it is finished

Exploring the Meaning of “It is Finished”: A Youth Pastor’s Perspective

The phrase “It is finished” has deep meaning and significance in Christianity, particularly in the context of Jesus’ crucifixion. But what does it mean for our daily lives and our understanding of God’s love and sacrifice? As a youth pastor, I am eager to share with you the many ways in which this phrase impacts our beliefs and teachings.

it is finished

In this article, we’ll delve into the history and theology behind “It is finished,” as well as its practical applications in our daily lives. Whether you are a longtime Christian or simply curious about the faith, there is much to be gained from exploring this powerful phrase.

So join me as we explore “It is finished” and its lasting impact on Christianity and the world. Continue reading to learn more.

Understanding the phrase, “It is finished.”

The phrase “It is finished” holds a significant meaning in Christianity. It was the final statement made by Jesus on the cross before he died, and it signifies the completion of God’s plan for salvation.

For those who want to learn more about this phrase, it represents an act of love and sacrifice that offers redemption to humanity. It serves as a reminder that Jesus’ death on the cross was not an accident or coincidence but part of God’s purposeful plan for salvation.

It is finished” also means that we no longer have to strive for perfection or earn our way into heaven through good works because Christ has already paid the price for our sins. We can now rest in his completed work and trust in him fully.

As a youth pastor at a Christian church, I believe it’s important to understand what “It is finished” means because it allows us to live with confidence and hope knowing that we are loved unconditionally by God despite our flaws and mistakes.

In conclusion, “It is finished” holds great significance in Christianity as it represents completion, redemption, sacrificial love from Christ towards humanity while offering freedom from striving towards perfection through good works but instead resting upon faith alone which promises eternal life with Him.

The significance of “It is finished” in the context of Jesus’s crucifixion

“It is finished.” These three simple words hold great significance in the context of Jesus’ crucifixion. They represent the completion of God’s plan for salvation and the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

In John 19:30, as Jesus hung on the cross, he uttered these words before giving up his spirit. It was a declaration that his mission had been accomplished – to pay for humanity’s sins with his own blood.

For Christians, “it is finished” represents not only an act of love and redemption but also a promise fulfilled. Through faith in Jesus Christ, believers are offered eternal life and forgiveness of their sins.

This phrase reminds us that our salvation does not depend on our own efforts or merits but solely on God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It serves as a powerful reminder that we cannot earn our way into heaven but must accept this gift freely given to us.

As we reflect on these words during Holy Week and Easter season, let us remember the incredible sacrifice made by Jesus out of love for all humanity – so that “it is finished” could be true for each one of us who believes in Him.

How does “It is finished” impact Christian beliefs and teachings?

“It is finished” are three powerful words that hold immense significance in the Christian faith. These words were spoken by Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross, just before he breathed his last breath. But what exactly do these words mean and how do they impact Christian beliefs and teachings?

To understand the meaning behind “It is finished,” we must first understand the context in which it was spoken. Jesus had been arrested, tried, beaten, and ultimately sentenced to death on a cross for claiming to be God’s son and challenging religious authorities. As he hung on that cross, he bore not only physical pain but also emotional agony as he took upon himself all of humanity’s sins.

When Jesus declared “It is finished,” it was a declaration of victory over sin and death. He had completed his mission to save humanity from eternal separation from God by giving up his life as a sacrifice for all people’s sins.

For Christians worldwide, this statement holds immense significance because it emphasizes their belief in salvation through faith alone rather than good works or personal merit alone.

As Youth pastors at our church services when discussing Christianity with young adults who want to learn more about faith can help them grasp its importance while emphasizing that accepting Christ into their lives can bring peace beyond understanding.

In conclusion: The phrase “It is finished” represents an essential part of Christian theology representing hope beyond despair; It reminds us of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice; It signifies His triumph over sin; And gives us hope for an eternal life with Him after passing here on earth.

Applying “It is finished” to our daily lives


The phrase “It is finished” holds significant meaning in the Christian faith. It was Jesus’ last words on the cross before he passed away, signifying that his sacrifice had been completed and salvation had been made available to all who believe.

But how can we apply this phrase to our daily lives as Christians? First and foremost, it reminds us that we don’t have to strive for perfection or earn our salvation through good works. Jesus has already accomplished everything necessary for us to be saved.

This doesn’t mean that we should become complacent or stop trying to live a life pleasing to God. Instead, it frees us from the burden of constantly striving and allows us to rest in God’s grace.

When faced with struggles or challenges in our daily lives, remembering “it is finished” can give us strength and hope. We know that no matter what happens, Jesus has already overcome the world (John 16:33) and we can trust him through any situation.

In practical terms, applying “it is finished” means surrendering control over our lives and trusting in God’s plan for us. It means living each day with gratitude for what Christ has done on our behalf rather than focusing on ourselves.

As Christians seeking growth in their faith journey, let’s remember these powerful words spoken by Jesus himself – “It is finished.” Let them be a reminder of his unwavering love for each one of us and may they inspire greater devotion towards serving Him wholeheartedly every day!

The lasting impact of “It is finished” on Christianity and the world

The phrase “It is finished” holds deep significance for Christians around the world. These words were spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross just before his death, and they represent a powerful moment in human history.

For believers, these words signify the completion of God’s plan for salvation. Through his death on the cross, Jesus paid for our sins and made it possible for us to have eternal life with God. This event has had a lasting impact not only on Christianity but also on the world as a whole.

“It is finished” reminds us that we are all sinners in need of redemption. It speaks to our deepest fears and insecurities about ourselves and our place in this world. But it also offers hope – hope that we can be saved from our sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

This message resonates with people from all walks of life because it speaks to something universal within each of us – a desire to be loved, accepted, and forgiven despite our flaws and failures.

As a youth pastor at my church, I often speak about this message with young people who are struggling to find their place in this world or grappling with difficult questions about faith. I believe that “It is finished” offers them comfort and reassurance during challenging times.

In conclusion, “It is finished” represents one of the most significant moments in human history – an event that has touched countless lives across generations since its occurrence over 2 thousand years ago – offering hope where there was once none while opening doors previously closed shut; reminding everyone who hears its call: you too can receive forgiveness if only you have faith!


From Jesus’ perspective, he had fulfilled His mission on Earth. He had completed the task of redemption and provided us a way to reconciliation with God. No longer do we have to fear death or sin because of what was accomplished through Christ’s death on the cross when He said “It is finished.” If you want to learn more about how this moment impacts our faith as Christians and how it affects everything around us, join my church’s youth group!