What is Christian Love?

Love is mysterious, as it can be defined as an action as well as an emotion or a combination of both. Scientific studies explain it as our brain’s chemical reaction that triggers all the feelings claimed as love. Therefore, scientifically, it is just another by-product that human brain chemistry produces, and nothing is truly real. This is developed from the age of human evolution, millions of years ago.

What is Christian Love?

However, looking at the Bible verses, love seems to be beyond an action, emotion, or merely a chemical reaction; Christian love is a lifestyle. Christian love is about loving Jesus and his teachings. It’s about following in his footsteps and loving others the way he does. If needed, Christian love does not ask to hold back on sacrificing even your own life. Everyone carries emotion and love for their loved one, but Christian love is about having compassion and love towards people who are not close to you, such as those against you, and always trying to pull you down.

Moreover, Jesus Christ taught us to see well in the unworthy, love them, and try to make their life better. The Bible tells its followers not to hold grudges against the haters; in fact, bend down and resolve the issues. The love of Christ never disapproves of conduct, traditions, lifestyle, or religious opinions of anybody. It approves being inclusive, compassionate and demonstrates acceptance of all humankind.

Love of Omission

Love of omission doesn’t mean that our acts are legal if we’re doing it out of love. It refers to being declared righteous by the mercies of God and fulfilling the law by loving others as Jesus taught us. The concept of omission is simple, to not get engaged in activities that you would not prefer for yourself. For instance, don’t commit adultery if you would not want to do it with your partner, don’t kill someone if losing your loved one would hurt you, don’t steal if you would not prefer your valuables to be stolen, and don’t have a lust for someone if you wouldn’t want someone to lust after your wife/husband. In exemplifying Christian love, acts of omission are among many methods. However, this does not indicate that only Christians are capable of loving others, as God’s moral law is for people of all kinds, regardless of their faith, race, color, etc. Morals acts against theft, murder, adultery, and so on observe a culture rather than faith.

Love of Commission

It’s easier for people to do things for others out of obligation, but Christian love involves all acts for the love and glory of God only. You must think beyond for the benefit of people. If you intend to seek advantage from someone in return for loving someone, then you must consider it will not be referred to as Christian Love. Jesus Christ has given us guidelines on the way someone should be loved. We as Christian have to portray our loving characteristics to the best of our ability. While in a relationship, the followers of Christ must pray to empower them.

Characteristics of Christian love

Christian Love is Sacrificial

In general, we love so many things around us. But, what do we mean when we use the word ‘love’? At least in the culture, the term “love” is about receiving. Our love is generally based on being benefited by someone physically, intellectually, or emotionally. To put it in simple words, the phrase ‘we’ reflects what we want, not what we wish to give. However, Christian love means the opposite because of its sacrificial nature. It emphasizes the act of giving rather than taking from another. In its truest meaning, love in Christianity is all about sacrifice. The faith in Christ constitutes being there for others rather than always thinking about your benefit.

Christian Love is Demonstrated

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean hurting people with our words. However, in Christianity, the words that describe your love for someone need to be demonstrated in action truthfully. Hence, Christian love is demonstrated; it is not merely stated in speech or word. As indicated by the famous quote, “actions speak louder than words,” the same must be followed in Christianity.

Christian Love Is Taking Initiative

In many scenarios, love is used as a weapon or a bargaining chip. Many tend to hold it back and want the other person to warrant it first. Ironically, we advocate the free use of words, yet in reality, we stay cautious when they’re needed the most. But this is not what Christian love believes in; it encourages us to take the initiative and don’t wait for someone. Christian love seeks out, pursues, and goes beyond the comfort level to share feelings with someone worthy of our love. The same goes for our love for God, and you must seek ways to love He by taking the initiative to learn about the faith and reading Bible.

Our Final Thoughts

Christian love is all about loving like Jesus and taking the initiative, demonstrating in actions, and sacrificing for the sake of loved ones. This is a unique kind of love as it should be. The person of faith should reflect upon and represent Jesus in the best possible way. So to answer ‘What is Christian love?’ we can say that it is the lifestyle that we must follow to extend the love of God to people in our lives and act on behalf of Jesus Christ. Jesus, as part of his sacrifice for humankind, has taught us the way to live as children of God, and love is a major part of it. Loving one another will reflect you are His followers. People unknown to this phenomenon will gain knowledge of Christ and admire the faith and its teachings as a whole.