims that rather than attending AAA or rehab, he fought his addiction with faith and God.

Mark Farner

Mark Farner, the frontman, guitarist, and lead vocalist of “Grand Funk Railroad,” released the Christian rock album Just Another Injustice after the short-lived success of his band. After losing his father at a young age, Farner recalls he found faith while hearing Billy Graham’s sermon on television. Eventually, drowning in the world of rock n roll, he walked away from it.

His success was short-lived, and the band dissolved after releasing a few hits. His wife leaving him was the last nail in the coffin. He reverted to Christianity and remembered how religion comforted him in hardships and trials. He reconciled with both his faith and wife and with songs like Judgement Blues and Come to Jesus, he spoke about his faith.

Nicko McBrain

The larger-than-life and the biggest personality in the band Iron Maid, McBrain, has been speaking about his faith for 20 years.

McBrain refers to his religion and faith as private and does not think his faith interferes with his career and music.

He was born a Christian but turned to his faith and religion after succumbing to his wild side. For him, the Church was just a front to raise funds, which was not his cup of tea, until his band performed in the Spanish River Church.

McBrain labels that performance as phenomenal. The pastor’s sermon about faith and letting Jesus in your life changed his view and life.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was America’s most influential singer, songwriter, guitarist, and author. His music genre ranges from rock n roll, country, blues-folk, and Gospel; and has a rare honor of induction on both Rock and Roll and Gospel Halls of Fame.

Due to his antics and larger-than-life persona, his fans labeled him both outlaw and the man of faith. He embraced religion and God’s will and exercised his freedom of will; he was God-fearing and rebellious. These contradictions made him a compelling star and brought him fame and success.

Johnny became a Christian in his early childhood and lived his life according to the Gospel of Jesus. However, stardom brought many challenges, including struggles with drug addictions and brushes with the law.

The performance at the Folsom Prison concert gave Cash a chance to redeem his faith and find the path of truth and righteousness that he lost along the way.

Another influence on Cash’s faith was his friendship with evangelical Billy Graham. His sermons helped him fight his demons, and few can deny the grace of his faith.

Our Final Thoughts

Many people think of gory and gothic stunts when they picture metal and rock music. With themes of violence and sex with demonic imagery, it is easy to assume that men of faith cannot be rockstars. The music of Christian rockstars ranges across different genres. They all have songs and ballads featuring their love for Jesus Christ and their struggles with embracing faith.

Even diehard fans are oblivious of their favorite musician’s faith and beliefs. Believe it or not, there are many popular rockstars who are Christians and are also vocal about their faith and God-fearing beliefs.