How Do Churches Make Money?

A large portion of church money comes from pledges, offerings, and donations. With time, churches have developed a liable system, and they make money from traditional and alternative sources.

How Do Churches Make Money?

Usually, during service, a wooden plate is circulated among the attendees who place cash and cheques within the plate. Some people also send money online. Let’s discuss some ways churches make money.

Tithing and Offerings

Tithing is the most common form of funding that churches receive. Usually, such funds are collected as missionary collections by local as well as national church groups.

In some cases, the church asks people to offer a specific percentage of their income to the church. In such cases, the funding process has a theological outlook. The money you donate goes straight to the church fund.


Crowdfunding is by far the easiest way for a church to make money. Some common crowdfunding activities include mission trips, community support, group activities for the youth, events, and special programs. Crowdfunding not only helps raise funds, but it also increases community participation.

Online Funding

The world is coming back to normalcy, but during the pandemic, online funding was the most common means of funding for churches. It played a major role in generating funds through community people and generous parishioners.

It also helped people send money from all over the world. Furthermore, online funding can be used for weekly offerings and tithings, thus enhancing regular church giving.


Text-to-Give is becoming increasingly popular for churches and religious organizations across the US, and there are some valid reasons for its popularity. The Text-to-Give method is mostly used by churches during Sunday morning church services.

Not everyone roams around with a lot of cash. Luckily, everyone has their phones on them. Through Text-to-Give applications, it becomes easier for the church to collect donations, even from remote locations.

Sing-a-Thon Hosting

If you have a couple of singers or people with good voices, you can definitely use them to raise funds for the church. It’s very simple. All you have to do is to host a sing-a-thon online or offline while charging an entry fee from the participants.

The money will go to the church. Moreover, you can also make the church some money by making profits through concessions.

T-Shirt Fundraising

This is a great fundraising technique that allows the church to sell t-shirts for all ages. Due to online t-shirt fundraisers, it has become even easier for churches.

In this case, churches have the freedom to design high-quality custom t-shirts and sell them within the local community to raise funds. If you design shirts for the church, you can use them to advertise upcoming events, or print a verse from the bible. You can even print motivational quotes on these t-shirts.

Church Newsletters

Church members can directly receive tithe from a letter or a bulletin. They can receive it online or in a printed copy. Along with the newsletter, you can add a link that redirects people to the donation form.

Moreover, you can also encourage them to pay through a Text-to-Give application. If your newsletter is in printed form, you can easily add a QR code and encourage members to donate money.

Establish a Swap Shop

Not only does a swap shop help churches make money, but it also helps people clear up their closets, garages, and basements. You can set up a swap shop in a classroom or an office.

A swap shop receives donations from people in the form of books, clothes, and décor items. Then, those items are sold by the church to other community members. The church uses the money from these swap shops.

Organizing Family Fun Days

This is one of the easiest and the most effective ways for churches to raise funds. As the name implies, people bring their families to the church on family fun days, which allows them to have a good time with their friends and other families at the event.

Not only does it make the church some money, but it also helps people socialize and make new friends. After the service, people are free to play games or just hang out. During this event, the church can conduct its fundraising activities.

Charity Auctions

Charity auctions make it easier for the church to make money while allowing people to directly meet their fellow parishioners. Moreover, charity auctions allow the church and its people to cultivate healthy business relations, which can benefit the church in the long run.

Churches can ask local businesses for charity auction items. If you work for a church, it is better to hire an auctioneer for such events. Moreover, you can send invites to and also offer refreshments during the auctions.

Silent Auctions

A silent auction is the one that allows participants to take some extra time while bidding on special items.

Furthermore, such auctions allow the church to raise better funds if they get their hands on something unique. Churches can either contact individuals or local businesses to provide valuable items for the auction.

Organizing Talent Shows

A lot of churches and religious organizations use talent shows to raise funds. Such events are an attraction for children and teenagers.

Renting Out Church Properties

Many churches tend to rent their extra properties to generate money. The amount of money generated from renting properties and the purpose of renting depends upon the size of the property. Rental church property can be used for co-working spaces, events, as well as business activities. Rent money can also help the church cover the entire monthly mortgage.

To continue with church activities, churches need to expand their income streams. Inherently, churches would depend upon donations and offerings, but with increasing inflation, churches need to adopt alternative ways to make money, like the ones mentioned above.