How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious

A Christian, by faith, has to be a believer of Christ. They should have faith in the Holy Trinity and the second coming of Jesus on the Day of Judgement. It’s good to follow traditions within the Christian Church and to read the Bible daily, but by no means is it a command. Reading the Bible and adopting the ways of worship of the church is a free choice. Many Christians today feel they wouldn’t want to engage in religious rituals they don’t believe in.

How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious

You don’t have to be bound by joyless rules if you don’t want to follow them. Faith is about liberation from the shackles of worldly desires; it doesn’t have to be restricted to rules and traditions made by a select few.

How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious

When you can become a Christian where ever you are without ever going to the church, here’s how to be a Christian without being religious:

Do Favors for His Creation

The God of the Bible was the Messiah for his people and the ultimate Savior to all those who believed. The essence of a true Christian lies in the act of giving in God’s name. Charity is the foremost virtue in Christianity. The New Testament features the sayings of St. Paul, where he proclaimed charity the ultimate act to please God.

St. Augustine’s concept of charity parallels it to the virtue achieved only when our faith is at its best. In the Reformists and the Catholic Church, charity stands as a symbol of love for humankind, transforming an individual into their best self.

The positive impact of charity on the doer is undeniable. It makes a person humble, caring, and more attentive towards the needs of his fellow beings. You may not go to Church every Sunday or read the Bible daily, but if you do charity for God, there’s no better way to please Him.

You don’t have to go out of the way to help others. Everyday acts of kindness such as taking care of your parents, helping a friend, or looking after your neighbor go a long way. We can also think about how we discard unimportant belongings. Instead of just doing away with them, why not donate them to an authentic charity for our own and humanity’s betterment.

Be Just

Religion and faith are understood differently in the Christian context. While religion is thought to impose a sense of control over the believers, faith is taken to be the ultimate source of liberation. It has more to do with leading a life of absolute trust in the reality of Jesus Christ than to follow a set of commandments ordained by institutions of authority.

Social justice is cardinal for faith. Without being just in our everyday matters, we can never understand the true meaning of Christianity. Since God is just and loving, we are meant to be likewise with our family, neighbors, workers.

Social justice calls us to be equitable in accumulating and distributing wealth and opportunities and not deprive the needy of their rights. It’s one of the best ways to be a Christian without being religious.

Be Humble

Folklore, fables, and parables all have found hubris to be the prime enemy of humankind. Hubris is exalting pride, the belief that we are above others due to certain privileges that God has endowed us. Hubris is a deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance combined.

If you want to learn how to be a Christian without being religious, you will have to be humble. Observe humility by helping others and working towards the betterment of humanity

To practice humility, you should:

  • Be more empathetic
  • Seek help when you need it
  • Be in the company of kind-hearted, humble people

Nothing’s more rewarding than connecting with humanity by understanding their pain. Empathy and humility teach us to accept the limited scope of our own knowledge and work to eradicate other people’s sorrows.


Your mind appears foggy because you’re too engrossed in the activities of the world. Half of the time, you don’t even stop to think about what you’re gaining from everything you do. Such a lifestyle will bring you to an abrupt halt at one point or the other.

God’s remembrance is food for the soul. The faith of Christianity is centered on the idea of purposefully obeying God to lead a content life. Meditation is an effective tool to incorporate mindfulness in life. Meditation helps separate your purpose from all that’s happening around you. It enables you to decide what’s important.

Meditation is cardinal to being a good Christian since there are worldly pleasures that distract you. Meditation helps keep track of your everyday activities. It works best for people trying to revert from addictive habits.

In Christianity, Christian meditation is a good means to remember God. It begins with the Scripture but is not restricted to it. No matter the religion, meditation is a spiritual practice. It’s beneficial for the mind.

Repent for Your Sins

You don’t need a Church, a book, or a confessor to repent to God. If you’ve been mindful of your actions, sincere prayer for forgiveness is all you need to be repentant. Repentance in Christianity means a genuine apology for a wrongful deed. It’s like accepting something you did wrong with a conviction that you won’t repeat it. Repentance is something you can seek anytime you want without going to Church.

Repentance holds within the idea that you value righteousness over wrong. Repentance symbolizes your inclination to move away from sins. Pursuit of righteousness is the first step towards finding Christ-like qualities within yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Learning how to be a Christian without being religious will give you a new perspective to think about. It will allow you to always remember God without thinking of Him as a controlling, repressive deity. Christianity is about having faith in the power and miracle of God. Faith is never meant to control humanity. The primary message of Christianity is love and kindness for all creatures of God.