The 10 Best States to Raise Christian Families

Studies have shown that 7/10 individuals in the US subscribe to some branch of Christianity. However, the number of Christian adults in the US has dropped by a record 8% between 2007 and 2014.

The 10 Best States to Raise Christian Families

This has happened primarily due to the influx of people who don’t adhere to a specific belief system. As a reaction to this non-religiousness, devoutly religious people have become even stauncher in their approach toward faith.

Best States to Raise a Christian Families

If you’re looking to move to a state with like-minded Christian people, let’s look at the best states for Christian Families in the US.

North Carolina

The Pew Index shows that more than 60% of the adults in North Carolina are extremely religious. 39% of the people attend Church at least once a week.

Moreover, 3/4th of the population says it believes in God with utmost certainty. 77% of people are Christians, while 20% of the people don’t belong to any faith, while the remaining three percent belong to other faiths. Among these three percent, the largest chunk is Jewish.


In Oklahoma, 71% of people believe in God with absolute certainty. 66% of them are extremely religious, while 65% of people attend Church. 79% of the adults in Oklahoma subscribe to the Christian faith, while 20% are agnostics and atheists. The remaining two percent are Jews, Muslims, and people of other faiths.


Two out of three adults in Georgia are extremely religious. According to Pew research, 74% of the adults in Georgia believe in God with certainty. 64% of adults find religion a valuable resource in their lives. 79% of the people in this state are Christian, while 18% do not belong to any religion. The remaining three percent follow non-Christian faiths.

West Virginia

While 69% of Virginian adults are extremely religious, 46% of them attend the Church weekly. 77% of adults say that they believe in God with certainty, while 68% of these people pray on a regular basis.

In West Virginia, 78% of adults are Christians, while 18% don’t have a specific belief system. However, the remaining three percent subscribe to non-Christian faiths.

South Carolina

According to Pew research, 70% of the adults in South Carolina are very religious. 69% say that religion has an important part to play in their lives. Moreover, 2/3rd of the population prays on a daily basis.

If we look at a faith-wise breakdown, 78% of adults are Christians, three percent of the people belong to non-Christian faiths like Judaism and Islam, while 19% of the adults don’t follow a definitive religion.


Another study by the Pew Institute shows that 70% of the adults in Arkansas are extremely religious. These people deem religion an important component in their lives. Moreover, 77% of people believe in God and religion with absolute certainty.

Furthermore, 79% of adults in Arkansas subscribe to some form of Christianity. 12% of them do not have a specific religion, while the remaining 1% follow religions other than Christianity.


According to research 71% of adults are very religious, while 75% of them believe in God with certainty. Moreover, 68% of the people are religious enough to pray every day. Furthermore, in Louisiana, 84% of the population are Christian, while 13% of the people don’t follow any religion.

The remaining three percent are people of other faiths, of which the largest chunk is Buddhist, thus making up for 1% of the entire population in Louisiana.


According to research by the Pew Institute, 73% of the adults in Tennessee are extremely religious. Moreover, 78% say they believe in God with certainty, as well as religion. Moreover, more than 50% of the people visit Church weekly, while some of them also attend daily prayers.

Speaking of Tennessee adults, 81% are devout Christians, while 14% don’t have any specific religion, while the remaining three percent of the people are non-Christians.


77% of the adults in Mississippi are extremely religious. Moreover, 74% of people admit that religion has a very important place in their lives. Furthermore, 75% of the people in Mississippi pray on a daily basis.

If we look at a religion-wise breakdown, almost 83% of the adults in this state are Christians. 14% of the adults don’t adhere to any faith, while two percent of adults follow faiths other than Christianity.


Research by Pew Institute suggests that 77% of the adults in Alabama are highly religious. Moreover, 82% of the adults here say they believe in God without the slightest shadow of a doubt.

Moreover, 73% of the adults pray on a daily basis. In Alabama, 86% of the adults are Christians, while 12% of the adults don’t have any specific faith. However, the remaining 1% belong to non-Christian faiths.

Advantages of a Faith-Based Community

  • People with a religious lifestyle tend to have a healthier outlook toward life in general. Living among such people strengthens our own faith, which helps us in times of difficulty and hardships.
  • Studies have shown that prayer, meditation, reading the scripture,and attending religious services increases life expectancy, boosts the immune system, and helps fight stress.
  • Most faith-based communities are non-profit organizations that function for the sole purpose of benefiting the people, as opposed to material gain.

Our Final Thoughts

These were some of the many states with a higher-than-average religious population. You can choose any one of them if you are a religious-minded individual that is looking to relocate within the country or move back to the States from abroad. With so many people turning away from religion, it can be a little challenging and a bit uncomfortable for religious people to blend in.

However, living in a devoutly Christian community is a win-win situation. First of all, because the other people share the same views as yours, you have no trouble gelling in. Moreover, one can speak their mind freely, knowing no one will judge their opinions.