Understanding the Glory Be Prayer

The Glory Be Prayer is a cherished part of Christian prayer, a simple invocation of the glory of God and His power. In this article, we’ll discuss the origins of the Glory Be Prayer, why Christians pray it, the benefits of praying it, the drawbacks of not praying it, and how to pray it properly.

Understanding the Glory Be Prayer

If you’re interested in learning more about the Glory Be Prayer and how it can enrich your spiritual practice, then read on!

What Is the Glory Be Prayer?

The Glory Be is an ancient prayer derived from the Bible and one of the most beloved traditional Catholic prayers. It is a simple but eloquent way of expressing love and allegiance to God. The prayer reads, “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end. Amen.”

The Glory Be brings profound comfort by reminding us that we always have access to our relationship with God through His Holy Trinity – The Father (creator), Son (redeemer), and Holy Spirit (sustainer).

By proclaiming this reverently before each act or mission we embark on in life – especially those involving personal growth or service work – we can make them sacred steps taken closer towards fulfilling our essential purpose as children of God.

Why Do Christians Pray the Glory Be Prayer?

Christians turn to prayer for a variety of reasons, such as to offer thanks, seek guidance in times of difficulty, and ask for help from God. A particularly important piece of the prayer puzzle is the Glory Be Prayer.

This Christian supplication reminds practitioners that they are praising and glorifying God in all prayers or intentions they set forth.

By praying the Glory Be Prayer aloud or meditating on it within their hearts believers may strengthen their relationship with God through acknowledgment and remembrance of His holy name.

As Mary Baker Eddy said “Let us reverently commemorate Him who spake as never man spake; let us do homage unto His word made flesh” (Miscellany 165:10-11).

Praying this short but powerful request reaffirms one’s faith while celebrating the Lord’s service on Earth.* Doing so can even inspire individuals to devote themselves more deeply and wholly to creating good through Christ-like love in every corner and walk of life.

The Benefits of Praying the Glory Be Prayer

For Christians, praying the Glory Be prayer is a powerful way to remind ourselves of God’s love and glory. It serves as a declaration of praise and adoration that acknowledges who we are in relation to our Creator.

By reciting this heartfelt prayer regularly, we can directly express our gratitude for the Lord’s divine presence in our lives.

The Glory Be prayer also carries an inspirational message that encourages us to remain humbly devoted to God in all moments; whether things are going smoothly or not so well.

No matter what trials life may bring, the words “Glory be to the Father, and to The Son and The Holy Spirit” act as a reminder from God that He is always with us – no matter what obstacles may arise or how desperately times seem hopeless – He will never abandon His children here on earth because he loves them unconditionally!

The Drawbacks of Not Praying the Glory Be Prayer

Not praying the ‘Glory Be’ prayer can come with a multitude of drawbacks, primarily from failing to recognize God as the source of all good things.

This powerful three-part prayer is an opportunity for Christians to give honor and reverence to their Creator, acknowledging His greatness and thanking Him for His gifts. When these words are not put forth into practice, it hinders our appreciation for what we have been given by God.

Furthermore, omitting this important prayer demonstrates a lack of obedience; worship isn’t just done in isolation but must be coupled with obedience to demonstrate true reverence towards our Lord.

The failure to pray regularly indicates that humans don’t think they need the guidance provided by their Almighty Father – showcasing an attitude unworthy of such privilege as that prescribed in this passage from Mathew 21:9: “blessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord!”

Praying this special recognition allows us direct access to heavenly connection; therefore any attempt at avoiding its practice should not go unnoticed – let us bear witness daily by saying these priceless words!

How to Properly Pray the Glory Be Prayer

Praying the Glory Be prayer is an important part of a Christian’s daily devotion. As believers, it is essential to understand the power and significance of this powerful prayer and to dedicate oneself to saying it with its full intentionality each day.

The Glory Be Prayer consists of three distinct phrases that are designed to bring honor and blessing to God’s name.

The first phrase “Glory be…” serves as acknowledgment for all that He has done in our lives, recognizing His magnificence in history, redeeming us from sin, giving us salvation, etc.

The second phrase “as it was…” calls attention back to eternity past when Jesus existed with His Father eternally before coming down into human form on earth for mankind’s sake.

And finally when we say amen—it affirms all these declarations according to established truth in Scripture—glorifying God through obedience so that we might enjoy eternal life together with Him one day soon!


The Glory Be Prayer is an important prayer for Christians from all walks of life. Whether used daily or in times of need, it’s a reminder that God is everywhere and with us always.

The benefits this prayer can bring are many; courage and strength, peace and comfort, and guidance along the right path – to name but a few.

However, by not praying the Glory Be we miss out on these blessings as well as vital moments to deepen our relationship with God through sacred dialogue.

In conclusion then, if you have yet to experience these wonderful advantages for yourself why not pray the Glory Be Prayer today?