How to Be a Good Christian Wife

A Christian wife is a believer and a lady who knows what she wants out of life. She has made her faith the center of her existence, and she incorporates it into all of her relationships, including marriage.

How to Be a Good Christian Wife

Pleasing and following God is more significant to her than momentary enjoyment or happiness, and she is prepared to make whatever compromises are necessary for her duty as a wife to honor the Lord.

How to Be a Good Christian Wife in 8 Steps

One important aspect of being a good Christian and following God’s commands is being a good wife to your husband. In this article, we’ll be listing down four ways on how to be a good Christian wife.

1. Support and Believe in Him

“Have I got what it takes?” is a question that every man asks himself. Only God has the true solution to man’s deepest question. On the other hand, a wife has the unique power to validate her husband’s strength.

A wife can express her love for her husband uniquely because a man needs to know if his wife trusts him and believes in him to come through for her above all else. If a wife believes her husband will fail, won’t do what he needs to do, and won’t be able to lead the relationship successfully, this will cut a husband to the core. So, if a Christian wife truly seeks to give her husband the required love and appreciation, she must ensure that he understands that she trusts him and believes in him.

2. Respect Your Husband

The importance of a wife demonstrating her love and devotion through respect towards her husband is crucial. Respecting your man does not imply that you respect him as if he were God, that you obey whatever he says, or that you never make a choice without consulting him first. Respecting your husband entails valuing him enough to let him positively influence and serve you.

While a husband must love his wife by sacrificing himself for her, a woman must love her man by respecting him.

3. Be Open with Your Husband

You can express more love to someone the more open you are with them. Because love occurs through the connections of intimacy, marriage is thought to be among the most personal relationships.

He will not sense your love if you have a distant connection with your man, if you build fences to keep him away, or if he believes you are shielding yourself against him. The problem is that some spouses have lost their wives’ vulnerability for valid reasons. A Christian wife may not be able to be open if her husband has been rude, verbally aggressive, or has not shown his love for her. However, if a husband has confessed his sins and demonstrated his readiness to manage to take the relationship forward, but she disagrees, the relationship will stagnate until the point she decides to open up with him again. So, if you truly care about your partner, you must learn to be honest and open with them.

4. Forgive Your Husband

A husband and wife can display their affection for each other in a variety of ways. A Christian wife must demonstrate her feelings of love by forgiving him for his mistakes and deeds that affect the relationship.

When a husband fails as a spouse, a wife must love him by forgiving him and providing him grace. This does not mean the husband shouldn’t be held accountable and do better, but this does indicate to sometimes ignore the negatives and focus on the positives in order to save the relationship.

5. Be His Friend

A wife should be her husband’s best friend. She needs to be her confidante, a person he can trust blindly, a person he can open up to with every little detail and problem that is bothering him. Companionship is a very important aspect of one’s life, and no one should feel alone, especially when they have a spouse. Both the husband and the wife should be supportive of each other like good friends are.

6. Being Faithful

This is probably one of the most important things that make or break a relationship or marriage. Make sure you are always faithful in your relationship, even when he doesn’t know about it. Never make your husband never competes or struggle to get your love or attention.

Create appropriate boundaries by discussing them with your husband, respect his opinion about whatever he feels comfortable with. Again, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything on your behalf. It’s always a two-way effort.

7. Encourage Him in Faith

A successful relationship is always one where both the husband and wife involve God in their lives. A good Christian wife will always encourage her husband to remain steadfast and follow the commandments of God.

A constant reminder and encouragement, not necessarily verbal all the time, tends to make people realize and get closer to God and not neglect their faith.

8. Know Your Self Respect

It’s very important to know your worth and maintain your self-respect in a relationship. A good man will always value and hold your self-respect dear and do nothing that violates it.

On the other hand, when you know your worth and you know your boundaries, it will be much easier for you to balance your relationship and make your husband understand if problems are occurring in your relationship or if something is bothering you. A good wife will make sure the relationship is the priority, and that is what needs to be fixed in order to save it, instead of just sacrificing yourself all the time without proper communication.

Our Final Thoughts

Being a good Christian Wife is a vital part of becoming a good, religious person as a whole. The advice and recommendations we have compiled in this blog on how to become a better Christian Wife will surely help you in your quest, and you’ll achieve what you’re aiming for!