christian books for 6th graders

Introducing Christian Books for 6th Graders: A Guide to Teachings of Jesus in Literature

As Christians, we understand the importance of spreading the gospel and teaching our youth about the teachings of Jesus. One way to do this is through the use of Christian literature. In this article, we’ll focus on Christian books for 6th graders, exploring both popular book series and standalone novels appropriate for this age group. We’ll also discuss the importance of Christian literature in a young person’s life and offer tips for incorporating these books into a 6th grader’s reading routine. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or youth leader, we hope this article will provide valuable insight into the world of Christian books for 6th graders and encourage you to explore this important genre further. So keep reading to learn more!

An Introduction to Christian Books for Sixth Graders

christian books for 6th graders

Sixth grade is an important time in a young Christian’s life, as they begin to deepen their understanding of the faith and explore the world around them. Reading Christian books can be a powerful tool for teaching children about Christianity all over the world.

There are many excellent Christian books available for sixth graders, each with its own unique perspective on Christianity. Some focus on Biblical stories and teachings, helping children gain a deeper understanding of scripture. Others explore different cultures and perspectives within the global church community.

One example is “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom, which tells the true story of a Dutch family who helped Jews escape from Nazi persecution during World War II. This book teaches important lessons about courage, forgiveness, and standing up for what is right – values that are central to Christianity no matter where you live in the world.

Another great book for sixth graders is “Around The World In 80 Tales,” which explores different folk tales from around the globe through a lens of faith-based wisdom. Through these stories, children can learn valuable lessons about compassion towards others no matter where they come from or what their beliefs may be.

Whether it’s through exploring biblical teachings or learning more about diverse cultures within our global community of believers – reading Christian books can be an enriching experience that helps young Christians grow in their faith while expanding their horizons beyond just one culture or way of thinking!

The importance of Christian literature in a young person’s life

Christian literature is an essential tool for shaping the spiritual journey of young people. As a Christian youth pastor, I have seen firsthand how reading books that teach about Christianity around the world can help shape a young person’s worldview and deepen their faith.

At a time when our world is increasingly divided along religious lines, it’s more important than ever to equip our children with knowledge and understanding of different cultures and beliefs. By reading books that explore the diversity within Christianity, we can cultivate empathy towards others who may not share our exact beliefs.

Furthermore, Christian literature provides valuable guidance for navigating life’s challenges. From stories of perseverance in difficult circumstances to practical advice on living out one’s faith in everyday situations, these books offer wisdom beyond what can be gained from personal experience alone.

Incorporating Christian literature into a child’s life also helps them develop critical thinking skills by engaging with complex theological concepts at an age-appropriate level. This lays the foundation for lifelong learning and growth in their relationship with God.

Overall, investing in quality Christian literature for 6th graders is crucial for cultivating deeper spiritual roots while nurturing curiosity about other cultures around us. Let us not underestimate the power of this simple yet profound tool – it has the potential to transform lives both now and into eternity.

Popular Christian book series for sixth graders

As a Christian Youth pastor, I am always on the lookout for engaging and educational resources to help teach young Christians about our faith. One popular book series that has caught my attention is the “Imagination Station” series by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker.

The books follow siblings Patrick and Beth as they travel through time using a mysterious machine called the Imagination Station. Along their adventures, they meet historical figures such as George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr., and even witness events like Noah’s Ark.

What makes this series so unique is its ability to transport readers to different parts of the world where Christianity has played an important role. From ancient Rome to modern-day India, these books offer a glimpse into how Christianity has impacted cultures around the globe.

But it isn’t just about learning history – each book also includes themes of faith, forgiveness, and redemption that are relevant for young Christians today. The characters face challenges that require them to rely on their faith in God in order to overcome obstacles.

Overall, I highly recommend this series for 6th graders looking for an exciting way to learn more about Christianity around the world. It’s entertaining while still providing valuable lessons that will stick with readers long after they’ve finished reading each book.

Christian stand-alone novels appropriate for sixth-graders

Christian standalone novels can be an excellent resource for teaching 6th graders about Christianity around the world. These books offer a unique perspective on the faith, and they can help young readers develop a deeper understanding of their own beliefs.

One great example is “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom. This powerful memoir tells the story of ten Boom’s experiences during World War II, when she hid Jews in her home to protect them from Nazi persecution. The book offers insights into Christian compassion and courage in times of crisis, as well as forgiveness and reconciliation even in the face of unimaginable suffering.

Another excellent choice is “Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations” by Alex and Brett Harris. This inspiring book encourages young people to live ambitious lives that reflect their faith values while challenging them to reject societal expectations that encourage laziness or complacency.


Finally, “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew offers an exciting look at what it means to be a missionary spreading God’s love across borders – often at great risk or personal sacrifice. Young readers will learn about Christian courage under pressure while also experiencing how God works through us all for his glory.

Overall, these standalone Christian novels are perfect for 6th graders who want to explore their faith more deeply while also expanding their horizons beyond traditional Sunday school lessons – all with engaging storytelling!

Incorporating Christian books into a sixth-grader’s reading routine

Incorporating Christian books into a 6th grader’s reading routine can be an effective way to teach children about Christianity around the world. As a Christian Youth pastor, I have seen firsthand how important it is for young people to understand the diversity and richness of our faith.

One way to accomplish this goal is by introducing children to stories from different cultures that highlight various aspects of Christianity. For example, books like “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom or “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew tell powerful stories of Christians who faced persecution and adversity in different parts of the world.

Through these narratives, young readers can begin to grasp the global impact of Christianity and gain a deeper appreciation for their own faith. They can also learn valuable lessons about compassion, perseverance, and courage that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Moreover, incorporating Christian literature into a child’s reading routine provides an opportunity for parents and pastors alike to engage in meaningful conversations with them about spirituality. By discussing these books together as a family or youth group community, we can help foster critical thinking skills while deepening our understanding and appreciation for God’s word.

In conclusion, incorporating Christian books into a 6th grader’s reading routine is an excellent way not only to teach them important lessons but also develop empathy towards other cultures around us while keeping Christ at its center . It offers opportunities not just for learning but discovering new ways they could grow closer in their journey with Christ!


Christian books for 6th graders are a great way to introduce children to Christian values and teachings in an engaging and entertaining way. With so many popular series, standalone novels, and other selections available, it’s never been easier or more enjoyable for 6th graders to get into the habit of reading Christian literature. As a youth pastor, I highly recommend incorporating these books into your child’s routine as soon as possible – they make great gifts too!