Famous Atheists Who Became Christians

Atheism refers to a lack of belief in God and His powers. For the past few decades, atheism has enjoyed a comeback after many public figures started supporting this narrative.

Famous Atheists Who Became Christians

As a Christian, your beliefs and values might feel threatened by the increasing number of Christians switching to other major religions of this world. However, amongst the several de-converts, many atheists overlooked their disbelief and felt eager to find the truth about God.

6 Atheists Who Became Christians

Therefore, we’re enlisting some famous atheists who became Christians to restore your faith in Christianity, God, and His creations.

1. Gary Busey

Gary Busey is a prolific actor, best known for his roles in Point Break and Lethal Weapon. He lived a non-Christian lifestyle that revolved around cocaine and women. However, in 1988, his life changed forever after a motorcycle accident. Busey’s skull fractured, and he suffered permanent brain damage. The extreme hardship changed Busey’s religious beliefs, and he announced himself a Christian in 1996. “I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian. For the first time, I am now free to be myself,” stated the actor.

If you’re a Christian convert like Busey, we suggest reading 101: Exploring the Basics of the Christian Faith by Courtney Garrett. This book will help you understand the basics of Christianity. It includes the character of God, obedience, prayers, and salvation designed to introduce new Christians to God and His power.

2. George W. Bush

The 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, was raised by Christian parents, Lady Barbara Bush and George H.W. Bush. He abandoned his faith in Christianity at a young age and spent many years experimenting with drugs and partying. After Bush became sober, he accepted Evangelical Christianity. “I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job,” he stated, vocalizing his religious beliefs.

Bush’s example explains how spirituality can enlighten anyone to return to God. If you’re inspired by Bush and wish to convert to Christianity, here’s a great read that can help you acknowledge God and His miracles:

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord Study Guide: How to Release the Hidden Power of God in Your Life by Bill Johnson. This complete study guide will

  • Encourage you towards believing in God
  • Help you overcome bad days
  • Help you access Heaven’s open doors
  • Allow you to explore God’s power through scriptural exercises.

Read this book and explore the wonders of Christianity!

3. Alice Cooper

Not many Christians know that Alice Cooper, the “Godfather of Shock Rock,” is a devout Christian. Cooper surprised his followers when he announced becoming a Christian again. He turned away from his reckless life that revolved around women, booze, and drugs.

Alice Cooper is renowned as a music icon for his elaborative live performances and Goth appearance. Although he’s converted to Christianity, he still calls himself a rebel! “Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.”

We understand how converts struggle to keep up with their faith after embracing Christianity. Fortunately, Trusting God When You’re Struggling: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith by C.E. White is a great read for those individuals. This book talks about the things that undermine our faith and what we should do to overcome these obstacles. Read this book and let go of your religious fears, expectations, and failures!

4. Jane Fonda

No one was as surprised as Jane herself when she announced converting to Christianity in 2001. “I always assumed I was an atheist,” stated the actress. In 2006, she revealed finding her faith during a crucial crisis in her life. She also confessed that her conversion played a significant role in ending her marriage with Ted Turner, a staunch atheist. Jane now considers Christianity as her new spiritual home.

To experience spirituality, we’ve picked out this epic read for you! It’s called Experiencing Spirituality: Finding Meaning through Storytelling by Ernest Kurtz. This book recounts and interprets wisdom stories for all cultures and ages. Read this book and live your life with spirituality and faith.

5. C.S. Lewis

C.S Lewis is the author of some popular books like The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity, who was baptized at the Church of England as a child. Even though he wrote many Christian books, faith was never significant in the author’s life. He abandoned religion as a teenager and didn’t recommit to Christianity until he turned thirty. Lewis reconverted to Christianity and joined the Church of England.

Mere Christianity is a bestseller and provides the opportunity for nonbelievers and believers to learn about the Christian faith. If you wish to explore the common ground upon which the Christian faith stands, buy it today!

6. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is hands-down the most iconic person in Hollywood to have become a born-again Christian. He kicked off his career as a martial artist and starred in more than 23 films. While he was rapidly climbing the ladder of success, his personal life bore the turmoil.

“I had earned millions of dollars over my lifetime,” he writes. “I’d been a friend to several presidents, yet all the money in my bank account couldn’t help me now…. There was only one person to whom I could turn.”

Learn more about his epic story by reading Against All Odds: My Story. Norris has relayed his struggles and how forgiveness was a big part of his life in this book.

Alister McGrath


An intellectual and specialist in Quantum theory and biology, McGrath had a rationalist worldview that rejects a blind trust in Divine existence. He viewed God as an “infantile illusion, suitable for the elderly and intellectually feeble.”

Ironically his deep engagement in science is what led him to find faith and God as someone he could rely upon utterly. Today he is articulate about his beliefs and a strong defender of Christianity.

Raised in a church-going family and having lived as an atheist in his teens, he was primarily drawn towards Marxism, which weakened his stance in atheism.

With respect to science, McGrath believes that religion and science complement each other. For McGrath, science and religion are not mutually exclusive. Religion is the motivation for humans that leads to unbelievable discoveries and miracles. Science can only provide you with partial accounts for the creation of the universe and the evolution of humanity.

It cannot depict the deeper meaning of our lives and our sufferings. He states, ‘If you believe that God made the world, you can get additional insights into God by studying nature. Science can’t answer the big questions such as “Why are we here?” or “What’s life all about?”’

McGrath has publicly criticized the famous atheist scientist Richard Dawkins who does not believe in evolution and misinterprets the mainstream Christian religion by using the examples of extremism to represent faith. McGrath believes that Darwin’s theory of evolution reconciles with the Bible.

Our Final Thoughts

You will find several more stories like these around you. Every day, Christianity enlightens someone’s life, making them realize the truth about God. The stories of these famous atheists who became Christians inspire and motivate those who wish to learn about God, His power, and His blessings.