Who Was Jesus’ Mother?

Have you ever wondered Who Was Jesus’ Mother? If yes, the gospels of Mathew and Luke in the New Testament state that Mary was Jesus’ mother. Mary is also called St. Mary or the Virgin Mary and is highly revered by the Christian Church. Mary was a Jewish woman from Nazareth in the 1st century. She was married to Joseph, a carpenter by profession.

Who Was Jesus’ Mother?

The first account of Mary is the story of Annunciation, which states that Mary lived in Nazareth and was married to Joseph. This is in Luke 1:26ff, whereas her last mention is when she is accompanied by some people praying after the ascension of Jesus to Heaven. The New Testament and the Quran (the book of Muslims) claim that Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus. Christian theology states that Mary got pregnant with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This was when Mary was accompanying Joseph to Bethlehem, which became the birthplace of Jesus.

Within Christianity, Mary is perceived as one of the greatest saints. Christians and believers of other faiths revere her due to her holiness and virtue.

Let’s consider some facts about Who Was Jesus’ Mother below.

Mary Was and Remained a Virgin

The book of Mathew in the Gospel tells us that Mary conceived Jesus before she and Joseph consummated their marriage. Hence Christians believe Mary conceived a child from the Holy Spirit. Within the Christian faith, it is believed that Mary remained a virgin even after the birth of Jesus. The status of virgin fit Mary as she was seen as the ‘mother of God’ or also titled ‘God-bearer.’ The western church also held a council in Rome where it was declared that it was an article of faith to believe that Jesus was conceived by Mary’ without seed’ and that she remained a virgin even after giving birth to him.

Mary Was Without Sin

Western theology states that Mary was born sinless and never committed a sin. Within Christianity, the topic of whether Mary was born without ‘original sin’ is debatable. Theology does state that all humans are born with original sin. This is a genetic result of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden. One stance was that Mary was born without original sin. Another stance of the debate was that even if Mary had been caused by sin, she was redeemed from it due to the death and the resurrection of her Son, Jesus Christ.

Mary Had Courage and Strategy

Christian art almost always portrays Mary as an extremely pious person. However, the Gospels tell us that Mary was also very strategic and courageous. She tried to protect Jesus when she found out he was in trouble and about his crucifixion.

The Catholic and Protestant Debate

Many Protestants believe that Catholics over-emphasize the importance given to Mary. At the same time, the Catholics believe that Protestants ignore Mary. The Protestants claim that Catholics regard Mary as divine, which takes the emphasis away from Jesus. The Protestants have based their belief entirely on the guidance provided in the Bible, whereas the Catholics base their ideology on the Bible’s and the Roman Catholic Church’s guidance.

Mary in the Quran

The Quran is the Holy book of the Islamic faith. What’s interesting to note is that the Quran honors Mary in more ways than the Bible does. The entire chapter of ‘Maryam’ is dedicated to the virgin Mary. The Quran also mentions Virgin Mary more times than she is mentioned in the New Testament. Even in the Quran, it is written that Mary gave birth to Jesus despite being a virgin. She had experienced many miracles even before the birth of Jesus. Fruits out of season would be found in her chamber, and when Zechariah asked about them, she replied that they were from God.

Mary’s Passing

The Bible does not mention Mary’s death; all we know about it stems from a fictitious narrative. Many stories give insight into her last days, the funeral and burial, and the resurrection. Almost all the stories state that Mary has been resurrected by Jesus and is welcomed to heaven. The account by John, the bishop of Thessalonica, is particularly well-known. This account tells us that an angel informed Mary that her death would occur in three days. Mary calls her relatives and friends to stay with her for two nights, and instead of grieving, they sing. Three days forth Mary’s passing and her funeral, apostles visit her tomb only to discover that it is empty and she is taken away by Christ.

Mary’s Roles

Mary is one of the most notable figures in the Christian tradition. She fulfills the role of a mother in early Christianity and is a great role model for all mothers. Mary also provides us with a strong female figure right at the center of all events. This is rather important because, at times, Christianity can be interpreted as rather male-dominated as many primary characters within the New Testament are male. But Mary’s role sheds light on females within the Christian tradition.

Our Final Thoughts

Mary plays an integral part in the Christian religion. She is a favorite in Western art, literature, and music dynamics. Much of Mary is known through Biblical references. However, these accounts are too scarce to form a clear and detailed biography. Mary’s role is an example for all Christians through accounts of her humility, piousness, and obedience to the word of God. Mary is also one of those few women mentioned in scripture whose lives were already prophesized centuries before birth. All the Testaments of John, Luke, Mark, and Mathew give us insight into Mary’s life and ministry as they are entirely focused on the Savior, Jesus Christ.