who is joanna in the bible

Discover the Inspiring Story of Joanna in the Bible: A Guide for Curious Christians

If you’re interested in learning more about Christianity and the stories within the Bible, you may have come across the name Joanna. While she may not be as well-known as some of the other biblical figures, Joanna plays an important role in the New Testament.

who is joanna in the bible

In this article, we’ll provide an introduction to Joanna in the Bible, explore her background and connection to Jesus, discuss her role in Jesus’ ministry, and examine the significance of her presence in the resurrection story. We’ll also highlight some lessons that can be learned from Joanna’s story.

So whether you’re a new Christian or simply curious about the story of Joanna, keep reading to learn more about this fascinating biblical figure.

An Introduction to Joanna in the Bible

Joanna is a woman mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, and her story is one of great faith and perseverance. In Luke 8:3, she is listed as one of the women who traveled with Jesus and his disciples, supporting them financially out of their own means. This act alone shows Joanna’s dedication to Christ and his mission.

According to Luke 24:10, Joanna was also among the women who witnessed Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Her unwavering belief in Jesus even after his death demonstrates her deep faith in him as Lord.

While little else is known about Joanna’s life beyond these mentions in scripture, we can still learn valuable lessons from her example. Her actions serve as an inspiration for us all to use our resources for good causes like supporting those spreading God’s love.

As Christians seeking to grow closer to God through studying His Word, it’s important that we take heed not only of what certain individuals did but also how they lived their lives within Christian values such as kindnesses or helping others less fortunate than ourselves – just like Johanna did by generously giving support!

In conclusion , Joanna may have been a relatively unknown figure back then but today she serves an example for believers everywhere on how selfless acts can make all difference when it comes down living out your faith!

Joanna’s background and connection to Jesus

Joanna, also known as Joanna the wife of Chuza, was a woman mentioned in the New Testament who had a profound connection to Jesus. She is believed to have been one of Jesus’ female disciples and played an integral role in spreading his message.

Although not much is known about Joanna’s background, it is believed that she may have come from a wealthy family. According to Luke 8:3, she was among several women who provided financial support for Jesus and his disciples during their travels.

In addition to her financial contributions, Joanna also played an important role in supporting Jesus’ ministry through her actions. It’s said that she witnessed many miraculous healings performed by Jesus and was deeply moved by his teachings.

One particular story involving Joanna highlights her dedication to spreading the word of God. After witnessing the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, she rushed back to tell the other disciples what had happened – even though they initially did not believe her account.

Overall, Joanna serves as an inspiration for Christians everywhere who seek guidance on how they can best serve God with their talents and resources. Her unwavering faith in both Christ’s message and ability has left behind a powerful legacy that continues to inspire people today.

Joanna’s role in Jesus’s ministry

Joanna, a woman mentioned in the New Testament, played a significant role in Jesus’ ministry. She was one of the women who accompanied Jesus and his disciples on their travels and provided financial support for their mission.

Despite living in a patriarchal society where women were often marginalized, Joanna fearlessly stepped forward to serve alongside men in spreading the message of love and redemption. Her unwavering devotion to Christ is an inspiration to all Christians who seek to live out their faith boldly.

In Luke 8:3, it is recorded that Joanna was married to Chuza, an official at King Herod’s court. This fact makes her involvement with Jesus even more remarkable as it demonstrates that she risked social ostracization by associating herself with someone deemed controversial by those around her.

It is also worth noting that when Mary Magdalene went to visit Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning after His crucifixion, Joanna was among the group of women who joined her (Luke 24:10). This highlights how deeply invested she was not only during Christ’s ministry but also following His death.

Joanna serves as a reminder that anyone can play an important part in furthering God’s kingdom regardless of societal expectations or limitations. As Christians today strive towards making Christianity inclusive for all people regardless of gender or status just like how Joanna did centuries ago.

The significance of Joanna’s presence in the resurrection story

Joanna is a significant figure in the resurrection story, as she played an important role in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. As one of Jesus’ female disciples, Joanna was present at his crucifixion and burial, and it was she who discovered that his tomb was empty on the third day.


Despite being a woman in a patriarchal society, Joanna did not let societal norms hold her back from spreading the gospel. She boldly proclaimed that Jesus had risen from the dead to other disciples and apostles, even when they were skeptical or hesitant to believe.

Joanna’s presence in the resurrection story serves as a reminder of how pivotal women have been throughout Christian history. Her bravery and conviction set an example for all believers to follow – regardless of gender or any other factor – that we must be bold witnesses for Christ.

As we reflect on Joanna’s impact on Christianity today, may we be inspired by her courage to share our faith with others without hesitation or fear. Let us remember that just like Joanna played an important role in spreading God’s message two thousand years ago so can every believer play their part today!

Lessons to be learned from Joanna’s story in the Bible

Joanna, a woman mentioned in the Bible, has much to teach us about faith and devotion. While her story is brief, it is powerful and inspiring.

According to the Gospel of Luke, Joanna was one of several women who followed Jesus during his ministry. She was married to Chuza, an official in Herod’s court.

Despite her position of privilege and power within society, Joanna chose to leave it behind in order to follow Jesus. This decision required great courage and faith on her part.

Her commitment did not go unnoticed by Christ himself – he healed her from a chronic illness as a sign of his love for her.

From Joanna’s story we can learn the importance of putting our trust in God even when it requires sacrifice or stepping outside our comfort zone. We can also see the value that Christ places on all people regardless of their social status or background.

As we strive towards living out these values ourselves today as Christians let us remember what Joana had gone through and how she stood firm with unwavering faith amidst tough times; may we too find strength through our own trials by looking up towards Him who never fails us!


Joanna’s story in the Bible is an inspiring reminder of how faith and determination can have a lasting impact on our lives. She was devoted to Jesus Christ and his ministry, even during difficult times. Through her example, we can learn many lessons about loyalty and courage that are essential for any person who wants to follow God with their life. As you reflect on Joanna’s journey, remember this – when faced with adversity or doubt, trust in God’s greater plan for your life. To learn more about living out your faith join us at our weekly Christian bible study sessions!