How to Find Christian Friends

Healthy friendships and relationships contribute to mental and physical well-being. They are more than just a shoulder to cry on, close social ties will prevent loneliness from poisoning your mind and has a positive impact on your lifestyle. They share your burden, celebrate your good times with you, and support you during bad times. The companionship and increased sense of belonging boost your happiness, self-confidence, and self-worth. By helping you cope up with your traumas, they encourage you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

How to Find Christian Friends

However, if you are not comfortable discussing your faith, interest, or your opinions with friends, then it is time to find new Christian friends.

How to Find Christian Friends

Many adults find it hard to make friends. The need usually takes a backseat due to work or caring for aging parents. Gradually with time, you grow apart from your friends, or you move to a new neighborhood. Either way, it is difficult to meet new people when you are not part of their local community. To put yourself out there requires effort, and the fear of rejection can be a hurdle.

Just remember rejection is a part of the game. It will take some time, but your efforts will be fruitful. Here are some tips on how to find Christian friends. Follow them, and soon you’ll have a positive influence in your life.

Qualities of a Christian Friend

Companionships are beneficial for you. Watching your favorite movie or sharing your favorite with a friend is more satisfying and brings joy to your life. But finding a friend in your own community with whom you can share the love of God, enriches your life.

Our love and trust in God will be the fullest when we share it with people of the same faith. Your friendship can become a means to enjoy God and His blessings.

A good Christian friend brings you in their prayers in your difficult times. They listen to your confessions, and without passing judgment, they wash away your sins with truths and pray to God for your forgiveness.

If they see you disobeying, they spur you to obedience. They provide spiritual guidance to motivate you to continue on the path God has chosen for you.

Lastly, they expose your sins in you that poison your soul and faith. It is easier to get side-tracked from the right path. Saving you from entering the dark realm is a vital function of a Christian community.

Even if you don’t want to hear it, a good Christian friend makes you question yourself and your faith. Their brutal honesty and compassion will save you from deceiving yourself. Rather than giving you false hopes, they guide you to the path of repentance.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As you step into adulthood, your priorities and values change. You typically value work and family over hanging out with friends. Your busy and packed schedules do not give you time or space to make new friendships.

Of course, you maintain a strong relationship with God. But feeling loved and included by others are everyone’s natural desires. There is no alternative to the love and security that comes from genuine connections with friends.

The first step is to make peace with the fact that making new friends as an adult can be uncomfortable. Creating new connections and expanding your network will require stepping out of your comfort zones. You can do this by initiating the conversation with people at the events and the Bible study.

Attend small events like the Bible journaling workshops. You’ll find people with similar interests. Get to know them. Attend the same gatherings they do. If you get invited to any event or social gathering, make sure to go there. Celebrate their special occasions and get along with their friends.

Get Involved in the Bible Study Groups

Staying at home may seem less intimidating. But if you want to make friends, then go where the people are – the most obvious solution and also the most overlooked one.

Small group Bible studies are a good way to start. Intentionally seeking fresh voices will connect you to new people who can become your potential lasting friends. These types of groups exist to forge new relations and promote community building among the believers.

Here you’ll find people that do not share the same hobbies or interests. They will have different life experiences from you. They’ll have their own perspectives of the Bible. Be willing to accept the diverse ways of interpreting the verses and learn from their experiences.

Once you get settled in the group and the awkwardness washes away, you can share your personal insights and interpretations of the Bible. Being in the atmosphere of healthy discussions about faith and the Holy Book may also become a platform of growth for you.

Join Online Communities

In this era of digitization, online communities and relationships will serve the same purpose as joining the physical community. Through the internet, you can interact and foster understanding with Christians around the Globe.


Make friends by commenting on Christian blogs and sharing your views on certain topics. Pop up to their social media pages and send invitations to people who share the same views as you.

Many people accept these invitations. Get to know them through their social media. Comment on their social media posts and go ahead send them direct messages. Enroll in the online Bible study groups.

Maybe you’ll find and connect with the locals as well.


Another idea to meet Christian friends and to become a part of the community is to volunteer at the hospital, the Church, animal shelter, homeless shelter, or any other place.

Volunteering throws away the sheer awkwardness, and you naturally have common topics to talk about with like-minded people. Doing volunteer work will allow you to meet good-hearted people, but also inspires, and humbles you.

Volunteering in the Kingdom itself is a great way to become one with the community. Serving there will allow you to socialize with local Christians, who might not have crossed your path otherwise.

Our Final Thoughts

Friends who are generous with their time will bring a positive impact to your life. If they are ambitious, family-oriented, and faithful, you are also more likely to develop these characteristics. They encourage you to do better, to become a better version of yourself. They help your transition through your stressful period easier help you to achieve the ideal version of yourself.

To find friends like these, persistence matters. Rather than waiting for someone to invite, take the initiative yourself. Introduce yourself and explore the world of faithful people around you. Don’t just stick to one strategy. Broaden your efforts follow our tips to find Christian friends and make your life worth living for God.