Best Books for Christian Singles

It can be difficult to navigate the world as a single when everyone around you is dating. While being single can be disappointing, dating can also be challenging. But have you ever wondered what God has to say about these times in our lives? How can we consider seasons of singleness to be a gift? Or how do we find companionship with purpose, terminate relationships wisely, and prepare for marriage if it is what God has in store for us?

Best Books for Christian Singles

It is impossible to grow as a person without access to books. If you’re looking for something that’s both entertaining and educational, you always want to indulge in a good book to find your answers. There are books out there that can mislead you or provide you with inaccurate information. When it comes to leading a Christian life, you must exercise caution regarding what you read. So you don’t have to worry about tainting your religious beliefs.

If you are a single person looking for some advice on how to live, find love, or find peace within yourself, the best books for Christian singles can be the guiding light for you. One can be inspired, challenged, and motivated by such works to embrace their singleness. These also have a lot of wisdom and fun in them. They can also assist you in discovering where you should be, based on divine guidance.

The 4 Best Books for Christian Singles

We have rounded up our suggestions for the best books for Christian singles to read here.

Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships

One of the best books for Christian singles is this self-help book. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, two doctors, wrote this book about establishing limits. Since its publication thirty years ago, this best-selling Christian book has aided more than two million readers.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s The Boundaries, recently updated for modern audiences, feature timeless concepts. The new version relates to today’s digital age and enables individuals to create limits in their interactions and relationships. It all boils down to safeguarding oneself against unwholesome commitments.

Distinguishing between personal and professional boundaries can be both liberating and eye-opening for a single individual, whether they are looking for a relationship or enjoying a bachelor’s life. It can help you learn which relationships are worth investing in and which aren’t and helps create boundaries, whether at work or home.

This book did not take a “legalistic” approach to define boundaries. The book’s approach to setting boundaries focuses more on the importance of making godly choices within the context of a relationship rather than imposing rigid ones on those already in it.

7 Myths about Singleness

Assumptions about what it means to be a single person are often based on misinformation or are at the very least misleading. To be single, we frequently assume, is to be isolated and hampered in our spiritual journey. The Bible, on the other hand, portrays being unmarried as a blessing from God. Unmarried Christians can benefit from reading this book because it will help them appreciate being single as a gift from God and help them realize their role in the church’s growth.

Sam Allberry explores all the assumptions regarding singleness and celibacy that are buried in our subconscious. He utilizes the Bible to demolish these presuppositions and offers us a better path. Singleness is a topic that is often overlooked, but 7 Myths about Singleness offers a Biblically-based take on the subject. By removing the stigma of singleness, Allberry hopes to help Christians navigate the roles that single people play in the church of Christ.

Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right

The authors’ goal is to assist women in understanding that being a good woman is more important than merely finding the appropriate man. In the book, Ruth, a biblical heroine, serves as a role model for biblically-minded women everywhere. The original best-seller gets even better in this new edition with a personal notebook and a study guide.

Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones have written Lady in Waiting as a guide for single women. This book provides excellent suggestions to help you quit obsessing over Mr. Right. Instead, you’ll tell them to put their faith in God. It’s great that diaries and study notes are included as you can read it every day and glean some insight from it and try to see past society’s view that a woman is only whole if she is married.

Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality

This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about the nature of sexual desire and theological perspectives on both singleness and marriage. In this useful and hopeful book, Soul Virgins, renowned Christian sex therapists Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson collaborate to help readers understand sexuality and relationships in ways that go beyond what our “do it if it feels good” culture suggests. People who are single and married can benefit from this in-depth exploration of what sexuality entails.

Having sex isn’t the only aspect of sexuality. How we engage with the world is what matters. The way we see the world and the nature of our interactions is shaped by our gender, whether we identify as male or female. When it comes to sexuality, it doesn’t matter if you have sex or not to be expressing yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

These are some of the best books for Christian singles that will help you deal with temptations, disputes, and hardships in a constantly changing world. When you’re feeling lonely, you’ll be able to gain some moral support from those around you.

The social stigma attached to being a single person is also questioned. Because of your newfound faith, you will be inspired to live a more meaningful Christian life. Even if you’re a lone wolf, you’ll discover God’s plan for your life, regardless of your gender.