Best Christian Names for Girls

Whenever a child is born, the first thing you think about is their name. You should be mindful while naming your child as it directly affects your baby’s personality. If you belong to a Christian family and want to know the best Christian names for girls, you have come to the right place. Because the Bible does not have many names for females, it tends to become a problem for religious families to name their daughters. This article will discuss some alternative names derived from biblical masculine or location name sources. These names can come in handy for you. Read on!

Best Christian Names for Girls

Best Christian Names for Girls

The following names appear in the Bible for persons or places. If you are a religious person, you should pick one of the following names for your daughter:

1. Abigail

Abigail’s name is derived from the Hebrew word Avigail, which means “the joy of the parent.” Abigail was David’s mother-in-law. She told him that one day he would be king of Israel. According to the 2010 US Census, Abigail is the 11th most popular name for girls in the United States.

2. Abilene

This Hebrew place name translates to “land of meadows” in English. The biblical Abilene was a place, not a person. If the name Abby appeals to you; however, you don’t want your child to be one of the many Abigails at school, this is the name for you.

3. Adina

This Hebrew name depicts the gentle nature of the name-bearer. Christians believe that David’s army member, Adina, appears to be a woman by today’s gender identity and sexuality norms.

4. Ahira

According to some sources, “Brother of bad luck” and other slang terms have been attributed to this Hebrew name. Despite the Bible’s description of Ahira as a man, later translations portray him as a woman. If you name your daughter Ahira, she will have a unique name. No one else in her class would have it, we assure you!.

5. Amasa

Amasa carries the connotation of a heavy burden in Hebrew. This was a biblical choice for boys; however, it isn’t used as much as it formerly was. It’s time to give it a second life as a girl’s name because it resembles the popular girl’s name, Amara.

6. Anna

V and Hannah make the Greek name Anna, which means grace. This name dates back centuries and doesn’t appear to age. It was placed 63rd among American citizens when it comes to popularity.

7. Ariel

The Hebrew word for “lion of God” is shalom. Most people in the United States see this as a girl’s name because of The Little Mermaid, even though it was a masculine name in the Bible.

8. Asa

This Hebrew name translates to “the healer” in English. Originally, the name was given to a male king of Judah; however, it is regarded as a gender-neutral name today. It would be a wonderful Christian name for a daughter of a doctor or nurse because of its healing connotation.

9. Atarah

The Hebrew meaning of the name Atarah is crown. Onam’s mother was Atarah in the Bible. She was Jerahmeel’s second wife and a mother to their kids. Although Tara has become more popular in recent years, Atarah is still a viable alternative.

10. Bella

The Hebrew word for devoured is spelled out in this name. Even though the name Bella was originally given to a man in the Bible, parents who prefer a different approach can still adopt it as a holy name for their baby girl.

11. Bethany

Bethany is a Hebrew name that means house of welcome. Although Bethany was a village in the Bible, it is a great name for a baby girl today. This name has been on the Social Security Administration’s most popular names list since 1949.

12. Candace

Candace means purity in Latin, and it connotes sincerity. It is stated in the Bible that Candace ruled over the Ethiopians. This name has been used by actresses Candace Cameron-Bure and Candice Bergen; however, they use different spellings of their first names.

13. Carmi

Hebrew’s Carmi is used to describe a vineyard, garden, or orchard.

Carmi was originally given to a male in the Bible; however, it is more commonly associated with women in modern usage. Like Carmen and Cardi, a name with a distinct swagger thanks to Cardi B, Carmen’s name sounds like a blend of both.

14. Chloe

Chloe is Greek for greenery or blooming.

It has been reported by various individuals who belong to the Chloe family that there are disagreements among you, my brethren. Chloe appears in 1 Corinthians 1:11. The fashion industry’s rising star, Chloe, continues to grow in stature. It was the 24th most popular name for females in the United States in 2019.

15. Cilicia

That which overturns is the Latin root of the word Cilicia.

Asia Minor’s southernmost country, Cilicia, appears in the Bible. If your family hails from that part of the world, this is a great name for your child.

16. Claudia

Weak is the Latin meaning of this name.

After being imprisoned in Rome, Paul references Claudia in his last letter to Timothy. After years of supremacy, Claudia’s popularity has dwindled in recent years. In 2019, it fell out of the top 1,000 most popular names for girls in the United States.

17. Cozbi

This name’s Hebrew root means “to tell lies.”

This may be a better middle name than a first name because of some bad implications. Cozbi, Zur’s daughter, was known for seducing men into a life of depravity. When people hear this name, they automatically conjure up images of comedian Bill Cosby.

18. Deborah

Deborah means bee in Hebrew. Unfortunately, biblical women are frequently shown in a bad light. According to Deborah, an Israelite army is victorious in battle against the Canaanites because of her leadership.

19. Delilah

Delilah’s name is derived from the Hebrew word for soft. Samson was brought down by Delilah in the Bible. It is a Biblical name, ranked 88th on the list of the most popular names in 2019.

Our Final Thoughts

This article lists the 19 best Christian names for girls. You can try a couple of these names for your little girls to have a Christian light on their demeanor. Remember, naming your child is a huge responsibility because it directly affects the personality of the child. Therefore, you should be very careful during this process. You can also approach the nearest church and ask for their help. They will definitely suggest you some blessed names for your blessed child.