Popular Christian Names and Their Meanings

Naming a baby is often an overwhelming moment for parents, whether they are becoming parents for the first time or the seventh! The Old Testament is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, which was composed thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. A century after Christ, Christians penned the New Testament. In both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, you can discover a wide variety of baby names. Having them as a part of your child’s narrative might be intriguing. If the significance of a baby’s name is important to you, do some research on the origins of the names you’re considering.

Popular Christian Names and Their Meanings

For generations, Christian and non-Christian parents alike have chosen biblical baby names as their first choice for their children. It’s common for Biblical baby names to have strong meanings that are typically associated with strong personality characteristics.

Popular Christian Names and their Meanings

Are you looking for a divine, popular Christian name for your unborn child? If you’d want to honor a family member by naming your child after them, these well-known classics are ideal.

1. Abigail

This timeless name has remained popular in English-speaking nations and Europe, although spellings tend to differ, despite the name’s long history. “The delight of the father” is what Abigail means in Hebrew, which is likely to resonate with many expectant fathers. Adorable pet names for your child Abigail are Abby and Gail, two great alternatives.

Fun Fact: Abigail was an educated, affluent, and handsome lady who is recognized as one of the few female prophets of the Old Testament

1. Anna

Hannah’s daughter, Anna, is one of the most popular baby names for females. When it comes to the name “Ann,” there are several other options, including “Anne,” “Anna,” and “Annie”. This is a time-honored name that is popular both in Europe and the United States because of its short and beautiful sound.

Fun fact: Hannah was Elkanah’s wife, according to the Bible. According to the Gospel of Luke, Anna is a Temple nanny who tells everyone that the infant Jesus would save Jerusalem.

2. Chloe

Look no farther than the Bible for a springtime-sounding biblical female name. You’re in for a treat! The ancient Greek word “fresh green shoot” conjures images of blooms and new vitality. It’s also the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility, Demeter.

3. Delilah

Delilah means “delicate”. The short form of this name is the airy and fun Lila. Delilah was the famous Samson’s lover in the Bible. Because of its connotation of women’s power, this well-known name is in high demand today.

4. Elizabeth

Greek and Hebrew roots may be traced back to the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”. The Hebrew name for Elisheba, Aaron’s wife, occurs in the Bible. In the New Testament, the Greek word Elizabeth is used to refer to John the Baptist’s mother, Elizabeth.

5. Esther

The name Esther comes from a biblical story of an average girl who rescued her people and became a queen. It means “star” in Persian.

6. Leah

There are many other ways to spell Leah in Europe, including Lea and Lia. She gave birth to seven children when she was Jacob’s first wife in the Bible.

7. Rebecca

Rebecca literally means “servant of God”. Rebecca, Isaac’s wife and mother of Esau and Jacob, appears in the Bible. Rebekah, as it’s known in the Bible, is the historical or biblical spelling of this popular girls’ name. Choosing Rebecca as a baby’s name means that you may also use the nicknames Bec, Becky, or Becca for your child.

8. Ruth

Ruth means “compassionate friend” from the Bible. She was a loving daughter-in-law to Naomi. This name was popular in the early twentieth century and maybe on the rise once again with the nickname Ruthie.

9. Aaron

“Enlightened,” or “exalted,” are the Hebrew meanings of Aaron. It’s one of the popular Christian boys’ names. Aaron is Moses’ elder brother, and he performed miracles in the Bible.

10. Abraham

The popularity of this ancient name has spanned millennia. Abraham, or Abram, means “father of many”. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States and the name’s Old Testament originator, is credited with giving the surname its sense of power and leadership.

11. Benjamin

Benjamin may already be on your list if you are looking for a classic biblical boys’ name. “Son of the right hand” in Hebrew means “son of the right hand” in the Bible. Actors Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller, as well as one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, all go by the name of Ben. For a shortened variant of the name, you may go with Ben, Benny, or Benji.

12. Caleb

Caleb means “faithful” and “wholehearted” in Hebrew. According to the Old Testament, Moses delegated Caleb to search the land of Canaan.

13. Gabriel

Scriptures from all three major monotheistic religions mention Gabriel, whose Hebrew name translates to “God is my strength”. Gabe is a God-sent messenger in both the Old and the New Testaments. Gabe is a common abbreviation of this popular biblical name for males.

14. Noah


One of the most common newborn boy names in the United States is this ancient Hebrew name, which means “rest or answer”. In the Bible, Noah was the man who designed and built the Ark, which saved many creatures from the great Flood.

15. Seth

Seth, which means “assigned one” in Hebrew, was the third son of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament. First employed in England throughout the Middle Ages, it became popular with Puritans during the Protestant Reformation. The deity of the desert in ancient Egypt was Seth.

Our Final Thoughts

The birth of a baby is celebrated by Christian parents across the world, with all the ceremonies and care paid to the baby’s naming. Christian baby names come in many shapes and sizes, and many of them are derived from the Bible. The significance of a baby’s name drawn from the Bible may have a profound effect on their personality. Christian baby names may be taken from both the old and new testaments, and this variety appeals to many parents. There are a large number of biblical names that are connected to the Prophets and their families. All of these Christian baby names are quite popular since they are revered by the whole community.

This list of biblical popular Christian names includes the apostles, Old and New Testament leaders, heroes, and powerful female characters for parents who wish their child to grow up with a strong sense of Christian identity.