What is a Christian Protestant?

Protestantism is an early religious movement in Christianity that began in the early 16th century as a reaction to the catholic. The name protestant comes from the fact that it started as a protest. Who or what were the people protesting against? The catholic. Let’s take a closer look at this movement and see how it has shaped Christianity over the years and how it has affected the rest of the world.

Reason Why People Protested

What is a Christian Protestant?

Various movements in world history have been a reaction to the extremist values of one school of thought. In the case of religion, this has been a norm since the advent of time that people have protested against one doctrine, resulting in massive rebellion or mass disruption within the society.

The same applies to Christian Protestants. A theologian named Martin Luther proposed a posted debate over the laws of indulgence. His simple act had no original intention of dividing the religion. However, it did result in the inevitable division.

Martin Luther and The Churches

Protestantism is one of three leading branches of Christianity. His method was a bit unorthodox as he hammered his Ninety-five Theses to the doors of the Castle Church of Wittenberg in Saxony. This was more adverse as it resulted in the Roman catholic churches’ splitting- churches that had a thousand-year-old history and extreme religious value.

The divide was between two different groups present in Christianity: One group. or one church, was the one loyal to the Pope of Rome, and the other was the one who was protesting against the Pope: Soon to be called the protestants.

Christian Protestant Beliefs

The Bible is the Ultimate Authority in Religious Matters:

This core belief changed a lot of the traditional Christianity beliefs as the believers did not have any such regard for the holy scripture as being the sole dictator of their belief system.

The Bible was all respected and kept at a high stature, but the Catholics still believed that the church would be the deciding authority. This was one of the core belief systems as it founded the Restoration movement as well, the principles of which Martin Luther had laid out.

Human Beings are Saved Only by God’s Grace:

This belief system completely subsided the Pope as it registered the Holy Spirit as the only deciding entity even if they considered it an ‘unearned gift,’ something that is another core belief of the theory, that God’s grace and love are for all.

All Christians Are Priests

Now, this is the one concept that was extremely interesting and which stood out the most. As per Martin Luther’s rebellion against indulgence: the concept that all Christians are priests implied that they could beg pardon from God themselves and confess their sins directly, rather than having a middleman confess it for them and tell them whether they are pardoned or not.

The Popularity of Protestants in the Modern Times

This movement gained a lot of popularity due to the concept of partnering themselves rather than having somebody else interfere in your matters.

People felt the need to protest against this very factor because the churches during the dark ages were extreme in their punishments. They had policies that did not allow people to live life on their terms, making it a living hell for them.

In modern times, we see societies such as the Canadians, which are much more secularized societies because many non-protestants marry into protestants. This increasing freedom and regularity have enabled people to have a new perspective on religion and be more private and their religious affairs. People have suffered in the past because of extreme religious opinions, so now people have become much more private in their practices.

One of the significant reasons Christian Protestant beliefs got popular is that people wanted to be more private and have more independence in their practices.

Personal Connection with God

Due to the increasingly severe punishments on behalf of the church, people started to feel afraid of religion. However, this drove them further away; they could not openly protest or deny anything.

This put them at a loss. Religion sent for all of humanity, and its betterment became a liability for all the struggling people and maintaining spiritual life. Protestant beliefs freed people from this concept it allowed them to embrace freedom and independence within themselves.

Even in modern times, non-protestants and protestants are getting married. This is a massive sign that these people were now capable of making their own decisions. As before all of this, the churches decided such personal decisions, which dictated the lives of all such individuals.

When we look at it in modern times, all of this fiasco proves that people must be given liberty over what they believe; otherwise, they will create havoc. Men do not need a lot of motivation to stand divided. They just need a little bit of push, so we must put extra effort into uniting people rather than dividing them.

The debate over which Christian is a better follower of Christianity is a debate that has been going on for decades, but it is without fruition.

Our Final Thoughts

What are our final thoughts on Christian Protestants? Religion was not sent down to divide people.


It is a uniting factor that must be beyond all Catholic or protestant Christians. We must come together on our similarities rather than indulging in differences, specifically if they are differences of the spirit.

OUR spirit is an essence of the Holy Spirit, so it must be respected and regarded against all odds.