How to Date as a Christian

There have been several publications, groups, and regulations claiming to represent the “holy” manner of dating among religious conservatives in the contemporary day. There is no end to the number of supposedly biblical viewpoints on dating.

How to Date as a Christian

Amidst all the ways and guidelines, many Christians question what the Bible says about this hotly debated subject and how they should go about dating in the modern world of social media.

To be specific, the Bible does not discuss dating. Royal weddings and betrothals were the norms for all individuals listed in the Bible study. The concept of dating as we know it now was not around in biblical times, and many societies still don’t follow it today.

Nevertheless, certain fundamental concepts in Christianity may be applied to contemporary dating and romance, like having the right perspective when dating and concentrating on purity in love relationships.

How to Date as a Christian

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Know Yourself First

Most of us have a hard time focusing on ourselves. We wish for a perfect person who can satisfy all of our emotional demands and provide us with the happy existence we believe we are entitled to have. However, this is the easiest way to be dissatisfied if this is the purpose of your dating experience when you learn that another person cannot be the source of your pleasure.

Think about the qualities you possess that might be a blessing to someone else. Focusing too much on the things you desire from a person and not enough on what you have to offer is normal. So, before you start compiling a wish list of potential mates, take a look in the mirror. Take a good, solid look at who you are. Are you a stingy person or a kind one? When you envision yourself in a romantic relationship, are you more interested in what the other person has to offer, or which character traits will make your bond stronger?

The best relationship is the union of two forgivers who know each other well and have a mutual understanding of their strengths and flaws.

The Right Perspective While Dating

For Believers, God should always be their first and foremost focus in all circumstances. When individuals first meet a new romantic partner, they might become enamored and even obsessed with them. This can easily take precedence over other relationships —which is not healthy. To invest too much emphasis, time, and focus into dating or new relationships might harm one’s relationship with God. When it comes to dating and maintaining a healthy perspective, individuals should be careful falling into the trap of desperation.

Because of the strong focus on marriage in Western church culture, particularly in the United States, single Christians are under a lot of pressure to find a spouse.If you’re dating a Christian, you should make sure that person has a sincere devotion to God and seeks to bring Him glory in their life just as much as you do.

Evaluate Your Intentions

While sexual immorality pervades every aspect of the worldly system today, and purity is a notion that is completely alien to it, the Bible, however, teaches us to keep romantic relationships pure.

Many people have a habit of dating someone, living with them for a time, and then moving on. The Bible teaches Christian women and men to resist the temptation to live with their girlfriends or boyfriends until they are married.

Ask yourself why you are interested in dating. Is it because you want to find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life, or are you just seekinga casual relationship with someone? Many people date to find a spouse, which is the correct objective, but if that is not the case with you, you are better off going with groups of friends rather than giving someone false hopes.Because of the constant barrage of lust-inspiring media messages from movies, TV programs, music, and famous people, young adults are particularly vulnerable to the temptation of having extramarital affairs.

Determine the Kind of Companion You Deserve

Consider what type of lifelong companion you would like to live with. Someone who can listen through your thoughts and emotions with patience and forbearance. A person who can forgive mistakes and look for the good in people. Are you that person yourself before you demand it from somebody else?

Kindness is a skill that must be learned. It’s unfair to expect civility from someone you’re dating if you’re an unkind person yourself, no? Individuals who are furious nature-wise will breed anger in their children unless they consciously change their behaviors.

Fun tip: Pretend you are your older self and ask for advice on what to look for when you’re out on a date!

Value Your Worth

You will be particularly ready to date for the proper reasons if you’re more dedicated to discovering your worth in God’s love for you. And you won’t be that needy person who drains the life out of the individual they’re dating in need of validation and belonging.

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to dating, there’s no room for error. And it’s frightening to put your faith in someone again if your heart has been shattered in the past. When you put your faith in the Lord and rely on His Word as a guide, you are not alone. Seeking godly mentors and preparing yourself to be a pious companion before you start dating as a Christian is something you won’t regret.

Also, when you’re out on dates, be sure to pray for God to give you wisdom and discernment as you stay true to your religion and avoid impurity.