Best Jobs for Christians

The hardest decision after finishing school is to decide the career you are going to pursue. And for Christian, it is important to honor God when choosing any career field as it may impact the rest of your life.

Best Jobs for Christians

Although Christians can opt for any kind of job that matches their skill set and interests them, they may get an opportunity to share their faith more in some careers. There are different fields that these careers belong to, and we’ve compiled some of the best job options for Christians.

What Does the Bible Say About Work?

First, we must learn what the Bible says about career and work choices to witness if there are any particular jobs preferred to the others.

‘Christians can consider almost any career.’ Paul wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 7:1720-21, and 24.

This is a powerful verse explaining how to open religion is towards an individual’s decision to choose any kind of career. The freedom to pursue any field is priceless and precious.

Another verse that explains the same is:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

Being a Christian means utilizing opportunities to love people where they work and spend a lot of time. Some departments and fields need more Christians who seek the Lord’s will for their lives. While the verse reflects upon remembering God no matter your job, some occupations could use some more from this faith in their workforce.

Which Jobs Christians Should Avoid?

While we all work to glorify our God with our actions and seek to sustain the world by adding value at work, some jobs are not encouraged for Christians. Careers that lead to wrongdoings or illegal practices are to be clearly avoided, such as pornography and prostitution. Also, jobs that harm people, such as anything related to alcohol and gambling, or demand you to be dishonest, such as journalism or telemarketing, are not good options to pursue a career in. Overall, any job that is not inherently sinful is open for Christian and can be performed with discretion and wisdom.

Best Jobs for Christians


There’s no career as powerful as teaching. What children learn from them today completely impacts their future life choices. This is the most influential group of people that kids trust after their parents to learn and shape their lives. Teachers allow students to observe human behavior and create systems, not just test ideas. Having a great teacher leads you to achieve much more than what your parents could’ve ever imagined. It’s not allowed to preach in the class. Still, they can influence the faith journeys of all students by showing them compassion and kindness, appropriate behaviors, and a better way to carry their lives forward. A teacher trains you about life and human nature through thought rather than observation. Therefore, it teaches about skills to improve in life.

‘On Christian Teaching’ by David I. Smith is a great book to think about a teaching career and how the teaching process is related to faith.

Registered Nurses

As a registered nurse (RN), you can care for others and live out your faith. Being a Christian nurse means you can pray for your patients as you observe them, perform medical tests, administer medications, and check vitals. The faith allows RNs to show compassion and care when educating their patients, answering questions, and providing emotional support to the patients and others close to them. To perform the duty with integrity and wisdom, all registered nurses must have a license, along with other educational credentials.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Christians who love to talk can be great at counseling others and helping people solve their issues from their religious perspective. While working as a family or couple therapist, you get to deal with mental health issues, treat broken relationships, and perform a therapist with a family-centered viewpoint. While faith doesn’t make the job any different from other counselors, but Christian therapists can combine Bible’s wisdom and verses that relate to their problem. You will need a master’s degree to acquire a license to practice as a family and marriage therapist.

Financial Advisors

Everyone has to manage money for different purposes of their lives, and our faith can reflect upon how we handle it. Being a Christian financial advisor, you get a unique opportunity to teach people seeking financial services what God says about money. They can also tie Bible’s learning to teach proper ways of giving, saving, and spending. Overall, you get to learn from such financial advisers how to glorify God with the money he’s blessed us with. We may observe more donations to non-profit firms and churches if Biblical thinking was shared by the 200,000+ financial advisors in America.

Our Final Thoughts

It would be great to see Christians working in all fields, but all workforces do not have to belong to this faith only. The jobs that could use Biblical thinking to benefit society can be focused upon, such as politicians and journalism, where immature behavior, people-bashing, and name-calling are commonly observed.

Christianity allows a person to be kind and loving and only speak the truth, which these jobs struggle with. While all jobs work towards serving mankind in one way or another, how faith contributes to the overall betterment of society is powerful. Hence, choose a job that inspires and motivates you, and perform it the best way possible with biblical knowledge.