Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Top Picks for Faith-Focused Learning

Deciding on the best Christian homeschool curriculum for your family can feel like a monumental task. You’re not just looking for solid academics; you’re searching for materials that align with your faith and values.

Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Top Picks for Faith-Focused Learning

With a myriad of options out there, it’s crucial to find a curriculum that fits your child’s learning style and your educational philosophy. Let’s dive into some top choices that could be the answer to your prayers.

What to Consider When Choosing a Christian Homeschool Curriculum

When wading through the sea of homeschool options, biblical integration is paramount. You’re looking for a curriculum where God’s Word is not merely tacked on but woven throughout. It should be the foundation upon which every subject is built, ensuring that your children see the world through a Christian lens.

Academic rigor is another cornerstone. A strong curriculum will challenge your child, developing critical thinking rooted in a biblical worldview. Look for programs that have a history of student success, both academically and in terms of character formation.

It’s also vital to consider the learning styles and needs of your child. Some curricula favor a hands-on approach while others are more traditional. You want a program that plays to your child’s strengths, fostering a love for learning and spiritual growth.

Remember, a curriculum must align with your educational philosophy. Whether you lean towards classical education, Charlotte Mason, or unschooling, make sure the curriculum supports your family’s approach to learning.

Flexibility is key in homeschooling. Check if the curriculum allows for adjustments. Life happens; you’ll want materials that can bend with your unique schedule and circumstances without sacrificing educational quality.

Lastly, community support is significant. Homeschooling can be isolating, so a curriculum with a robust support network can be a godsend. This includes access to online forums, parent guides, and opportunities for group learning which can be invaluable.

When armed with the right information, selecting a Christian homeschool curriculum that aligns with your family’s values becomes a more manageable task. Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll find a program that nurtures not just the mind, but also the heart and spirit of your child.

Top Christian Homeschool Curriculums for Elementary Students

When you’re hunting for the best Christian homeschool curriculum for elementary students, you want a program that makes learning exciting and spiritually enriching. You’ll discover several options that stand out due to their biblical foundation and educational quality.

Abeka boasts a rich history and a traditional approach to education. Their engaging workbooks and lesson plans are designed to instill strong reading skills and a biblical worldview from a young age.

Another well-respected choice is BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum. Known for its structured approach, BJU Press offers a thorough, concept-based curriculum. Its integration of Christian principles helps kids see the world through a scriptural lens.

If you’re aiming for something more tailored, Heart of Dakota could be up your alley. It uniquely caters to your child’s learning style with hands-on activities and flexible schedules, embedded within a Christian framework.

The My Father’s World curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical perspective. It’s a blended method that encourages critical thinking and a love for God’s creation.

For those leaning towards a classical education model, Classical Conversations provides a community-based, rigorous approach. It embodies the trivium – grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages – while embedding Christian values.

Lastly, Sonlight emphasizes literature-based learning. It exposes students to rich literature and diverse perspectives, all while maintaining a strong Christian foundation.

As you explore these curriculums, remember to consider how each one aligns with your child’s unique needs and your family’s educational goals. It’s not just about academics; it’s about shaping hearts and minds for a lifetime of learning and faithfulness.

Christian Homeschool Curriculums for Middle Schoolers

Selecting the right curriculum for your middle schooler is crucial as they begin to require more challenging material, as well as deeper biblical integration. You’ll find that curriculums for this age group often expand on elementary concepts while providing a more rigorous academic experience.

Abeka’s approach becomes more intense, with a sharp focus on biblical character through traditional educational techniques. Their assignments are structured to promote discipline and self-reliance. Lessons are often taught from a biblical viewpoint, ensuring that your child’s faith continues to grow with their intellect.

BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum steps up to interactive online options and textbooks that delve deeply into Christian philosophy. Each subject is presented from a Christian worldview, encouraging students to see how God’s truth intersects with every area of life.

Heart of Dakota takes a unit study approach with Christ-centered lessons that weave together history, geography, and science. This hands-on learning experience is designed to engage your middle schooler’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of how God’s plans are revealed in the world.

My Father’s World incorporates more structured biblical content, aiming to prepare students for high school. They emphasize biblical truth in science and history, fostering an appreciation for God’s creation and historical providence.

Classical Conversations ups the ante by emphasizing classical education methods, training students in a biblical worldview through advanced studies in logic, debate, and research. The focus is heavy on equipping them to reason and articulate their faith effectively.

Sonlight continues to offer literature-rich lessons that immerse your middle schooler in Christian perspectives across various cultures and times. This curriculum encourages them to think critically about their faith in a global context.

Adapting to your middle schooler’s growing capacities and spiritual maturity is what these curriculums are designed for. Each offers a blend of academic rigor and faith-based teaching, ensuring that your middle schooler is not just academically equipped but also spiritually nurtured.

Best High School Christian Homeschool Curriculums

Navigating the high school years can be complex, but finding the right Christian homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be. Each curriculum is designed to prepare your teen for college and beyond, grounding them in both a solid academic foundation and Christian worldview.


Abeka stands out for its advanced placement (AP) and honors courses. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a curriculum that offers a traditional approach with a biblical foundation.

  • Rigorous academic standards
  • Textbook-based learning
  • Video lessons for enhanced understanding

BJU Press Homeschool

BJU Press delivers a thorough Christ-centered education. With its broad range of subjects and integration of biblical truths, it prepares students to engage the world intellectually and spiritually.

  • Interactive online platform
  • Critical thinking emphasis
  • Diverse elective options

Alpha Omega Publications

Alpha Omega Publications offers the Monarch online curriculum, which is known for its flexibility and customization. Perfect for the tech-savvy student who thrives in an interactive digital environment.

  • Multimedia-rich lessons
  • Self-paced, automated grading
  • Real-time content updates


Sonlight’s literature-based approach is crafted to instill a love for learning and a heart for the world. Their high school packages come with a variety of book-rich courses that encourage deep thinking and discussion.

  • Comprehensive literature sets
  • Worldview-shaping resources
  • College-prep writing instruction

With these high school curriculums, your student will engage in higher-level thinking and complex problem-solving, all within a framework that honors their faith and prepares them for the future. Remember, homeschooling during the high school years is not just about academics; it’s about fostering maturity, responsibility, and a love for God that your teen will carry into adulthood.


You’ve explored some top-notch Christian homeschool curriculums tailored for high schoolers, each with its unique way of weaving faith into learning. Remember, the right fit for your family depends on your educational goals and your child’s learning style. So take your time, pray about it, and trust that you’ll make the best choice to prepare your teen for college and life’s journey, with a strong Christian foundation at the heart of it all. Happy homeschooling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christian homeschooling?

Christian homeschooling is an educational approach that integrates Christian principles and teachings with academic learning at home.

Can Christian homeschool curriculums prepare students for college?

Yes, many Christian homeschool curriculums are designed to be rigorous and provide the necessary preparation for college.

What are some Christian homeschool curriculum options for high school?

Notable options for high school include Abeka, BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications, and Sonlight.

Do these curriculums include standardized testing preparation?

Most Christian homeschool curriculums for high school include preparation for standardized tests as part of their academic programs.

Is it important to choose a curriculum that aligns with a Christian worldview?

For Christian families, choosing a curriculum that aligns with their Christian worldview is often important for the spiritual development of their children alongside academic growth.