How to Pursue a Christian Woman

If you’re a Christian, it’s only logical that you’d like to date someone who shares your values. You might be drawn to the religious principles exemplified by a Christian girl, even if you aren’t a Christian. While you do not influence whether or not another person is interested in you, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of attracting a Christian girl.

How to Pursue a Christian Woman

How to Pursue a Christian Woman

This blog will tell you how to pursue a Christian woman.

1. Try to Make Small Talk

When you see the woman you want to attract, try to start a short dialogue, even if you’re nervous. She’ll probably be more interested in you once she gets to know you, which isn’t possible if you both never talk. “Hey Hannah, how was your week?” or a similar question is what you might ask her if you only see her on Sundays at church, for example.

When you have the chance, try to stand or sit near her to have more opportunities to communicate. Slowly, build up to lengthier talks by asking her about her hobbies, interests, and friends over time.

2. Notice Her Body Language

Regardless of having regular interactions with the lady you like, don’t assume she’s interested in a relationship with you just because she chats with you. You can, however, get an indication of her feelings by watching how she acts near you.

For example, she might be interested if she makes eye contact with you while you two are chatting or if she always grins or blushes when she sees you. If she likes you, she may also play with her hair, lean in closer as you speak, or soften her demeanor around you.

It is also possible that she might not be the girl God has chosen for you if she doesn’t appear interested. Don’t lose hope, though, as she might not be interested yet simply because she doesn’t know you enough.

3. Spend Time in a Group

Invite the woman you like to spend time with you and some other friends if you believe she could be attracted to you as well. That will convince her that you genuinely want to learn more about her, and it’s okay if you just start as friends.

You can invite her to a concert, or a nearby food festival, etc.

Whether you choose to call this hangout a date or not is entirely up to you. It’s perfectly okay to go as just friends if you want to spend more time getting to know each other.

4. Be Yourself

Be willing to open up to her as you two get to know one another better. You don’t necessarily have to tell her everything about yourself right at first, but as you become more at ease, share your feelings and some of the significant events in your life. Also, act normal and the way you are, don’t change your behavior to make her like you more.

She’ll feel more connected to you as a result, and this will allow her to make an honest assessment of whether you’re a good fit for her.

5. Asking Her Out

While you shouldn’t ask out the first attractive girl you encounter, you also shouldn’t leave it too late to express your feelings. Once you’re confident that you like this girl, tell her. It’s up to you how you do this, but it’s preferable to do it while you both are alone. Be honest, and don’t be scared to tell her what you believe makes her unique. You must respect her answer even if she says no, as she might not be interested in you, or it’s also possible she isn’t sure yet. Don’t pressurize her, give her time and space, and don’t force it.

If the girl you’re into is Christian, she’ll probably be wanting to be with a guy who shares her faith as well. Improve yourself as a Christian

6. Be Faithful and Fulfil the Obligations

Following the basic commands of God has to be a priority if you want to become a good Christian. Complete your prayers, fast, and remain faithful to your God is the way to start.

Learn to avoid your temptations if they conflict with your religion, and always be steadfast.

7. Repent for Your Sins

Ask God to forgive your past sins, and pledge to avoid sins from now onwards, as much as possible. God is ever forgiving and loves to forgive his people when they truly ask for forgiveness from the bottom of their hearts and try to change. When you decide to change, God helps you in changing as well. He will protect you from falling into bad habits and committing sins that you previously didn’t have much control over in order to stop yourself.

8. Stay Humble

Not only do ladies not like an arrogant man, but God doesn’t, too. Arrogance is a trait God hates and commands His people to always remain humble and down to earth.

Do not consider yourself superior to anyone, be it for any reason, and don’t look down on the ones who are less fortunate. Acknowledge the privilege God has gifted you, and always remain thankful.

Our Final Thoughts

If you like a woman, pursue her, but don’t put excessive pressure on her too fast. Instead, demonstrate you care about her by showing you care about her friends and family, and be deliberate in your dating approach.

You shouldn’t be scared to pursue a woman you like. All you have to remember is that it’s a method and a basis for marriage. We hope the tips and advice regarding how to pursue a Christian woman will help you find the life partner of your dreams.