Christianity in North Korea

The Untold Story of Christianity in North Korea: A Call to Prayer and Support for Our Brothers and Sisters

Welcome to this article about Christianity in North Korea, a topic that is not often discussed but is incredibly important. As Christians, it is crucial that we learn about our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing persecution in other parts of the world.

Christianity in North Korea

In this article, we will explore the history of Christianity in North Korea, the current state of Christianity in the country, the challenges faced by North Korean Christians, the existence of underground churches, and the role of international Christian communities in supporting them.

It is our hope that through learning about the struggles and triumphs of North Korean Christians, we can be inspired to pray for them and support them however we can. So, continue reading to dive deeper into the topic of Christianity in North Korea.

The history of Christianity in North Korea is fascinating.

The history of Christianity in North Korea is a tale of persecution, resistance, and resilience. Despite being one of the most hostile environments for Christians in the world, there have been pockets of faith that have persevered through decades of oppression.

Christianity was introduced to Korea by Catholic missionaries in the late 18th century and gained traction during Japan’s colonization. However, after World War II and Korea’s division into North and South, it became increasingly difficult to practice Christianity under Kim Il-Sung’s regime.

In 1949-50, a massive crackdown on Christians began with mass arrests followed by public executions. Thousands were sent to labor camps where they faced torture or execution if caught praying or reading their Bible.

Despite this brutal repression by authorities over many years since then till now which includes banning Christian practices altogether- underground churches still exist with small groups gathering together secretly for worship services where they risk everything from imprisonment to capital punishment just because they want to practice their faith without interference from government officials who are against religion as it poses some sorta threat towards them.

However bleak this may sound; there is hope amidst the darkness as we see God working miraculously even when things appear impossible! The resilience shown by those few who continue practicing Christianity despite all odds shows that love can conquer fear – just like how Jesus overcame death itself through his resurrection!

The current state of Christianity in North Korea.

The current state of Christianity in North Korea is one that is shrouded in secrecy and persecution. Despite the government’s efforts to suppress all forms of religion, including Christianity, there are still brave believers who continue to practice their faith underground.

According to reports from various human rights organizations, Christians in North Korea face unimaginable hardships simply for practicing their faith. They are often subjected to imprisonment, torture and even execution.

Despite these challenges, many Christians continue to hold onto their beliefs with unwavering faith. They meet secretly in small groups and share Bibles that have been smuggled into the country at great risk.

As a Christian youth pastor myself, it breaks my heart knowing that our brothers and sisters in North Korea face such extreme persecution for something as simple as following Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder of just how precious our own freedoms are here in America.

It’s important for us all not only to pray for those suffering under religious oppression but also educate ourselves on what is happening around the world when it comes to religion freedom or lack thereof. We should never take our liberties lightly or forget about those who don’t have them like so many do today!

In closing let us remember Hebrews 13:3 which says “Remember those who are imprisoned as if you were imprisoned with them; remember those suffering mistreatment since you yourselves also suffer through bodily experience.”

Challenges faced by North Korean Christians.

North Korean Christians face a multitude of challenges in practicing their faith. The authoritarian regime in North Korea actively suppresses religious expression, with Christianity being seen as a Western influence that threatens the state’s ideology.

Christians in North Korea must practice their faith clandestinely, often at great personal risk. They may face imprisonment or even execution if caught by authorities. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to gather together for worship or receive religious instruction.

Furthermore, the lack of information and resources available to North Korean Christians can make it challenging for them to grow and deepen their faith. Bibles and other Christian literature are scarce, and access to outside sources of information is heavily restricted.

Despite these challenges, however, many North Korean Christians remain steadfast in their beliefs. They find ways to connect with others who share their faith through secret networks or underground churches.

As fellow believers around the world we must remember our brothers and sisters facing persecution due solely because they believe differently than those around them; We need pray fervently on behalf of these brave souls that God will give them strength as they continue living out this life amidst such opposition

Persecution of and underground churches in North Korea.


Persecution and underground churches in North Korea are a harsh reality for the Christian community living in this isolated country. Despite the risks, Christians continue to practice their faith through secret gatherings and underground churches.

The North Korean government considers Christianity as a threat to their ideology, leading them to implement strict laws that prohibit religious practices. Those caught practicing Christianity can face severe punishments, including imprisonment or even execution.

Despite these challenges, the Christian community in North Korea remains resilient and dedicated to their faith. They have developed ingenious ways of practicing Christianity while remaining undetected by authorities.

One of these ways is through secret gatherings where believers come together to worship and pray without attracting attention from outsiders. Another way is through using hidden Bibles that are smuggled into the country from other nations.

Underground churches play an essential role in providing spiritual support for Christians living under persecution in North Korea. These communities offer hope, comfort, and encouragement during difficult times when individuals may feel alone or isolated because of their beliefs.

As Christians around the world learn about persecution faced by fellow believers worldwide like those living under oppression due to religious beliefs such as those residing within communist countries like China or Cuba; they should take inspiration from how determined these people remain despite being constantly threatened with punishment if discovered following Jesus Christ’s teachings.

In conclusion, although persecution towards Christianity exists within many countries worldwide today but none quite so extreme as that which occurs behind closed doors throughout parts of communist-ruled Asia; we must all join hands together globally with one another striving always forward towards peaceable solutions aimed at upholding human dignity & freedom-of-religion rights everywhere!

The role of international Christian communities in supporting North Korean believers is significant.

The role of international Christian communities in supporting North Korean believers cannot be overstated. Despite the harsh persecution and suppression faced by Christians in North Korea, the faith continues to grow thanks to the support and solidarity of fellow believers around the world.

As a Christian youth pastor, it is my duty to educate young Christians about their global community and how they can make a difference. One way we can all contribute is by supporting organizations dedicated to aiding persecuted Christians in North Korea.

These organizations provide crucial resources such as Bibles, training materials, and even safe houses for those facing extreme danger. But more than that, they offer hope and encouragement through prayer networks that connect people across borders.

In addition to providing tangible support for persecuted believers in North Korea, international Christian communities also play an important role in raising awareness about their plight. Through advocacy efforts like letter-writing campaigns or social media activism, we can help shine a light on this often-overlooked issue.

At its core, Christianity is about love and compassion for all people regardless of nationality or background. By standing with our brothers and sisters facing persecution in North Korea – both materially and spiritually – we are living out these values every day.


It is clear that Christians in North Korea face incredible odds, and yet they remain strong in their faith. The courage of believers who have stayed to serve the Lord despite being persecuted has been an inspiration to us all, and should motivate us as well. We are called by God to help our brothers and sisters around the world, including those within North Korea. Therefore let us stand with them through prayerful support so that together we can positively influence society for Christ’s sake today
and into the future. If you want to learn more about how you can join this cause then please reach out!