Best Christian Names for Businesses

If you have a business mind and a religious heart, you can combine the two. You can start a business and attach your beliefs to its name. That will make you feel closer to God and allow you to make a sincere living. Whatever you’re passionate about, just start a business from it.

Best Christian Names for Businesses

The more you stay in touch with your religious side, the more blessed you’ll feel by God as He always rewards His loyal servants. What would be better than having God by your side while you earn your way to the top. This article will help you develop a few Christian names for your business to get you started.

Adding Your Beliefs to Your Business

Incorporating your religious values into a business may be the first step toward success if you’re looking for a way to develop your niche. It’s all right if you don’t know what kind of business you want to start.

However, you can always enlist God’s help by reaching out to Him and seeking your heart’s most genuine desires. We often don’t realize what we want, but God always does, so ask Him for help, and He will come through.

You’ll be happy to know that there are numerous ways to attach your religious principles to a business. All you need are a few ideas to combine Christianity with corporate, and you might be looking at a potential empire.

If you wish to come up with an excellent idea that lets you commemorate your Christian values, you’ll have to sit down and reach deep down to understand what values you genuinely respect and look for.

For example, you can always open a bookstore that sells religious books. Another business idea includes a Christian gift shop that only sells Christianity-themed items. These are just two examples; there are a plethora of concepts that you can explore.

If you sincerely believe in God’s power and are super faithful to Him, you’ll undoubtedly launch a business God will approve of. This fact alone can skyrocket you to success.

Adding your Christian values to your business will reflect what you believe in the most, attracting a Christian crown. The more truthful you are to yourself and your business, the more God will bless you with a significant customer base and ringing cash registers. God reads everyone’s intention, and if your heart is in the right place, you and God will be good!

How to Name a Christian Business

Naming a Christian business may test your creativity levels to the max, but once you come up with the perfect name, you’ll know the patience and effort were worth it. The business’s name must reflect your values and beliefs, so it must be innovative yet practical. It won’t hurt if it’s witty, too; a good sense of humor goes a long way for your marketing strategies. Below are a few tips:

Scripture References

You’ll know what the scriptures say if you’ve frequently read the Bible. If you can’t think of a business name on the top of your head, you can always repeat the scripture. You might come across something that’ll click. However, it should also make sense and shouldn’t be a random name. Think of what your business really does, and then look for a word in the scriptures.

Puns Never Get Old

This may challenge your creativity levels, but naming your business with a name that serves as a pun can prove super for you. Everybody loves puns, period. Your potential customers might get more attracted to your business. Who knows, you might create a memorable brand name. For example, you can name your café “Hebrews Coffee.” Get it? He brews coffee? Just a thought!

Your Name May Prove Lucky

Another way to go about naming your business is by adding your name. Yes, it would help plenty if you had a Christian name, like Agnes, Eve, Mary, Thea, etc. But even if you don’t, you can still add your name to the business to honor yourself and your Christian-themed business. It may strike a chord with a few potential customers; you never know.

Christian Names for Businesses

If you haven’t yet come up with a Christian name for your business, this list might help you. It would help plenty if you tried to reflect your values in your business’s name.

The ARK Grocery Store

We’re sure you must know Noah’s story and how God blessed his entire family by providing food for them and making them survive the disastrous flood. Since it all took place on the ARK, you can name your grocery store. Another idea: you can stock it with kosher foods too.

Holy Waters Dry Cleaning

Won’t your customers be satisfied to know Holy Waters are being used to wash their clothes? You’ve probably understood where we’re going with this, and combining the concept of Holy Water and dirty clothes is a wise yet fun approach.

Sandalphon’s Music Store

Sandalphon is the angel of music who uses music to help Earthly people communicate with God while they pray. Adding his name to your music store would make sense as Sandalphon rules over music in heaven, and now he’ll rule your music store too. Pretty fitting, if you ask us.

Preach It, Don’t Screech It

This can be an apt name for a workshop. The name suggests your potential customers not screech their vehicle’s tires while also emphasizing preaching. In other words, you’re preaching to your customers not to screech! It makes sense in our heads; please tell us it does in yours too?

Second Heaven Bakery

A bakery full of heavenly treats! The name basically suggests the bakery is second heaven, apart from the actual heaven. It can be your very own rendition of what heaven may look like. You can decorate the bakery the way you imagine heaven to be in your head. Also, you can sell scrumptious desserts that take people to heaven mentally! We already can’t wait to be there.