7 Best Bibles for New Christian Women

Are you new to Christianity? What prompted you to search for this religion in the first place? Do you want to deepen your relationship with Christ? If yes, then let us help you find the Bible that best suits your needs and preferences.

7 Best Bibles for New Christian Women

Since every woman is different, there isn’t a single study or devotional Bible that will suit her. Therefore, this article offers you a quick rundown of some of the best Bible for new Christian women. Read on!

Best Bible for New Christian Women

The following are the best Bibles for new Christian women:

1. Daily Devotionals for Women

A year’s worth of devotionals is included in this devotional Bible. These devotionals are presented in chronological order, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. While each devotional has a single scriptural reference, you can look up other scriptures mentioned in the text.

The verses for the following day can be found on each page of the current devotional. Instead of being sorted by date, the devotionals are numbered. There are only a few pages in each devotional, making them a breeze to get through.

Each of these devotionals will take little more than two minutes of your time to complete. Devotionals are put beside the reference Bible texts in the Bible, making it a wonderful feature. Everything a woman who wants to study the Bible needs can be found in Thomas Nelson’s Woman’s Study Bible.

This Bible includes different ways to help you find balance, transformation, and hope for women in today’s world. Women who use the Bible study will learn how to be virtuous and gain entry into heaven’s eternal kingdom.

2. The Woman’s Study Bible

This Bible study has been given a facelift. It now features a full-color design for improved readability and appeal. It was made for and by women that understand the dilemma of juggling religion with societal norms, especially for a woman. The women-centric theme is clear in its design.

Thomas Nelson’s Woman’s Bible study includes contributions from women from various ethnic, occupational, educational, and denominational backgrounds, making it helpful to women of all ages and professions.

3. Journaling Bible for Women – Thrive

Women who want to learn more about God and grow closer to Him should use the Thrive devotional Bible. A life filled with abundance, fulfillment, and joy in Christ is what God desires for everyone. And that is what this bible study depicts in detail.

The author closes each devotional with a prayer for the reader, offering a daily reflection on a chapter of Scripture and an invitation to pray for others. Women are encouraged to lay their burdens at the foot of the cross so that they might truly thrive as the woman God designed them to be.

4. Bible – New International Version

In this book, women will discover new ways to thrive in today’s world. What’s on your mind at the moment? Is there a problem at home or with a friend? Is it the awe and excitement that a new baby brings? In certain cases, it could be a disagreement with a coworker. Are you mourning a loss of a loved one? Does a specific occasion bring you joy?

No matter what you are feeling, whether it’s a joyous celebration or a life-changing event, the Bible has a chapter dedicated to it. The Bible has been given to you as a gift for the sake of your growth in your relationship with God.

5. NIV Bible

The NIV Bible includes an introduction by Shauna Niequist and various articles from women who want to share their stories with you, inspiring you to do better in life. From social justice and economic inequality to personal challenges, including prayer, decision making, relationships, and infertility, this Bible study has everything for you.

This book can help you meet new people and deepen your relationships with those you already know. The NIV Bible for Women will help you grow closer to God by allowing you to study God’s Word, soak up his love, and then share your experience with others.

6. The MacArthur Bible

MacArthur’s Study Bible is one of the most highly respected Bible study resources available today. Among the authors, many works are those on leadership, biblical interpretation, and other subject matters. MacArthur is well-known in the academic world for his contributions to scholarship with more than 50 years in the pulpit.

Many translations, including the NKJV, NASB, and others, offer to study Bibles in multiple languages. MacArthur’s decades of preaching expertise are shown in this book when it comes to biblical knowledge.

Even though new Christians, especially women, should generally avoid Bibles with commentary from a single individual, John MacArthur is a trusted source for Biblical interpretations. There have already been two million MacArthur Study Bibles distributed.

7. Apologetics

Anyone Christian will face an argument against their beliefs that they can’t answer. While there will always be unanswered questions in life, it is reassuring to know that some can be answered. Apologetics is the study of rational justifications for your beliefs. If the new Christians are asked to give an explanation of why they have come to Christ, they can turn to apologetics to prepare for the answers.

First-time Bible readers might benefit greatly from the Apologetics Study Bible because it provides a new perspective on the text. They will find in-depth essays that investigate opposing viewpoints and present convincing evidence to help students better grasp their reading chapters. You should buy the hard copy rather than the e-book to benefit from the added content.

Our Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on the seven best Bibles for new Christian women. If you are struggling with your faith or having a hard time understanding a certain matter at hand, you should turn towards Christ and ask for his health.

Choose any Bible study mentioned in this article for assistance. Remember, a woman’s Bible is tailored to meet her special requirements. Choose wisely from various Bibles shown above for spiritual sustenance and support.