Christianity in Iraq

Discovering the Rich History and Vibrant Faith of Iraqi Christians

As Christians, we know that our faith has spread far and wide throughout the world. One place that might not immediately come to mind is Iraq. However, Christianity has a rich and complex history in this Middle Eastern country, one that continues to shape the lives of Iraqi Christians today.

Christianity in Iraq

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Christianity in Iraq, as well as the current challenges faced by Iraqi Christians. We’ll also explore the important role that the Iraqi Christian community plays in society, as well as the hope and resilience that continues to inspire them.

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A Brief History of Christianity in Iraq.

Christianity in Iraq has a rich and complex history that dates back to the first century AD. According to biblical accounts, Thomas the Apostle established one of the earliest Christian communities in Mesopotamia, which is now modern-day Iraq.

Over time, Christianity became an integral part of Iraqi culture and society. In fact, during the Sassanian Empire (224-651 AD), many Christians held positions of power within government and commerce.

However, following the Arab conquests in 633 AD and subsequent Islamic rule over much of Iraq’s territory for centuries thereafter brought about significant changes for Christians living there. Despite this new reality however a small but resilient Christian community persisted through out history

During Saddam Hussein’s regime from 1979-2003 chistianity was allowed practice but under strict regulations by his Ba’ath Party government . However since then with ongoing sectarian violence , persecution by extremist groups such as ISIS ,Christian population have diminished significantly .

Despite these challenges faced by Iraqi Christians throughout history they remain steadfast in their faith even amidst adversity .Their story serves as an inspiration to young christians around world who are fighting against various forms oppression due their faith or other factors

The current state of Christianity in Iraq?

The current state of Christianity in Iraq is a complex and nuanced issue that deserves attention from Christians around the world. Despite facing persecution and discrimination, Iraqi Christians have managed to maintain their faith and heritage through decades of conflict.

As a Christian youth pastor, it is important to teach our young people about the struggles faced by our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Since the rise of ISIS in 2014, many Christians were forced to flee their homes or face brutal violence at the hands of extremists. This has led to a significant decline in the Christian population throughout Iraq.

However, there are also signs of hope for Christianity in Iraq. In recent years, efforts have been made by various organizations to support Christian communities within Iraq through humanitarian aid and advocacy efforts. Additionally, some Iraqi Muslims have shown solidarity with their fellow citizens by protecting churches during times of increased tension.

As we continue to educate ourselves on this issue as believers around the globe we must pray for peace for all those affected by conflict within this region but specifically for our brothers and sisters who remain steadfast despite immense challenges they encounter daily due solely because they choose follow Christ Jesus as Lord.Such prayer may extend beyond just words but into action such as supporting organizations working towards relief or even visiting these areas ourselves if possible so that we can better understand what life looks like there firsthand.

It is important not only learn about Christianity globally but also take steps towards helping those struggling!

Challenges faced by Iraqi Christians

As a Christian youth pastor, it breaks my heart to hear about the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in Iraq. The persecution they face is unimaginable, yet they remain steadfast in their faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

The situation for Christians in Iraq has become increasingly dire over the years. They have faced discrimination, violence, and even death simply because of their beliefs. Churches have been destroyed or closed down, leaving many without a place to worship.

Despite these challenges, Iraqi Christians continue to cling onto hope with unwavering strength. Their stories inspire us all as we witness firsthand the power of faith during times of adversity.

It’s important that we as Christians make an effort to learn about these struggles so that we can support our fellow believers around the world through prayer and action. We must remember that Christianity is not just a Western religion but one that is practiced by millions globally with unique cultural experiences.

Let us stand together with our Iraqi brothers and sisters in solidarity against oppression while remembering freedom of religion should be upheld for all people regardless if you agree on religious beliefs or not

The role of the Iraqi Christian community in Iraqi society.

The Iraqi Christian community has a rich and storied history, one that is intertwined with the fabric of Iraqi society. Despite facing persecution and discrimination in recent years, this community has remained resilient, steadfast in their faith and commitment to their heritage.


Iraqi Christians have played a vital role in shaping the country’s cultural landscape. From contributing to literature and art to being leaders in business and politics, these individuals have made significant contributions to Iraq’s development as a nation.

One notable example is Tariq Aziz, who served as Saddam Hussein’s deputy prime minister for many years. Aziz was an Assyrian Christian who rose through the ranks of government by virtue of his intelligence and political savvy.

Despite facing challenges such as displacement due to conflict or marginalization within Iraqi society, many Christians remain committed to building bridges across religious divides. For instance, some groups are working towards interfaith dialogue initiatives between Muslims and Christians aimed at fostering greater understanding between communities.

Ultimately though it may be difficult for us living outside Iraq’s borders understand what it means when being an Iraqi Christian but there are clear signs that indicate how much they value their identity even amidst turmoil – from attending church services regularly despite security concerns; speaking up against injustices faced by fellow believers; or simply maintaining hope during times of crisis – all while holding on tightly onto their faith which remains central not only personally but also collectively among this unique group of people whose stories deserve more attention than ever before!

Hope and resilience among Iraqi Christians.

Despite facing immense persecution and violence, the Iraqi Christian community has shown an incredible amount of hope and resilience. This faith-driven community has not only managed to survive but also thrive in the face of adversity.

The history of Christianity in Iraq dates back to the early years of Christianity itself, making it one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. However, over time this ancient community has faced numerous challenges including religious persecution, political instability and war.

Through all these trials and tribulations, Iraqi Christians have remained steadfast in their faith. They have come together to support each other through difficult times by creating tight-knit communities that provide a sense of belongingness for those who are marginalized.

In addition to their strong sense of community spirit, Iraqi Christians have also demonstrated remarkable resilience by adapting themselves to changing circumstances. Despite being forced out from their homes due to conflict or economic hardships within Iraq’s society they continue persevering with hope because they believe that God will help them overcome any obstacle placed before them.

As a youth pastor I would highly encourage young people around the world seeking spiritual growth outside traditional church environments should look towards examples such as these brave souls who are living testimony that God’s love transcends borders regardless what you may suffer on earth there is always purpose beyond our current understanding when one takes refuge under Gods protection


Iraqi Christians have faced many challenges over the centuries, yet they remain resilient and hopeful in their faith. Their stories of resilience offer a powerful example to us all of how faith can carry people through difficult times. We must support them by speaking out on behalf issues that are important to them and joining together with other believers in prayer for Iraq’s future. Join us now as we stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq!